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Ride the Wilderness Full Album Lyrics

Demon Head - Ride the Wilderness cover art

Ride the Wilderness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-16)
1. Undertaker (5:47)
Distant howls float with the breeze
Creations of darkness are all that I see
The blood is dripping from the trees
and I have dragged you down with me
Dragged you down into the cold
Where I am thirsty for your soul
You think I'm young but I am old
and as you realize, your tears they flow

I've been waiting for you
and I've been dying to meet you

Frost is in the air tonight
No warm light is shining bright
Nothing on earth could make it right
Still you don't put up a fight
Life it falls right through your hands
and lands on the dry earth as a pile of sand
Your eyes are frightened and you don't understand
That you can do nothing, only I can

I've been waiting for you...

You had it but I stole the key
No breath left with which to scream
The blood's still dripping from my feet and
Even in death I drag you down with me
2. Winterland (4:25)
When autumn came in a day
Red leaves and a smell of decay
You better ready yourself for this
Dark days and sinister mists
It's the land of the ice and snow
Here terrible storms blow
Watch out for what the night will bring
And hope that you live to see spring

Welcome to Winterland
Where the people are cold
This is Winterland
And I feel so old
Save me from Winterland
I just can't let it go, no more
Leave me alone

The doors to the south are closed
Blue-eyed border patrols
If you come here with warm blood
Don't expect them to give a fuck
They feed on the fear that thrives
When you can't see a thing outside
Nobody is better than them
So don't come knockin'...

The great white fields are beautiful at night
But their warriors are ready to fight
Don't let the frost get a hold on your soul
The winter takes its toll...

Welcome to Winterland...
3. Revelations of April (4:35)
I was drafted on a spring morning
and I knew I couldn't fight them
They sent me to the land of sleepers
now I don't know where my dream ends

What was injected to me
it left no trace
I saw a void open underneath me
and then I fell into space
Divinity and destruction
Perfect chaos closes in on me
Rising with the dancing stars
Endless artificial fantasy
Divinity and destruction
Perfect chaos closes in
I will dance with the rising stars
Endless artificial fantasy

A taste of Hofmann's gift to
Program my brain
They did not know and I cannot remember
If I was already insane

I have seen what they took from us
So high that above became below
The Earth one day will be poor and exhausted
and no tree able to grow

Carry your fire into the mountains
Will you carry the ashes to the sea?
They gave me a panorama of the universe
But I think that it only exists in me
4. Ride the Wilderness (6:53)
On a lost road
A trail to everywhere
Following a bad, bad road
At last all the lies seem to be clear

Walking on an endless road
The mountains in the distance never come near
A wasteland reaches as far as you can see
The sun turns golden before it disappears

A thousand eyes are watching you:
senseless and clueless, awake in the darkness
Hands are bleeding and your head is melting
From taking this last trip into the wilderness

On a lost road...

The street is a river
You're treading through blood
Above you vultures are circling the sky
While rain pours down in an endless flood

You find yourself at a crossroads
And life seems almost reality
Easy to know, but hard to understand
How a beautiful landscape can hold such malignancy

Standing there, the wind touches your bones
The flesh lies behind as a trail of redemption
In the light of a sun that is dying
You see that there's no such thing as damnation

Ride the wilderness tonight
5. Book of Changes (4:44)
Born with bad luck
The scales have been tipping one-sidedly
No turning it around
We're shadowed by misery

The fortune that we had
Never gave for a place in the sun
or measured up to life itself
Now we're deemed the unredeemable

The weather is so delightful
but there is nothing to breathe
It's a plague, the wickedness of man
Book of Changes is at hand

There's a billion of chemical heaps
that are now not even corpses
mad creatures with manic plans
ruling the world are the white faces
The people live in a nightmare
You can see the tombstones in their eyes
Eaten out of their own skulls
They're the slaves to hope's demise

Some evil fate that's in store
Oh the time truly is great
Hydrogen bombs falling like hail
We are so small
6. Demon Head (6:29)
Years spent in a room with no light
A sanctuary to purge my own blight
Threw away the key the door is locked tight
Dreaming of the power to rule the night

First it was alcohol to flush the thoughts
Then I turned to drugs when I saw it was a lost cause
Hunger prevailed and I was loosing my force
Staring into darkness I saw what I was

No turning back now
I can feel it growing from the inside
Only they know when and how
And I couldn't stop them even if I tried

Demon head
For the devil I bled
Demon head
Let me in, I promise you will never regret

Used to feel so sick and alone
A warm touch would chill me to the bone
The illness I had almost turned me to stone
But now I belong to the greatest of thrones

No turning back now...

Demon head
Soon to be dead
Demon head
I will be waiting as the snow turns red

Now I am a shadow in the corner of eyes
The last thing that sinners see before they die
I've got something that money can't buy
But I have no death and I have no life...
7. The Greatest Lie (4:51)
He is waiting and he is hiding
Always plotting in the shadows
Planning and rearranging
our thoughts for his tomorrow

Moves like a ghost and rules you
knows everything we know
Never sleeps and never pauses
he's the king of liars

Working behind the curtains
he's the father of evil men
Raises children with a whip
when they grow he feeds on them

The greatest lie he told
is that this is how things should be
that living in cages
is better than running free

Master of confusion
Set me free
Master of illusions
I summon thee
Master of confusion
Set us free
Master of illusions
We summon thee...

Master of confusion, he's the father of evil men
Raising children with the whip and when they grow he feeds on them
The greatest lie that he told: is that this is how things should be
that living in cages is better than running free
8. Worthless (7:20)
Under the veil that quenches light
There were your burning eyes that cut like a knife
When the moon came crashing down on me
I forgot how to speak and how I was supposed to be

All these roads lead back to you
For I know that the sun will set again
I can see worlds exploding in the sky
Under the dead of night even the worthless fly

I was warned about you, though
How you feed on troubled souls
that once in your arms I would never want to go
Caught within your promises
How could I ever want to escape this
Addicted to the dream you give
You've taught me how to live my life, it's true
Time stands still when you are here and I'm going blind
It's been too long but soon I'll hear your voice
that binds me

For all these roads...

Take me away, I think you better
We could walk on stars together
Melt my ice and wake me from my sleep
I think I'll drown, I'm in too deep
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