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The Doom Skeptron | Full Album Lyrics

Desecresy - The Doom Skeptron cover art

The Doom Skeptron

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsXtreem Music
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Desecresy Lyrics (8) > The Doom Skeptron Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-25)
1. Forged from Chaos (4:49)
Impact, strike after strike
Hammering of fallen stars
Columns of fire and stone
Radiant with burning glow

As flames and brimstone
Rush upwards from earth
Gigantic obscure creatures
Reign the distant sky

Fires - burning bright
Waters - waving fierce
Wind - unrestrained
Forging - prodigious might

Cathedrals rising to unreachable heights
Catacombs unseen remain underneath

Temples hidden since the dawn of time
2. The Sleep of Titans (5:31)
Those who once ruled
Captured by their pride
Now submerged under the heaviest weight

Kings dethroned
Hunger for their reign
Silent for ages
Earth has sealed their tombs
Wild cascades
Flood the halls below
Brooding remembrance
of inertia, bound to stone

Under the mountains
Caves long forgotten
Thrones of gold
Converted into lead
Eyes are locked
In the never moving circle
As pressure collapsed within itself

Still awake
They breathe within our flesh
All created
Formed from their limbs of past lives
3. The Sceptre of Damnation (2:56)
The voice that echoes through ages

Shadow of the sceptre

Reflected from behind thousand times
4. Burial Adorations (3:44)
Black - Disgusting in shape
Tongue sticked out of mouth
Four hands are spread
Death - Be not afraid

Worship not by killing
but dying

More than glorious temples
and their noble sights
Holier than silenced convents
Graveyard a Monastery

Fierce Incarnation
Skulls worn as garlands
Snakes coiled around the neck
Devoted - Reward will await

Annihilation follows enlightenment
Dissolution after awakening
5. Declined Resplendence (4:43)
Nemesis, the one without glory
Antagonist for the enlightened
Righteous ones shall cast their fury
On fools who dare to deny the truth

Divine armament
Heed of angels
Pull out their swords
For slaying of the beast
For heavenly soldier
The first head to cut
On the weary shoulders
Of the blindly judged

The hand that once reached out
For fellow man in peace
Now cramped in a trembling fist
To strike down enemy revealed

Divine armament
Heed of angels
Will turn their swords
Against each other

For heavenly soldier
The final head to cut
On the weary shoulders
In his once gleaming armour

Another jaws
Will grow and spread
To replace
The severed head
The beast is chained
But never dead
6. Vortex Unwinding (5:55)
Volvering sphere
Circles unwinding
Closing light inwards
For eternity
Encaged into abyss
Whirlpool of chaos
Dragging the fringes
On verge of oblivion

Before event horizon
Epicentre pitch black eye
Door to profound darkness

Eternal fall towards unknown
Rotating force untamed
Echoes of time sustained

Devourer of worlds
Falls ever flowing
Gateway to unknown
Opens Beneath
7. Sons of the Burning God (4:08)
Sparkle in the horizon crimson
fades the setting sun
First-born in the darkness unveiled
glowing the light unseen
Of five times encountered spatial angles
they have spoken, the Eldest Ones

Sacrifice too high to conceive
Phosphorescent or blind in the night

Last one before the morning rising
Two-faced at the gates of dawn
One for the blind to stray
One for those on their way
with eyes gleaming, minds alight
8. The Solemn End (7:17)
Majestic, as they stand before time
Fortresses of aeons subside

In between the river runs uncrossable
The road that can't be walked

Flow still carries deeper
Through abandoned valleys
Silent convoy follows down
The corridor with solemn end
Voiceless riders reflected only
In shadows of calm river bend

Drifting further and further
Approaching at velocity increased

Towards the inevitable that lies ahead
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