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Whiskey and Blasphemy Lyrics

Blackrat - Whiskey and Blasphemy cover art

Whiskey and Blasphemy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Lyrics > B > Blackrat Lyrics (10) > Whiskey and Blasphemy Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-04-17)
1. Invocation of the Horned Rat (3:36)
2. Whiskey and Blasphemy (2:37)
Spirit of Satan has taken your soul
Boiling your blood he’s taking control
Drink from the Ancient Cup
Wrath of the night unfolds
Possessed by the devil’s cut
Drink till your blood runs cold
Go to the bar and leave in a hearse
You’re under his power
You’re trapped in the curse
Kneel to the porcelain throne
Puke to remove the spell
Tonight you’re all alone
Vomit your soul to hell
Whiskey and Blasphemy
3. Primordial Booze (1:54)
The vodka bog spews vile creatures
An endless horde of fuckin hessians
Beer, hair, ‘n’ bloody leather
The rage and fight ‘n’ kill each other

At night they rise from primordial booze
The mosh and fight and thrash around like fools


Wasteland of the wasted

Brain fermented teeth are rotten
The night before is long forgotten
Metal spikes ‘n’ shredded denim
Descend into the lake of venom
4. Armageddon Slut (2:12)
See her dead red eyes
Taste her rotten breath
Trapped between her thighs
The tight cold grip of death
Now to your surprise
You’re really getting fucked
Sexual sacrifice
Armageddon slut
When the bitch goes down
As she starts to suck
You’re foaming at the mouth
And when she sticks it in
Your skin begins decay
Within her den of sin
This is your last day
5. Beware the Moon (2:21)
Death will come to all under the pentagram
Life will end for those who disobey the Black Command
Blades of hell await ye who stray from the path
Moors of blackness and death where he lurks tonight

Beware the moon
Unholy amalgamation
Mark of doom
Wretched incantation
Lycan’s womb
Pale moon ascending
Beware the moon
He is born tonight

Curse of wolf and man forever united
Fang and claw will rend throats of the innocent
Cult of Nocturnus revile in Black Sorcery
Beware the moors at all costs where he feeds tonight
6. Black Thrashing Massacre (2:56)
In the darkness we are born
Smash a bottle on your head
We are the children of the horns
We’ll thrash until we’re fuckin dead

Black Thrashing Massacre

Possessed by metal, sex, and murder
Following his dark possession
Bestial hell pervertors
Metal is our one obsession

Black Thrashing Massacre

We who mock your lord
The endless and blasphemous horde
We come at night
To desecrate light
Fall to your knees
Beg for your life
No god to hear your pleas
Submit to the knife
7. Crypts of Sathanas (2:59)
Cthonic tomb of misery
From ancient blackened history
Of hadal witching sisters three
Blood encrusted sacred shrine
Abysmal halls incarnadine
The witches sing the slaying rhyme
Victims led by metal rope
Sacrifice there’s no hope
Next up is the fuckin pope
Now it’s over blood all poured
Exterminated fuckin horse
Return of the Stygian Lord

Crypts of Sathanas
Lord of Perversion
Evil Resurgence

Altar of Satanic rite
Bloody sacrificial rite
Lethal life-possessing strike
Six thousand years ago
Condemned to this hell below
Annihilation will be slow
Obsidian black pit of death
Skeletal remains are left
Injected lungs with poison breath
Unction of infections ooze
Dripping from the metal noose
Satan’s choice of fuckin booze


Resurrection of Sathanas
Extinction of Humanity
8. Night of the Goat (2:18)
Preacher speaks the ancient word
Souls of old have been disturbed
Descend upon the sleeping town
Death above is creeping down

Let out a silent scream
What you fear the most
Death by violent dream
Night of the goat

Prophesized by holy writ
Bones are cast into the pit
Piles of dead are all that’s left
Terror takes your final breath

9. Acid Attack (2:14)
Violent assault so black
Disfiguring fleshrip attack
Incineration of skin ‘n’ eyes
Brutal fuckin demise

Acid, Acid Attack
Nerves will never grow back

Innocent daughters and wives
Maimed by sulfuric device
Hydrochloric gender apartheid
Depravation matricide

Acid, Acid attack
Violent assault so black

Forced abortion vitriolage
Pregnant rape sabotage
Nothing can stop this disgrace
Until the end of human race

Acid, acid attack
Sulfur to enforce the caste
10. Vermin (2:53)
Dine with us who dwell in darkness prising Satan’s sermon
Far below the city streets we live among the vermin
In gas masks and burlap sacs we carry out our lives
Revel in destruction waiting for the world’s demise

We are the Vermin

Bloated corpses float upon a river made of waste
Towards the starving masses that are dying for a taste
One by one consuming all those who live above
Viciously we slaughter everything you know and love

We are the Vermin

Sewers crack open
People are taken
Seal is broken
Evil awakens
11. Dead on the Road (2:15)
Mechanic throne, on the road, bout to explode
Destructive speed, the engine bleeds the highway creed
Incendiary force, a blast of ending wars, mechanic thrashing whore

Way to fuckin fast
Metallic thrash attack
Atomic steel explodes
Dead on the Road
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