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Wresting the Revelation of Futility Full Album Lyrics

Dire Omen - Wresting the Revelation of Futility cover art

Wresting the Revelation of Futility

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
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Lyrics > D > Dire Omen Lyrics (10) > Wresting the Revelation of Futility Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-04-03)
1. Here and Hereafter (Overture) (1:44)
2. Onward with Wounds of Disillusion (4:19)
Blessed with scars of he trials that have begun
Mine eyes covered with wounds: yet do I not see
Past futility? Have I not begotten vision purer?

Wrathful Mahishasura at this hand of mine
Rending asunder Heaven's illusion
Drowned in viscera of delusion
Marred by trial, scared as such
I encounter, past disillusion, I came unto thee:

The blade that keeps the chalice in check
I take into my left hand: slicing umbilical cord of Pan
That jointed at this stomach of mine
The base nature only behind me

I foresee a bleeding forth of godhead
YHWH, I pass into thy malevolent eye: Achievement of Samadl

Knowledge Tree, raped to sin
Bred to suffer in restriction
Reborn again within the hexagram
In mine hand the hammer that smite the weakling to ash
Thy myst'ries are mine, passed by Aiwass Tongue
Aum Ha

"The sign of Osiris Slain
The Sign of the Mourning of Isis
The sign of Apophis and Typhon

Spilling over into mortal realm the coming of Permutation of no...
Blessed again with fresher wounds...
3. Ossuary (3:06)
Casting away false moral bounds
Initiated into worlds past restriction

Ossuary of the soul in bonds
Reborn in the cunt of Kali-Ma

Limitless I have become in thee
Bartzabel! He of the most vicious art!

Malkuth, thou art mine to
Command: all, one, none: manifest!

Crossed thee, Gimel, the path across the Abyss

Unity uttermost is to be showed
By lamp of Nu, and alchemy there
Now built Temple of Mars: I am the mould
Material basis: their blood is Theirs

The conscious and the
Dreaming: seperate
Now bleed into whole
Unknowing, yet aware

Ossuary of the soul in bonds
Reborn in the cunt of Kali-Ma
Ossuary of all that oppose
4. Hemotically Possessed (4:44)
Congregation of the vapid and the doomed

Hemotically Possessed
The devoted kneel and then are
Ritually obsessed
Convulse 'fore the vacuous altar

Bear forth Venus treading with cloven hooves

Tempted by her confused charms
A saviorr so profane
Your crude Christ trapped in human form
Anointed by their shame
Venus reveals herself to the flock
Methodically undressed
Revealing herself to the weak
Cursed, at once, blessed

Hemotically possessed
As your mind collapses empty
Ritually obsessed
By the blessings promised-tempting

Spiritual incest
Whore and goddess bleeds unto you
Wearing crown of insects
From crown to nadir you are drenched

Warmth flowing, like mother's milk
Consoled, your eyes turn upwards
She turns the blade next, to you
Enter tomb of blood and bone

Light no longer penetrates
'Neath skin now desecrated
Bow to the tyrant inside
At last hemotically possessed

5. Servus Sevorum Dei (3:37)
Implements sacrificed, a shard in the flass of this Great Wyrk

Orchestration:words echoed through acons of legacy, still to be spake

The Seraphim kneel at my command
There are no gods but those at our feet

And did I not glimpse thy kingdom O Ra-Hoor-Khuit?
To the final bliss of invocation I have now succumb

I have never known such ferocity
I have never known such pain
O Great Wearer of the Uraeus!

Servus Sevorum Dei
Defensor Niger Fidei
Servus Sevorum Dei
Servant of the Thousand Named God!

And did I not glimpse thy kingdom O Ra-Hoor-Khuit?
Emptied and broken, in collapse, suffocated ascent

I am as a wolf who has eaten
Himself to death and dies within the bones
He cleaned with his own teeth

Servus Sevorum Dei
Defensor Niger Fidei
Servus Sevorum Dei
Within the vesture of flames

Servus Sevorum Dei
Servant of the Servant of God

Infirmo lucidus lux vindicamus servus
6. Foretold Untethering from Existence (3:32)
Flesh gate gateway, soul wrung dry, philosophic

Closing world above, sunken below
Furtile sorrow melds to this spirit

And as the wind casts itself through miles of night, passing through leaves
And mountains like: So doth, the soul fall through flesh and bone

Straining from every synapse: pain broken to the numbness of the undoing

Asphyxiated heartbeat, inert larynx
Succumbing to the finished eclipse of life

Prophecy of the carcass...

As promised, the dead bury the dead
The dead examine themselves
Ossuary, the soul is led
Into the riddles left there, delves

The cavern echoes with empty praise
Verity in throes, as it is razed

There is no redemption, there is no exemption, there is no more vision
Anti revelation
7. Beyond Stillness (3:17)
The metacysts caress my mind in ashes of woe

My eyes have long scraped shut across the retinas that beheld my soul pining for life

Rend asunder the metaphysical flesh, and fill the well of sorrow, and empty this vessel

All the horons sound towards the shimmering woeful guide...

"Come to me, there is a way
A way out, a way downward,
Away from this sorrow, from this
Extradimensional limbo"

And there blossomed in fiery splendour the promised glorious pathway
Followed I he into the portal
That gateway, dripping with nectar of the fluids of the beyond
Followed I he into the portal
8. Convulsing Before the Vacuous Altar (3:48)

Roiling storm, adversarial rage
And even as Chinnamastra leers at you, headless
So shall you become her inverted mirror image
As she weeps her endless bleeding tears

Iconoclasm, ego eimi
(Thou art) prostrate before
Futile altar

Is it the shame of of man at his primal nature?
Or the base nature of man whence came such primal fears?
All idols hath fallen to dust and are collected by the weak
Reassembled in their clinging to nullified traditions

Spiritual Sati...

Goddess of vanquishing, goddess of reawakening
O, were thy tears but fire to cleanse thy sorrow away

Sesha-Ma, thy heads ever coiling
Universe overturned to new aeon
Old idols hath fallen away, away...
Spiritual Sati...

Goddess of vanquishing, goddess of reawakening
Refraction of thy light illumines darkness within

Weep before symbol of thy self-defeat
Married to the wounds of perverse adulation

Kneeling before
Vacuous altar
9. Inversion of Samadhi (6:24)
O, thee art of Akephalos
Whose mysterious face I might envision
Headless invoker of Phallus
Who, into this very earth, made his incision
May myst'ries therein come unto
Me, that impregnated earth, e'er in motion
Dimensions that embrace quadridecahedron:
A gift given to me of my devotion

Vortex spiral away, brought lower than this Earth's bottom

Away from earth, away from existence
At the cusp... Event horizon fall

The tunnel more vast than anything yet seen
This earth and all the stars could not fill the (w)hole

And what is thy tortured scream,
The jawbones stretched unnaturally wide
If not a wordless invocation unto the limits of thy fear?

O, Scourged was your mind, whipped away from reason
Yet the measurement of thy wounds is not merely actuarial
The coagulation of delusion
The vacuous woeful illusion of thy art,
The science that was ravaged of thy hand

The mercurial dissolve, away, away...

Plunging into the fiery portal
The undulating lava pseudopods
Clawing netherwards: vicious descent that was miles and miles
No exit but that below Paradise

Mirror reflection purest: Ain-Soph Aur
Fin'lly staring into your truest face
The nadir of your work, the revelation of futility
Asar-un-nefer: This Wyrk is complete
10. Closing the Portal (6:14)
A last pained embrace of this Paradise
Flaming sword painted East
A vicious condemnation to morality:
Eras of strife, miles of torn and rended bodies
Ages of tortured screams
Pain abounds in bloodied fields,
But would nor too art, science, philosophy
Shred that ugly exoskeleton, and in such resplendent fashion
Blot out that grisly moon and eclipse
With greatest illumination?
Or remain in safest ignorance, remain under the eye of god?
I will forever seal the portal of flames
And drawn back Seraphim sword:
It all crumbles to ash
Under the Will
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