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Abomination of Desolation | Full Album Lyrics

Catalepsy - Abomination of Desolation cover art

Abomination of Desolation

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1. Introduction (0:39)
2. Westboro (4:53)
If god existed you'd be the first one he'd hate.
Your religion is an infection of the weak-minded. You're a herd of sheep
Fallen prey to the disease of fools.
So fucking pray.

Lighter fluid washes away your tears
As we burn your fucking family alive.
I look at you with a smile on my face
Flick the match as I walk away.

there is no washing my hands of this
so don't fucking pray for my forgiveness.
i bow to no man.
i regret nothing.
i repent nothing i'm a hollow shell of the man i used to be.

this is not a fucking trend for me.
its just what i believe.
i really meant it when i fucking said.
get on your fucking knees.

You preached a corrupt sermon
Now your mass will be held in hell.
There will be no protesting this
We will burn down your institution.

Were here to emancipate your mind,
While we desecrate your shrine.
You can pray for your god to save you but right now your fucking mine

Kneel down and taste the pain
Choking on butane
You create this hell on Earth, you fuel the fire

Proof your god has a sense of humor.
Oh, man-made god, wash the cancer of man off the earth again
3. Regression (2:47)
4. Devastation (2:10)
5. War Wages (2:19)
6. Nephilim (4:26)
7. Defiance (1:11)
8. Agony (2:03)
9. Tyrant (2:48)
10. Whispers (4:25)
If you're there come forth and show yourself
Why let the millions die and burn in
Because they don't believe in your so
Called religion
Repent now and drown yourself

I'm still here
Remaining unanswered
The prayers spread
Still stand unheard
I'm not standing and waiting for an answer [x2]
If you says he's real than why can't he hear? [x4]

There's something more, then what you want it to be
There's something more, than what
you said it would be
You take thinner minds mending them
The way you please,
How can i find comfort in a god
That judges me

Get on your fucking knees
Or burn in hell [x2]

This is what they teach your children
They listen and worship your god

This is not the way to worship
To consume the mind of our youth
If he died for your sins
Where the fuck is he now? [x4]
Where the fuck is he now?
11. Master Destroyer (3:52)
Catalepsy - Abomination of Desolation
Abomination of Desolation Lyrics
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