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Blood and Battle Full Album Lyrics

Blood Coven - Blood and Battle cover art

Blood and Battle

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-19)
1. The God Syndrome (9:27)
As sunlight ripped across the sky at dawn,
evil unbeknownst to man was birthing in his world.

Deep within the womb the unborn child dreams,
visions so benign, eternal wisdom found.

As I slip into my consciousness the voice calls out to me.
A deep resounding sound impossible to comprehend.
It speaks of past atrocities known to man as human nature.
Acts of hate so painful all reprieve is lost.
It tells of unseen centuries and of prophecies of horror.
Showing me the future and of mankind's dismal end.

I gaze into the sky and question my existence,
Stars as countless as the passages of my mind.
I look into my mind and question my existence,
infinite passages, what have I to learn?

Come to me my chosen one, for the time is soon at hand.
All this knowledge I've given you must remain secret from mankind.
"Have no fear my master, for the secrets you hide are safe with me"
This I know for with birth I give you the gift of mental incapacity.


What is this that you have given to me?
Am I dying even in birth?
Foul betrayer, my mind screams in pain.
Fuck you! My anti-saviour.
I renounce you, I renounce your name Forever!

Please release me from this life.
I never asked for this.
Death seduces me.
Thought this pain I now can see the truth.
2. Revenge (5:00)
Full of morbid hatred. My past as my portfolio.
Lust to find the reasons for this mental evil sickness.

In discovery I've found the answers to my questions.
It's people that I hate, by choice I am reclusive.
I can't stand the presence of man, repelled by human dogma.
My morbidity comes from them. Through reclusion I am.... At ease!

Ill-willed to man's future. My fate etched in stone.
I've since found the reasons for indulging in solitude.

Now it's become clear to me with questions for my answers.
No one can be trusted, by choice I am reclusive.
I can't stand the presence of man, repelled by human dogma.
Abolish this mental disease, through reclusion I am..... At ease!!!!

Reclusive by choice - Hopeless existence.
Reclusive by choice - live life as one.

Alone and losing my mind, never thought it to be this way.
Thought it was them to find it was me, I find that I'm the only confused.

Trapped in this world by my own past and by my future.
I realize I'm fucked in the end, by choice I am reclusive.
I can't stand the presence of man, repelled by human dogma.
My mortality comes from them, through reclusion I am at ease.

Reclusive by choice - Hopeless existence.
Reclusive by choice - Live life as one.
3. Reclusive by Choice (5:34)
The clouds within my mind are growing darker still.
And every passing second I slip further away.
Giving into the painful pleasures I fear but yet I seek,
Control will soon be lost as I slip closer to REVENGE.

You think of me as a lamb, no threat to you.
You see me often and you wonder what I think.
Well all things dark will come to light or so they say.
But this darkness deep within me can destroy, and soon it will.

I burn with anger when I think of you,
yet smile and dream of unleashing my hatred.
The rage and the bloodshed, the way you will die,
by my hand and how I will laugh.
Stare into your dying eyes and hear you
beg and repent and how that will only feed the fire.
And how I'll tell you that now you will die.
I won't forgive not forget.
But I'll live my life better now that I,
have made the world better by ending your worthless existence.

Now I know my future's decided.
My fate to cleanse my past of disease.
And how I will change the world again and again.
For you are just the first of those to feel my revenge.
4. Synesthesia (5:46)
Melting, flesh becoming one with my soul.
I can hear the pain, it's draining, claiming me.
I see it so clearly now.
Touch the colors, taste the fear within.
Accept all the suffering.
I embrace the carnal lust and feast upon the darkness inside of me.

Stygmatic convulsions...My scalp is scarred as if I wear a crown of thorns.
I feel the pain, I see the stain. Flesh erupts as spikes are driven
through my wrists and through my feet.
Spear in my side, all in my mind. Blood flows free
from phantom lashes to my back.
My spirit breaks, my body aches. Somebody please explain
just what the fuck is happening to me.

I have never had the faith, why have I been chosen?
Could this all just be a dream? Nightmares become my reality.

I snap wide awake in the dead of the night.
Bleeding again but I'm feeling no pain.
Everyone thinks that I did it myself,
and I wonder again if I'm going insane.
Fanatics believe it's the work of the lord,
but I don't believe in their self-righteous myth.
So why must I fight for control of myself,
and who is it that I must do battle with?

"Who are you?"
"The messenger is not important"

Could it be that I am possessed...
not by a demon, but by an agent of God?

I realize that I am now just a pawn
and that I may not survive to see the coming of dawn.
From the mystical symbols written by my own hand
to the language I speak that I don't understand.
I can't believe that I'd be chosen for this...
to be a slave to a God I don't believe to exist.
But this knowledge I've found that I once thought was a curse
I will use to undo the feeble work of the Church.
5. Bloodwrath (5:37)
I have these morbid visions of crushing his skull.
These hateful callous thoughts have taken my mind.
My rotten feelings within burn deep in my mind.
I can't contain my hatred, this pain I must release.

Fastened by a rope - restraining your limbs.
puncture your skin - infested with pain.
it's starting to run - You're losing your blood.
Pole of impalement disrupting your life.

My hatred grows inside.
I cannot control,
My heinous thoughts,
Employed on you.
Burns upon your body.
Skin is turning black.
Choking uncontrollably.
My hands tight around your neck.

your life means nothing to me.
Your worthless existence.
Dying from impalement.
Watch you suffer.

Hang the ingrate, left to die.
Feel the pain as your body hangs.
Not dead yet but suffering.
Rope is tight, life slips away.

Now it's time to remove your skin.
Life is over becoming stiff.
Piece by piece, I peel the skin away.
Nothing but carnage and the memories of you.

A corpse without skin.
Lifeless stiff and hanged.
Entrails left exposed.
I set the flesh afire.
6. Nightshade / The Dying of the Light (7:20)
I have seen the darkness, I have seen the hate.
I destroy the knowledge that your God creates.

I am one with darkness and the master of all sin.

I am not of heaven, I am not of hell.
Earthly wants plague me not, nor disease my soul.

I have traveled many worlds and crushed them in my wake.

No one shall deny the wisdom I behold.
No one shall defy the power I bestow.
I shall draw my sword against my enemies
and raise the hammers in triumphant victory.

All must heed the battle cry and follow me against my mortal foes.

I shall lead my forces on our journey for eternal glory.
We shall fight forever simply for the love of blood and battle.

I can see the battle field, it's drawing ever nearer.
And I can see my enemies, their faces wracked with fear.
Women, men and children shall be slaughtered by my hand.
Impaled upon our lances and their blood shall stain the sand.

Ride forth into glory, ride forth into death.
Slay the weak resistance, show no sign of pain.

Killing without mercy as we conquer foreign lands.

Crush all those before us, scorch the earth we leave.
Total devastation of your God's beliefs.

Eradicate the weaklings and their withering decree.

I am one with darkness, I am one with hate.
I will soon be master of this dying world.
7. An Angel's Rage (7:02)
Why hast thous forsaken me?

Awake in darkness yet I dream.
Alive in death I'm left to suffer eternity.
The righteous flames of persecution scar my soul.
The endless pain of losing you is burning...just keeps burning.

My spirit sinking far below.
I now explore new depths of anguish and despair.
The human realm above seems so far from me now.
But I'll not wallow in self pity, my soul shall rise again.

Rise! Spirits rise above!
Fly! Demons fly high!

I will my soul to rise and God will surely cry
as I condemn the lives of his precious human creations.

My dark desires grow and God will surely know
that I his mortal foe shall lead his flock into damnation.

I call forth the armies of the living and the dead
and we slaughter the weak who refuse to submit.
I gaze in fascination at the dying of our mother
and laugh as I hear the sounds of angels as they cry.

And the ground shall turn red as the blood soaks the soil,
and the sky shall turn red as our flames tear through heaven.
I breathe the black smoke of our unholy fire
and I laugh as I smell the scent of angels as they burn.

One word written in blood....pain!!!!!!
You think you understand, you just don't know how blind you are.
The snarling flames of hell are licking at my soul.
I use their power to destroy the feeble human race.

I only live for victory.
This battle's over but the war still rages on.
And I'll not stop until the final soul is mine.
The realm of darkness shall be once again triumphant over earth.
8. In the Cloak of the Beasts (14:42)
I walk the path alone, the silence my only companion.
Pushed forward by a hunger no one can really explain to me.
I often wonder if it is in fact desire of fear.
An inner turmoil leading me to self destruction.

The path it splits before me, confusion freezes me in my steps.
A fear of darkness or of failure, Paralysis.
I feel the cold dark stare of unseen eyes watching my every move.
Creatures that lurk in shadows hiding from the pain of reality.
Their lust for blood is endless, their need to kill eternal.
My fear is growing stronger yet still I'm drawn to them
and into the cold black darkness where they hide.

The beasts have now captured me, I'm powerless to resist.
Like millions before me and millions more still to come.
Controlling my every move and haunting every thought.
My soul soul now belongs to them and I'll never be free.

The ritual has begun and I must participate.
The creatures enrapture me and force me to copulate.
Sadistical in their ways and devious in their thoughts,
They make me choose the one who will drain me of life.

Can there be no escape from this psychotic reality?
Why can I not resist my inner primitive urges?
This constant yearning always burning me, I can't escape it.
My mind and body overwhelmed by basic human desire.

In the cloak of the beasts we face our primal urges.
Confront the hidden darkness deep within your soul.
In the cloak of the beasts where fantasy is real.
Erase the line between desire and your fears.

In the cloak of the beasts our power has no limit.
We rise above the weakness of our human form.
In the cloak of the beasts the world is ours to conquer.
The human race shall tremble under our command.
9. Plagued by Faith (Rosaries and Rape) (5:42)
Locked away forever - hidden from the world
In a lonely convent where the sisterhood resides
A young girl on her knees - rosary in hand
Praying for forgiveness and the will to understand

Left as a child for her actions impure.
Punished by parents who wouldn't endure.
Her sexual urges she could not suppress.
Living in sin in the eyes of their Lord.

Cast out - abandoned

A victim in her childhood - ravaged and disgraced.
Her mind is torn, her soul destroyed - Plagued by faith
A servant to the holy crown, fallen from grace...
Plagued by faith.

Silence is golden in these darkened halls.
The sisters dare not tell what happens within.
Dissension is heresy, death is the penalty.
Only submission can save you from hell.

Another ravaged body left naked and alone.
Crying for her savior and salvation for her soul.
Trembling with fear, a blank stare in her eyes.
Her body violated and her mind's been victimized.

Her victims selected at random each night.
She visits their rooms when they've turned out the lights.
Her fake phallus fastened secure to her waist.
A dark love affair, her insatiable taste.

A victim in her childhood - ravaged and disgraced.
Her mind is torn, her soul destroyed - Plagued by faith.
A servant to the holy crown, fall from grace...
Plagued by faith.
10. Sowell's Garden (7:29)
Virtue fell abused - My tortured childhood
The blood that stained - The wounds that remained

Adolescent hell - as my niece, I raped.
The pain received and never healed.

As I became a man - frost had fallen
My flower had withered - unto the cold and dark
Eccentric tastes seduce her - a child bearing whore
Her skin so fare - so ripe for the taking
Bound and gagged - I caress her fear
A blood soaked high - I feel so alive
Conscience is replaced - with rage and malice
Draining all my hatred through the funnel of revenge

Sentenced guilty by the law
Prison became my lonely home
Waiting in a cell for fifteen years
Planning my return
I will cleanse the world of infested whores
Patience waning
Devotion to my craft
Heralds the pride of my work

Den of perversion, lair of infliction
There's no escape from this temple of decay
His sick temptation for mutilation
Eleven corpses buried in shallow graves

Finally they let me go - I feel the darkness unfold
Reaching through my skin - to decay my blackened soul
Come be with me my sweet - I'll lay you in my garden
To be among the things that grow - and all the blood that flows
Lured in with false compassion - empty promises prevail
The stage is set and baited - a bondage master waiting
I'll decorate my crawlspace and basement with fresh graves
Of all the wretched whores forced to be my sex slaves

My favorite razor carves out a new smile
on her face from ear to ear
Drain her dry before the skin is removed
Cut away her pretty head
Her bones now litter my home
Her head kept in a bucket for later

Den of perversion, lair of infliction
There's no escape from this temple of decay
The sick temptations for mutilation
In Sowell's garden where rotting corpses lay.

Mutiny carves out the crew deep inside my mind
Personalities befriend me and then betray
As chaos collides, tragedy drowns out
What's left of my reason dementia fills the void.
11. Ashes of an Autumn Burning (Equinox-ious Apocalypse Version 2012) (6:06)
Fires rage within me - symbols of my yearning
Rising from the ashes of an autumn.

I have tasted hell in each
and every form of his darkness
Given away a dangerous part of my soul
so that I may achieve my vengeance
Thought I had control of my thoughts
now chaos plagues my mind
Insanity is satisfaction for me...
the only reason I need

Now that my time is at hand all will cower
Fear clears a path paved with blood I shall follow
Hate travels close by my side none shall challenge me
or my right to destroy those who cause the pain
and the heartache and grief which I have suffered
Now I have risen to burn all their souls

All of my life...hatred anointing me
I become God in a world of uncertainty
Death be my bride...death she embraces me
Death is my life and life I shall take from thee

Flashback to a time when all was taken from me
An empire of death crumbles before my eyes
Struggling to rebuild the powers I once had
I lost track of the reasons I live
Giving all I had, sacrificed my love
to prove a trust that I didn't even hold
The point I'd tried, time and time again to make
wasn't even clear to myself

Hatred is all that is left in my life
Vengeance flows through my veins - blood is gone
Nothing can fill in this void of self despise
I want you to bleed for me

Blind my eyes with fury - devastation
No one saw my hate descending
Immortality - crucifixion -
I can feel my soul degrading
Blind my eyes with fury - devastation -
No one saw my hate descending
I am every ending - endless hatred -
Ashes of an autumn burning
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