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The Tomb of Infinite Ritual Lyrics

Coffin Texts - The Tomb of Infinite Ritual cover art

The Tomb of Infinite Ritual

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-05-30)
1. Atum (Into the Divine Sphere) (0:54)
2. To Manifest (5:54)
In our dreams we see what was
But now awaken to death
Is it real or apparitions
Sent forth from the crypt
Are they lost, or are they angered
In fear of Armageddon
Life left them blind to the light
Awaken now
Contact us
Hypnosis, Conscious State
Lifeless in torment
Horrific dread in the dark
My cries now turn to whispers
Death alone is reincarnation
Only in the world of the living
Life left them blind to the light
Taken their minds
To the sand grains of time

Diffident of the obscure
Diffident of the invisible
Maleficent irradiated
Life after death is questioned


Come to us, our blood, our ancestors
Come to us, our blood, our brothers
Come to us, our blood, our brothers

Illusions, materialize into
The physical world
Animate, see what cannot be
Awaken, lifeless in torment
Reveal to us the keys to the universe

They prayed to God
For their life's after death
Without redemption

An omen of what's to come
When we visit the land of the dead
A netherworld of souls
In fear of their karma

Never to leave this place
Earthbound in disgrace

They're lost in their everyday ritual
On the day of their demise
Embedded in the threads of time
Haunting the premises of past life
It theirs you can't take it away
Remain there for eternity
Your time of mass depression
They're soon to find you forlorn on
Lonely by themselves

Pray to God, the fear inside
Calling the priest cause it cannot be
Present the thought to end your life
Spirits amongst us
Into the blackest of void
3. Final Transformation (4:47)
My body remains
My soul intact
Deep beneath
The sands of necropolis

Soon to pass the scales of sin
To astral planes
For my final transformation

My Ka remains
Slitter mutilates
Pray for me to live eternally

I hear the spells whispered
Place them by my side
Bow to me
My remains are placed in darkness
Or never to exist

Reborn by the sun
The power of the God
Rise again to life
Or fail to death forever

See - Descending to another world
Hear - Transfixing to the uttered words
Speak - Of bliss beyond the stars
Breath - Transcending to beyond

Go to your Ka
Embraced by gods
Cold caress of Death
Opening of the mouth

See - Descending to another world
Hear - Transfixing to the uttered words
Speak - Of bliss beyond the stars
Breath - For my final transformation

Speak the words for my quest
Prayers echo through these walls
Sweet smelling soul of the great God
Resurrect me

Speak the words for my quest
Prayers echo through these walls
Sweet smelling soul of the great God
Resurrect me... to my bliss
4. The Sacred Eye (6:43)
Metastasize it's protection over you
And your enemies fall at your feet
Souls of souls, eternal gods
Lord of fears
Foreseeing sacred eye

From God who steals our souls
Save me
From He who laps corruption
From who lives on what is putrid
Save me
From who's in charge of darkness

From who is immersed in gloom
Those who are
Among the languid ones are afraid

Save us !

Depreciate into the cauldrons
May I be saved ?
The doer's of wrong
Cannot harm me

A torch be bright
For the potent souls
I am vindicated
To the imperishable stars I take my
Eternal flight

Souls of souls
Eternal gods
Lord of years
The eye foresees

Not enter
Into the lower realms
Guard my soul
Through the netherworld
Remove the impediment
So you may live
With the eternal gods

What goes forth upon this Earth
Behold the sacred eye
What goes forth upon this world
Behold the sacred eye

Born in the afterlife
Into the divine sphere
I am the scepter of the soul lord
Eternal refuge

Behold, I am pure
5. Divination (8:01)
Unveil shroud of astral light
Beyond reality
Reveal the universe of space & time
Into oblivion
Gloomy enlightment
From the unseen world
Revealing chaos
In trace to see darkness fall
Where lost in Erebus

Our empires fall
What to become of us
Terror rise to what's reviled
Spewing forth atrocities
From the orb of glass
Foreseeing our demise

(Repeat x2)
Oracles of death
Omen from beyond

Our empires fall
What's to become of us
The orb of glass
Foresee's our demise

Manipulate the clock of time
In a trance we corrupt the light

Close the circle
Of space & time
Inscribe holy names
Consecrate the chalk with light
Invocate the deity

The crystal of revelation
A room undisturbed by life
Expel the evil
Sanctify thy servant

Creature from the light
Lord sanctify
Not to be extinguished
By this filthy darkness

Protect thee o' lord
From the opposition
On, el, agha
And tetragrammaton

Blessed by
This crystal
Filled within divine virtue
Blessed by the holy ghost
On the day and the hour of mercury
I call and command
The spirit vassago
By the omnipotent God
I call upon thee

East west north south
Bound under this spell
Under compass of the heavens
Thou must come to me immediately
I call and command
The spirit vassago
By the omnipotent God
I call upon thee now !


Binding you strongly
I command thee
In the name of our God
Who judge the quick & the dead

Without deceit
I appear within this crystal
Not compelled by command of fear
Signed my seal
To obey whoever summoned me
Unto thee
I will serve you till your death

Thou has answered to my petition
Call me by thin oath
Granted by our creator
I license to depart
6. Throne of Genocide (6:04)
The desert whispers the death to thee
People witness the feeble king
Plot to seize the throne of God
He foreseer's their heads will roll

Raging forth - from above
From sun god - the scorned
Summon counsel - dark ogdoad
8 from beyond - the abyss

They run, they run but cannot hide
The wrath of Ra decided
The eye of Ra shall seize
The children of his tears

Revolt from thee
Defy me
Desert whispers death to thee

Escape into the desert
Fleeing from their death
Hathor's rage
Consume them
The slaughter has begun
No escape
From the bloodbath

Defy me
Desert whispers death to thee

No mercy for
No prayers answered
The spell is cast
Innocent screams of horror

Hathors taste
The blood of man
The traitors
Prayers chants
Echo across the sands
Soon the light
Will expose the dead
Enchanted by
The crimson red
Their souls are damned
Forever !!!

Drink the pool
Of blood & tears
No gods regrets
The helpless ones
Relentless death
Till morning light
No human soul
Shall be spared
Their names are damned
Forever !!!

Revolt from thee
Defy me
Desert whispers death to thee

Escape the fire
Escape the rage
No plies for mercy
Carnage of the massacred
7. Dieties of the Prime Evil Chaos (5:21)
In death we learn
Redemption for iniquities
Realize existence beyond our world
Awaken to bliss
Open the eyes to blackness
Absolve the soul
Cleanse all despised

Abhorrence inflicted
Screams that redeem me

Lower realms of Hell unfolds
It's fury
Rotting in the lower realms
It's freezing
Hell is the torment of the soul
Death, release the power of Evil
Vortex through
The hordes of time & darkness
Forged in sin
The world of greed, blood & flesh
Falling toward the day of cleaning

Fall towards embracing cold

Awaken the sphere of ancient evil
Interdiction of dark lacuna
Discharged by sin
Into the ethereal
Dispelled from the world of the alluring

Your path was chosen of ill desires
Cleansed transgression
Beyond the flesh

Born again
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