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Wake Full Album Lyrics

Colossus - Wake cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Sludge Metal, Post-Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-23)
1. A Stir from Slumber (5:31)
As the spring rain hits my face
I quietly realize this could end no other way
And as the ground slowly turns black and wet
I solemnly walk astray

Down in a hollow of this rock
Sorry pieces that faintly resembles
I'll carry this along somehow
My burden alone to bear
I draw a silent breath
A pungent smell of wet soil fills the air
The sky gave finally way
And the pieces yet remains

From below a gleaming sky
A slow movement of confusion and regret
A way out is running thin
And the journey is to beguin

Slow your breath
Lower your gaze
Stow your intentions
Forget your ways
This is the turning point
An open passage way
As the realities of common life
And your old self fades away
2. Traitors Gate (6:46)
Dark clouds, covers the naked sun
Hide sky from above you,
Suck the warmth from out the ground
As cold wind chill the marrow in your bone
Just think upon,
What you have done
You've gone and fucked them all,
And they'll soon be dead and gone

Red sun shatters the clouded sky
Casting a bloody glow about
Mirroring a gruesome sight
As fresh blood seeps into sludge and mire
You stop and sigh
And question why
You allowed your life to go so awry

And as the sun slowly slips into it's slumbering dip
And allow night to fall
Marching feet in the night with a purposeful stride
Catch you at a crawl

Cold hands grips
Shackles bite tight and locks your mind

Blue skies displaying a beaming sun
Bringing life back to this world
Waking up the sleeping ones
As you slowly drift to your fate
A thousand dead eyes observing with hate
While you pass... Pass through the gate
3. Reflections of the Arcane (5:01)
As evening light dimming down its golden glow
Shadows growing longer on the desert floor
The canopy is wide and open staring down with burning eyes
Mysterious forces creeping under my hide

Funny figures flit
dancing on your retina
Flickering in the flooding light

Dark contours contort
Shapeless shadows vanishing
Patterns praying in your mind

White foam froths
Ripples on the silver chord
Echoing in the cutting cold

Black steam blow
Fumes are flowing endlessly
Golden challice crumbeling

Loosing sense of space and time

I feel the voices showing
Dormant senses in my body lets me see
Sights of the worlds beyond me opens
Memories of times before awoken
4. Ruinbuilder (5:44)
A life spent brewing the obsession
To raise monuments off loss
Purposeless measure for grand aspirations
The work is worth less than the cost
And the result is better off
Waste not want not

A heavy burden for any sane man
Shallow movements to abide
Empty gestures to disperse them
The dark will swallow the derived
And keep disciples in the blind
Waste not want not

A trail of cracked and crumbling sillouettes
A garden of corroded hopes
His legacy will sing over dirt and dust
As the sun will set once more
Dark passions and a cowards hands
Heart of war, mouth of decay
The craft was weaker than the will to build
As the ambtions swept away
A firm mask of confidence
A foundation of earth
The strong and the unbreakable
Are built broken from birth

Build your ruins
Make your early grave
All your structures
Are created to fade

As the sun breaks through the dark
And the night turns into day
There is nothing left to say
5. Pillars of Perennity (5:00)
Silence chimes
Salt seas brime
Hibernate in slow vibration
Dream the larval
Great massed mind
Breathe the sludge of time
Bring the storm to cleanse us all

Solemn Stone
Bathe in mystery
Stand alone
Past all end to see
Pillars of perennity

Dark skies fall
End it all
Writhing tense in slow descension
See us falter
War cries call
Doom upon us all
This is where your worlds divide

See, the tides bring back the blinded profecies, wash ashore the myths of blood
Time dilutes the stage of infancy,
Drink your milk mixed with the mud
Salts of fire from stone
The secrets in the kiss
Accept the silent teachings
Of the eternal Megalith
6. Suncarrier (7:47)
Bear that sphere
Like your first born
You'll guard it with your life

Raised to face
The shining
The honour it till you die

A searing pain flashes through his veins
As his flesh touches the orb
A wave of fear, to stand before the object
Shakes him to the core

His grip is trembling around the burning ball
His shadow's withering away
A lifetime spent in awe of the eternal
A purpose lost in the decay

His skin now blistered and black
His muscles aching and sore
A million lives, spared through his efforts
A creature shunned forevermore
7. Kingdoms (6:32)
I drag my raw feet through the dirt
I cast no shadow where I stagger
I grab a handful of the dry black soil
A barren earth for nought to grow

Caverns and valleys as smooth as skin
An endless journey in this lifeless land
Where all things turns to dust

The landscape slips and heaves as timeworn limbs and tissues comes alive

With bone dry skin and broken teeth
With parched throat and sand filled lungs
I raise my gaze to cloudless skies
No signs to bring any release

Caverns and valleys as smooth as skin
The landscape slips and heaves as timeworn limbs and tissues comes alive

Each footprint rests upon a graveyard
Each grain of sand seen kingdoms grow and falter
And rise again so...
8. Cloudhead (5:08)
Bright rays wakes to life
Movements of mind
Patterns unwind
Mount the backs of birds of prey

Process of decay
Lead the way
Ice cold stare
Feathery touch, shades of grey

White taste of time
Smoke clears the line
Flesh left behind
Painted path clear as day

Process of decay
Move don't stay
Lifted spirits, path of way

Climbing higher
Take to flight
Wings in motion
Move towards the light

Closing in as
Shapes take form
Rip the clouds
Break through the storm

Open space invade the mind
Seeping through to nest inside
9. Fungal Gardens (10:59)
Deep in the earth, where the sleeper gives birth to great wonders
In the belly of the soil where all living recoils and daylight gets torn asunder
Among false deeds and swollen leafs they slumber
As rites of passage clears the ashes exposes the worn and plundered

Where no thought dwell...
They feed the broken shell
Where the unconscious still lingers
The flicking of delicate fingers

Of the dirt out of wasted attempts
A sting of hope moving in the debris
Of the ashes out of fear and contempt
A single breath of life flows in the breeze

In days of yore, the seeker explored lost faces
When the ears of the broken hears the unspoken and connects the fading traces
Old tragedies becomes new remedies to bring action
Where all is destroyed, out of the void breeds a new distraction

With no air to dream
There is no life to be seen
Where the ghosts still roam
Is where they call their home

Dark, cavelike halls
Tear down the walls
Let out the night
Damp, suffocating rooms
Air out the womb
Let in the light

Oh, great winds, give me the wings to soar once again
Oh, take me with you, carry me up high and rejoyce as I ascend
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