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Blessed Curse Full Album Lyrics

Blessed Curse - Blessed Curse cover art

Blessed Curse

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-26)
1. Bleeding Cross (3:45)
Wolves of the dark take my hand, revenge in spilled blood we fight
Marching in cadence to the beat of the damned
Nocturnal conversion tonight
Return from the grave, this night we will hate
Betrayal from the holy cross
Settle the score heretic war, symbol of lies must rot

Refusal the faith, hell's nightfall they wake
Drenching false towns to red
Sinister mob, all souls will be robbed
Disciples corrupted death bled
Spitting our rage at this hallowed cage, deceived by your God again
Seducing her flesh, we lust for the best
Once virgins blood-bathing in sin

Renounce your holy lord, despise the sacred word

Bleeding cross

Coming through the blackened fog we will hunt for your blood
Screaming nightmare murder dreams walking dead, massacres
Storming churches to gut its priests, pierce with sword, crucifix
Hatred burning vengeance ours with the bleeding, bleeding cross
2. Hellraisers (5:03)
Legions of hell are awaiting at the gates
Armies of darkness screaming full of hate
Silent earth knows nothing 'till the end
Lucifer laughs at the death he now sends

Rip their souls, end their lives, wrath of Hades
Takes all lives
Scorch the earth, blaze the sky, power from hell
Makes you die

Raise burning hell
Torch this sinful earth
Raise burning hell
End this pitiful earth

Dawn of doom is creeping across the sky
Gods of hell riding beasts flying high
Mortal screams shall echo across the earth
Mankind's dreams shattered with evil's return

Cities are burning and stained with blood, people are screaming
And running from hell
Demons are flying to bring us our death
Pillars of fire igniting the earth, engulfed in fear a frenzy is birthed
Panic and terror death shall appear

End of time has now arrived
Spread the death, our evil sign
Turning black, burning red
Praise the moon, raise the dead
3. Demon Dance (4:11)
Worshipping the darkness and its passages
Freedom in the black gloom, chanting voices to the sages
Homage high the offer brought, for the spirit haunts
Unified beyond above, supernatural Gods

Praise great unknown
Bow down we're shown
Enter, we together

Step inside, the Demon dance
Circle around, be your chance
Step into the Demon dance
Invocate, independence

Demons to the others thought, still Angels to the some
Vengeance is our name and game, damning each and everyone
Cast out from the mainstream eye, we the blackened sheep
Forced to be all faceless beings, rejected to the under street

Witching to an overlord who makes us all pagan
Hymn the rites of ancient old, birth us all once again
Bonded is our blood across an ageless timeless sea
Banished to a dreamland far, flying for eternity
4. Slaughtered Like Pigs (6:02)
Darkness, the blackness a full moon is bright
Shining the lightning of those that will die
Creeping, the fogging obscures all your sight
Freezing, the feeling an all seeing eye

Watching the breathing, his vision turned red
Stalking the hunting, a need to be met
Chasing the catching, he is the best
Running or screaming, he shall not rest

Nothing can save you now, end of your time is here
Death is closing in fast, the reaper has appeared

They were slaughtered like pigs in the night
Slaughtered like pigs in the night

Knifing, the eating of hot warm flesh
Stabbing, the rushing, his thirst is whet
Raping, the eating of bodies now dead
Hacking, the bagging of a severed head
5. March of the Wicked (6:13)
Atrocities of all walk and creed, pillaging the earth,
With lust and greed
Tempted to join the army of black, possessed by evil,
Our masses attack

Hate! Rape! Kill! Burn!

Accelerating and slaying, the evil is near
Rushing and burning, hell is here
Raping and killing, you soon will be dead
March of the wicked fills you with dread

Join the march of the wicked

Waves of the dark are infesting the land
There's nothing you can do to meet our demands
Despise all on earth, all that have lived
Assault of Blessed Curse, is what we give

Blackened orb is all that remains, all who oppose will be slain
Enemies of us will always remember, wrath of Blessed Curse
That will live forever
6. Carpathian Mist (2:26)
7. Rise of the Undead (4:21)
Master of darkest realm
Blackened from the pits of hell
Moonlight cast upon the grave
Demon souls are unsaved

On your
Warm brain

Your skull
In pain

Rise of the undead

Demon shade points the way
Mortals of the land they will slay
Warm flesh guts and blood
Feasting has begun
8. Feasting Witch (6:45)
Deep in woods, and far below
Dwells, ancient evil cannibal
Guards, beneath the truth, the key
Quest for immortality

Drawn in blood, then bound in flesh
Dark writings, secrets of death
Speaks of realms, hell worlds beyond
Talk with Demons, damned souls long gone

Beware of the night, pay heed to the sign
Beware of the night, or your death bell will chime
She'll see you at night, she'll hunt for your life
She'll gnaw to the bone, welcome to her home

Lair, of the feasting witch
Run or your flesh she will rip

Takes you down deep inside
Caged beneath, prepare to die
Never again to see the sun
Necronomicon, chants begun

Torn limb to limb
Knifes away your skin
Gutted wide and open
Vomit blood while choking
Thrown in this cauldron broth
Entrails begin to froth
Scream in hellish pain
Boils your flesh away
9. The Devil's Mark (5:58)
Dead of night as I creep alone, to a place, a place unknown
Close my eyes a path is shown, to find the one, the one to meet
Came across a man in black, take the oath, sign the pact
Claw the sign my flesh now, brand grant me strength
Grant me speed

Hunt has now embarked, as I steal into the dark
To taste the flesh of man, I rip and tear through your door
Gaze upon my prey, when the need to kill is great
I lunge for your throat
Now you see the beast that bears the

Devil, devil's mark
Cut your devil, devil's mark
Bleed your devil. devil's mark
Bear your devil, devil's mark

Thirsting blood and craving flesh, while seeing red I tear to rest
Apart the life that I now take
Limb from limb the corpse is torn, soon flay the skin down to the bone
I split the skull to rend the brain
Gnashing gore I swallow more, I'm gorging blood that's pouring warm
I eat the heart still beating life
Desecrate a tomb of old, unearth the rot found far below
I violate beneath the moon

Light begins to change, eyes are rolling back, rush will start to fade
Moon is turning black
Demons in my mind, boiling hell inside, primal urge to kill
Madness has arrived
Deathless lunacy, wicked lust in me, beast inside is found
Eternally I am bound
10. Something Evil (4:54)
I am Leviathan rising
I am worlds colliding
Eternal, mankind's fear
I am recurring nightmare
I am endless murder
Warfare, perpetual conflict

Wrath of God's plagues, widespread
Storms, havoc, upheaval
Disorder, civil collapse, world now lawless

Fates are warning, of something coming
Prophets, they tell something evil

I am horror manifest
I am earth pestilence
Infection, society's decay
I am raping of Eden
I am aeon denizen
Oblivion, apocolyte birth
I am the ender of lives, I am homicide's rights
I am your maniac's eyes, slaughter
Hunter of human race, ruler the barren wastes
Darken terrestrial face, forever
11. Eternal Hate / Blessed Curse (7:09)
I have returned, beyond the grave my past life lived, a mortal slave
Revenge my name
Resentment brand, recall the past, my foes exposed I've come to kill
I've come to maim

Betrayed 'till death, cut words still wet, existence had, pleasures who turn
Our fates that warn
All bridges burned, all mirrors smashed, a thief is caught,
Cornered and trapped
Now feel my wrath

Ripping fast, ripping through, gut your soul, right for you
Pay the price, pay the day, wronging cashed, life is slayed

Passed my gates of hell, for I live my Blessed Curse
God won't save you now from a death now far from worse
Passe my gates of hell, For i live my Blessed Curse
Immortal beast that stalks, power moon that haunts

Going for your throat, jugular to bleed
Timeless savageness, primal urge I need
Visceral assault, frothing from my lips
Heads upon the pole, cross you off my list
Soul I get to keep, skin I get to hang
Trophy of your life, scream eternal rang
Betrayal to your grave, feel my burning hate
Torture poser soul, forever you must pay

Take to the skies, across the seas, for eternity to
Never, never more, highest night, sight of star's my only
Flight, to my dreams, I exist, an immortal in a
Beyond, far away, I shall live, I shall live forevermore
12. Burn the Beast (7:21)
Haunter of dreams, stalker of sleep, prowler unseen that kills
Nightmare of pain, draping the bane, driving insane my brain
Clawing the mind, running out of time, heeding dark sign this night
Rising red moon, murder is soon, awaiting our eve of death

We must set the dogs, we must flame the torch, we must draw the sword
We must crucify, we must go and fight, we must make it die

Hunt the beast we must find the beast
Seek the beast we will draw the beast
Chase the beast we must trap the beast
Damn the beast we must cross the beast
Stab the beast we will bleed the beast
Kill the beast we shall burn the beast

Corpses are found, entrails on ground, blood sprayed around with gore
Butcher of child, roaming the wild, caskets defiled graveyard
Bleeding set sun, witching's begun, searching for one which kills
Storming the land, revenge is at hand, justice he had in death

Face your fear
Face your death

Hunt the beast we must trap the beast we will stab the beast
We must damn the beast on and on
Curse the beast we must kill the beast we will burn the beast
Straight to hell
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