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Blind Full Album Lyrics

Corrosion of Conformity - Blind cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-10-24)
1. These Shrouded Temples... (2:37)
2. Damned for All Time (5:52)
They Say They Live Their Lives With Purity
Only Looking Through The Whites Of Their Eyes
One Nation Under God, Just Like Protectory
Are They Really Hearing The Third World Cries?

History Repeats Itself
Self-Emulation Breeding Prosperity
As The Nation Grows, The Brotherhood Dies
"Free As A Bird" Are Words Meant For You And Me
Words That Never Fit Between The Lies

History Repeats Itself
I Was Born In A Nightmare - Dont Have A Choice
No One Seems To Listen 'Cos No One Seams To Hear My Voice
I Am But One Of Billions - Teaming Faceless Legions
Damned To Repeat The Crimes Of Those Who Went Before

The Teeth In The Gears Of The Killing Machine
Are Getting Sharper As Time Moves On
As The Politician's Wingtip Presses On The Gas
A Thousand Soldiers Will Soon Be Gone
Plowing Through The Land To Annihilate For Peace
Another War Child Is Spawned
Sowing Seeds Of Destruction In The Name Of The Beast
Damned For All Time

Burning Future Remembers The Smoldering Past
Just A Cruel Lesson - Chalked-Up Experience
Life Is A Sin When It Begins In An Iron Mask
Die If You Try Using Your Biased Sense

History Repeats Itself

Rivers Of Corruption Flowing Way Too Fast
Racing To Pollute For Their Own Greed
Malnutritioned Wings Don't Have The Strength To Last
Fight To The Death Over One Last Seed

History Repeats Itself
I Am A Witness To All That Is And All That Should Not Be
I Am Cursed With A Vision That Forces Me To See
Sometimes I Pray To An Unmoving Void
For The Day That I May Close My Eyes To The Horror Which Fills Inside Me

Damned For All Time...
3. Dance of the Dead (4:29)
You're Dead
Heard Too Much, Know Too Much - Dont Know If I Can Take It
If The System Had One Neck, You Know I'd Gladly Break It
They've Got Us Where They Want Us - Stuck In This Sick Romance
They Need No Chain - It's In Our Brain
And We Don't Stand A Chance
If We Keep Doing This Deadly Dance
End This Sick Romance
The Dance Of The Dead
It's All In My Head

Know The Deal, The Way We Feel - Those Of Us Who Care
Constant Pain, The Endless Rain Becomes Too Much To Bear
Feel The Need To Concede - Pretend Its All Ok
But The Horror, Today, Tomorrow, Will Never Ever Go Away

If You Give In To The Deadly Dance
You've Got To Take That Chance
The Dance Of The Dead
Its All In Your Head

Aint Got The Time Or Peace Of Mind To Deal With The Likes Of You
Your Narrow Views, Your Two-Bit Moves Just Tell Me That You're Through
You're Dead
You're Dead
You're Dead

Don't Give In, Live The Sin - Let Them See The Sight
There's No Answer In The End - Fall Or Fight
Keep In Mind, That You'll Find Them Standing In The Way
Run Them Down To The Ground - Make The Guilty Pay

And There'll Be No More Deadly Dance
End Their Idiot Prance
The Dance Of The Dead
It's All In Their Heads

The Dance Of The Dead
The Dance Of The Dead

4. Buried (5:18)
I've Been Looking For Answers To Set You Free
Black Are The Reasons You Gave Me
Never, Never Look Back
Just Move, Move Ahead
You Were Lucky, Friend
You Could Be Dead
Ignore The Future Or Bury Your Head In The Sand
It's A Two-Bit Fantasy That The Man In Your Head Demands
You Can Say It With A Vengeance - You'll Be Back From The Grave

Time Waits For No One - This Has To Be True
Mine Ran Out A Long Time Ago - There's Nothing You Can Do

Now You're Lying With A Burden That Rests Upon Your Mind
You Were Lying To Yourself 'Cos You Were Afraid Of What You'd Find
You Can Say It With A Vengeance - You'll Be Back From The Grave
We'll Be Waiting A Long, Long Time Before You're Ever Saved
Drifting So Far Away - Things Seem So Strange
Thought You Could Escape - Believed Things Would Change

Ignore The Future Or Bury Your Head In The Sand
Its A Two-Bit Fantasy That The Man In Your Head Demands
Now You're Lying With A Burden That Rests Upon Your Mind
You Were Lying To Yourself 'Cos You Were Afraid Of What You'd Find
You Can Say It With A Vengeance - You'll Be Back From The Grave
5. Break the Circle (4:10)
Ultimate, Desolate Condition Of Man
Laid To Waste
Born Again, Dead Again, Once Again
Take Me Out Of This Place

You're In Violation, You Cross The Line
The Line You Found Within Your Mind
And When The Process Comes Undone
You Die Alone, The Vicory's None
Hear The Warning, The End's Beginning
When You Break The Circle, You Have No Right To Live

Its The Breaking Of The Circle Right At The Start
Which Makes This Mother Fall Apart
In This Division Of The Law
You're Driven To The One Last Flaw
Heal These Wounds
Terminal, Criminal Sedition Of Man
On Earth
Born Again, Dead Again, Once Again
Tyranny Awaits Rebirth

Greed Kills The Need And Bleeds The Lines
Now Your Brilliance No Longer Shines
Charred Remains The Way You Feel
And Still In Time These Wounds Won't Heal

When You Kill The Mother, There Is No Other
6. Painted Smiling Face (4:24)
Burning Tree, Blackened Sky - This Land God Forsaken
A Thousand Men Prepare To Die - Their Spirit Long Been Broken
In Misery, Hear Their Cry - Mouths Hang Wide Open
Flashing Steel, Hot Lead - The White Man Has Spoken
Painted Smiling Face
Pockets Filled, Lust Fulfilled -- The Butchered Knew No Mercy
Painted Smiling Face

Blind Eyes, Closed Hearts - They Do Not Remember
Brutal Past From The Start - No Justice Now Forever
Humankind Is But A Part Yet They Find No Answer
Harmony Is The Art These Men Refuse To Master
Painted Smiling Face
Its Clear, The End Is Near - This Path Leads To Nowhere
Painted Smiling Face
Yeah, I See You
See Right Through You
And I Hear You
But Your Words Will Never Ring True
My Mind Is Clearer Now
At Last I Can See All Too Well
Decieving Shades Are Wearing Thin
Humankind Prefers Living In Hell
Painted Smiling Face
7. Mine Are the Eyes of God (5:00)
Taught To Believe From The Onset, Of Heaven And Hell And Between
The Institution's Retribution - Damnation From On High
Living And Dying Together Never Did Nothing At All
Except For The Few Who Got Rich Off Of You
And The Rest, They Were Herded Like Sheep
Mine Are The Eyes Of God
And What I See Is Not What Was Meant To Be
Mine Are The Eyes Of God
Mine Are The Eyes
Mine Are The Eyes Of God

Down The Road To Betrayal Of Values They Held To Be True
An Abberration, Deviation To Get To The Spirit Of Life
The Whole Goddamn World Is Riding On Words For Thousands Of Years
It's Just Like The West, To Think It Knows Best
When Answers Are Subject To Change
They Took What Could Have Been
And Turned It Upside Down
They Twisted All Things Seen
What's Lost Must Now Be Found
I Got To See It
Got To Believe It
I Got To Be There
I Got To See It
Got To Believe It
Given The Power Of Reason Yet Throwing It All To The Wind
No Solution In Evolution - Only The Blood-Stained Glass
A Soul Full Of Lies In Contention, Begs Sacred Yet Worships Profane
Lose Sight Of The Fact That You're Where It's At Not The Stars, Not The Cross,
Nor The Moon
8. Shallow Ground (2:21)
9. Vote with a Bullet (3:27)
The Number In Nations
The God In Their Hearts
The Justice In Swine
The Devil In God

This Long Hand That Breaks Our Back
Still Casting Shadows On All That We See
Unjustified...Mercy Killing Is Just A Feeling
To Keep Our Numbers From Being Free
Prison For Praise Is Not Worth Thinking
Sin Is Still In And Our Ballots Are Shrinking
So Unleash The Dogs - The Only Solution
Forgive And Forget, Fuck No
I'm Talking About A Revolution
The Prophet Man's Got A Needle In His Hand
Draws His Dreams From Your Soul - Bleeding Minds Into Sand
The Year Of The Fear Has Arrived Decades Too Late
And Our Right To Stand And Fight Is Now Solely Sealed In Fate

[Repeat First Chorus]
One Last Chance Mission With A Vision
'Cos Our Lives Are Just Cards In Their Stack
Our Time Is Short But Theirs Is Shorter
How Much Longer Can They Hold Us Back
Prison For Praise - The Obvious Answer
Once Had Power Mad - Living Disaster
Dont Fuck With Me 'Cos I'm On The Freedom Train
That Bears No Name - This Time
I'm Voting With A Bullet
The View They Once Knew Made Our Nooses Too Tight
This Justice In Swine
The Devil In God

So God Bless My Soul - I've Got Total Control
And The Crosshairs Lined Up Dead In My Sight

I'm Voting With A Bullet
10. Great Purification (4:33)
Powers is the heroin of the small-minded man
And force, force is the needle - the gun in his hand
He lusts to control all the people and the land
Complete, total destruction - his ultimate end

All love lost will be reborn
Fire will burn
Take your first breath
Breathe your first freedom

Our Fourth world - nearing its end
Purification - close at hand

Try but you cannot deny the earth is alive
Our rivers, they are dying and smoke kills the sky
Modern man's cities are built on their lies
When cleansing flames burn, no one can hide
(from the truth)

All love lost...

Our Fourth world - nearing its end
Purification - close at hand

The time it happened all before, the end was a flood
Man became so arrogant and paid with his blood
No lesson was wver learned - our fate stays the same
Profane civilization will perish in flame

All love lost...

11. White Noise (4:19)
Blind - Product Of Pride
You Dont Speak For Me
Proud Is What I Am
But I Never Condemn A Man
One Race - No Way
Nightmares Come True These Days
We All Know This Fight Is For Real
Howling Like A Jackal, Begging To Be Heard
Growing Like A Cancer, Beliefs That Fight The World
White Noise
Pain Triggers The Mind
This Pale Solution Lied
Time - The Names Will Change
But Still These Scars Remain
More Lies - More Hate
Your Strength Controls Your Fate
Go Inside - Do You Like What You Find?
Rise - Fight
Wrong - Right
Lost - Sight
Stand - Victim Of Fear
Your Voice Is Screaming Clear
Power Reveals The Need
Addictive Dreams Still Bleed
Instinct - Breaks Through
These Few Can't Hid What's True
This Noise Won't Stop The Way We Feel
When They Cracked The Whip, Nothing Was Said
When The Flames Burned, Nothing Was Said
When They Notched The Barrels, Nothing Was Said
When The Bays Opened, Nothing Was Said
When The Dogs Where Set Loose, Nothing Was Said
When The Colors Run Red, Nothing Was Said
When Innocents Cried In The Face Of The Guilty
No One Said Anything
12. Echoes in the Well (5:33)
The Water Drips From Wells Of Shame
Spilling Through These Words (Of Blame)
Listen To The Battle Cries Of A Race That Knows It's Dying
Read The Bleeding Words Of Those
Who Feel The Wheel Is At Their Heal
Then Somebody Tells Me That's The Way It Was Meant To Be
These Things Will Never Die
All They See Is Nothing
They Just Hear The Echoes In The Well
Stare Deep Into The Frigid Eyes Of A Man Who Knows He's Lying
These Are Those Men Who Make Mistakes
But Don't Erase The Pain
Then They Whisper To Me That's The Way It Was Meant To Be
These Things Will Never Be
There Are Those Who Find These Times A Crime And Those Whose Souls Will Never Mind
Or Those Who Need To Plant These Seeds
Living In Sin's Been Induced Again
By Beating The Paths Of Downtrodden Men
Or Those Who Think They Know Their Souls
Stab Deep In Their Hearts And Listen To The Echoes...
All They Hear Are The Echoes In The Well
13. ...Remain (3:27)
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