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Gone Full Album Lyrics

Autumn's Dawn - Gone cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 12 멜레릭 (2014-09-07)
Disc I  
1. The Ashes Of A Life
The girl who laughs at you behind your broken back
stare at your reflection in the dirty water
drown yourself to escape the laughter
gazing upward from the gutter
as you wish for a sunny day
a sunny day

The ashes of a life
like petals falling to the ground
just to be trampled again and again
and you pray for sunshine
today is cloudy with light rain
and we're trampled again and again

The priest who blesses you with filthy fingers reaching forward
and misguided faith in nothingness
and when pain is all that matters would you pull the trigger
and wake up to a sunny day
a sunny day
2. Until My Heart Corrodes With Rust
This prision
feels like poison
running through my veins
until my heart corrodes with rust
this season
forever autumn
and it will never change
eternal setting of the sun

A dreadful night again tonight
it's hard to see beyond these lights
and image etched upon despair
how the hell did I end up here
and I don't know what I am worth
just can't think through all this hurt
and I guess i was here first

Haunting ghosts
scream for my soul
crying out in vain
never see a change of seasons
abandon hope
walk on alone
why endure this pain
without a valid reason
3. Into The Cold
4. Grace Of The Grave
Did what I wanted
without fear or care
bled yet not bothered
not here nor there
your graven image
etched behind my mask
alone not lonely
for hell I will depart

We dream of isolation
every single day
but who really wants it
who really cares to live this way
we dream disintegration
all along and for
what its worth
we all will fall

No use in hoping
when hopes already died
no use in dreaming
this dream is not alive
no care in heading
straight back to the place
that we came from
that we all will face
5. When The Sun Sets For The Last Time
They took it all away
this was the price we paid

...and deep within the afterglow,
their gleaming eyes could still be seen...

They told us it was theirs
we never knew they cared

...and deep within the afterglow,
their gleaming eyes could still be seen...

God save us!!!

I guess that I was wrong
it was them all along

...and even when the sun sets for the last time,
they will be still be here, as they have all along...
6. Blank Stare, Dead Eyes
Can you see the hand stretched out before you
through the dim light we walk alone
broken hearts and broken dreams
we carry with us
and I know you've heard it all before

Wake up screaming
to another grey day
blank stare, dead eyes
wash it all away
wake up seething
I didn't wish to see this dawn
I never wanted this
I never asked to be born

With bloodstained hands stretched out before me
through the twilight we carry on
broken hearts and open veins
are all that's with us
and I know we've bled it all before
7. Dawn
8. Through The Rusted Gates Of Time
I wander
the freezing night sky
guiding me home
to the one that I know
the one that I love
under the soil
no heaven above

The faces
all stare
are they looking at me
can they see through the glare
as the smoke
slowly blankets the sky
I breath deep the poison
hoping it ends my life

They took you from me
cruelest of trickery
your sands of time
flowed faster than mine
lay flowers at yout grave
I can't think through this pain
only thoughts in my head
are that I'll soon be dead

I'll soon be dead

9. Gone
What did you say to me
That you'd never never leave
is it me you regret
stay with me
I'll be better now different anything all for us

There was a time
you came here open wide
now its destroyed
my love my life shes gone

and it breaks my heart
to know we're apart
what good would it do if I ran to you
I'm no better now different still the same all for us
Disc II [bonus track]  
1. A Reflection In Dust
2. The Frozen Soil
3. The Death Of Hope
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