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Taman Shud Full Album Lyrics

Auroch - Taman Shud cover art

Taman Shud

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-04-18)
1. Villainous (3:02)
Hail oh son of fire, master of the sword;, see the rise of the aeon of the adversary! Perpetuation of the patternless strike; fear and doubt in the hearts of the panic-struck. Lance sharp, words like venom, minds like poison thorns. Ophidian blood boils and coagulates. Catechism ruinous, sermons of hate, there shall be no peace at the gates. Sub vino, sub rosa. They are worthless. This ends here. To cut their tongues and dry their eyes, to pleasure the orifices of their wives, to pound their effegies into dust, stagnating forms drip sweat and pus, ab imo pectore...

Utterly villainous
Utterly villainous

Homicidum facies adulterabis facies furtum falsum testimonium dices

Fire - sanguine flame. That which coarses in my veins. Advent of the coming of the line of cain making holy, sacrifice, that which you hold dear. Malediction. Swarming to the precipice. Liminal detriment. Rites of the solemn death. Those who take the oath of the double-helixed knife- fireborn. Occultate. In lineage with the snake. Ophidian blood boils and coagulates again.
2. Octavo (Swirling in Capricorn) (4:02)
Beware, man to sol sworn. When the virgin enters Capricorn. Thoughts of yours by the thorax torn. As shedding mask is so slowly shorn. Boubonic gnosis boils and blisters. Druj pervasive wracks son of sister. Now within Cronian hour is the virgin abcised- deflowered. Curse upon Assiah, fabric torn. See beyond cloth

Incumbent in Citta Vaticano. Lord's milk helixes the sartorious; seeps through sartorial gown. "Visions! Brother Emmanuel!" Exclaimeth the occupant of the sede vacante. "When all Kether's excrement comes to light, shall I wear the mask of the True Petrine." Hiraeth reverberate and reaffirm the time of Templar that I might exclaim "Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum"

Hewn in gold, Auroboros. The keys that stamp and brand my back. Thee extolled, Capricornus. The fiat of the absurdist's act. Resplendent in the citadel of death, and flesh. So therefore truth execrating, with hands that pledge to execute the worthless song of God! Tzimzum creates it's own, Tzimzum, a microcosm to suffer the macrocosm. Diminshing vacuous, in philosophical integrity. But the Hireath of Venus. Ignites yet! He who shall be victorious, in the final age must lead through the funeral parlours of Aquarius and in to the mouth of the drowning Helios. The undying will penetrates the wet and fertile void. Unpenitent copulation in the unkept garden. Obsessed by sex and power.

For what fool would profess to the rebellious dormant to know the nature of his own antithesis? So then, whom is the masochist who grovels at the base of that precarious spire, where the depraved despot perspires in nausious angst? And which is the one that flees the impending sargassum in futile protest?

Away! All ye
Now is time for
Honing of prurience
Suffer my will ablaze
As I endure
Self-inflicted divinity
Wimper your credo
As I complete
The Great Work
3. Noxious Plume (3:34)
So it is done, (or the voice of the final truth has told me as much, rather.) Capricornus is come to the house of Aquarius to avert the Mars catastrophe (and avenge the crimes of MIthras). Lament and observe the plummet of the carcinogen. Eyes wide. Wider! Esophogus dry heaving white ash of veinal tributary (as she pampers my length by her tongue.) Sweat glisten-cascade, swollen gristle-pulsate, seraphic clitoris-adulate, Sede Vacante-Metastasize. Oblunged long-obsecrete, wither widdershins-wuther, nexious baptism-sacroillianct, kundalin tether-torrence, noxious plume-faether, ardent verdelet-canonized, whorish womb-burstung, serpentime shour-impendant

Larveic snakes suckle thistles, ovulate lactose in Ars Diaboli. Transgress to run risk of consequence, but hesitate and fall victim to sequence. We who would make a saints of Mefisto & Aabadonne. They are incapable of what we do, and they hate us for it. As they should. Amen. Enriched by consequence, oath-bound to earthbound retaliation. Modus Operandi. Feign horrific omnipotence in inexplicable lieu of pattern. There can be no way, when the only path is to stray. Taman Shud. Finished. Solicit the illicit and the uncontainable. Rapturous spear in the costals of paragon matrimony. Fall victim to words which were never said. And in turn I'm entrapt to a plethora of deviance. A pantheon of decadent indulgence, for each foul deed is defiled then deified. Judge me greatly, for though I am utterly assured of and by the truth, I am not above, nor adverse. To defeat.

How long until the night's monster is the conqueror of the morrow? And how long until the infant will crucify himself? Will you watch as your threnodies augment nothing; as your tepid, fetid pitties plummet in to the vacuous orifices that are the deaf ears of Azazel? Then, too, gaze as I penetrate; sojourning forbidden, wet depths. Oh how it harms thee so, and pleasures me not; a veritahle murder-suicide of morals. And I am slut-shamed in the abbatoir of the illustrious dutchess, back bleeding sanguine sigil of Verdelet-In-Viscera. As her great judge, he can only do what he knows is best- make a martyr of me! Before that gaping edifice I am risen to the name of Christos!

What of my cold body of years? Godlike calcination in my bones of frivolity. Savagely flayed with maxila at the cross roads, again and again. But she wants to be raped, and who am I to say no? Such is the credo of villians, so run, cower, hide, O ye weaker man.

Noxious plume of Ama Lilith!
4. Taman Shud (1:21)
5. Voice of Gemini (3:36)
The whole congregation of the sacred sisterhood of the Ardent Rose will fling themselves prostrate in Balasana at the hooves of Moloch before this is over. The master spoke a word in the meadow and said another in the coven's clearing, and on a midsummer night's wind were they carried to this alembic.

They'll scream my name, (Proxosos) before this is over so let them see the true face behind the mask. A million withering husks dessicate in advent of future's collision with the past. Bearing the scars of the fable, but not the stigmata of revelation, revealed at last. Shed your deathveil, O antichrist! Bear witness, bare naked, the face of the final truth unmasked.

Sorath Semper Ardens
And the Petrine
Sede Vacante
Whisper to ignite and extinguish
Ite Htr Vag Hra Vma Hto In

Anxious hands tremor to disinter the unbaptized dead, in the hour of Saturnus, in the house of Capricorn. Anxious hands tremor to take the crown from the cold cadaver. The celestial firmament buckles under weight of detonation of will. All enslaved to the four directions and for letters will taste the burden of sexual aristocracy. Here alone with her undressing. Martyr impalement.
6. Death Canonized (2:06)
He already is lord- lungs ejaculate vitrolic ichor, attained through harnessing Averno's nadir. Light's ubiquitous conduit imbibes fosforescence, emitting radiance. Sulphuric ardent tyranny; austere nigredo awakens Sorath. Brazen evil leads idolators across liminality. Don't think I wouldn't tear the garments from your bride's breasts. Brazier discarded in a heap of inhibitions. Will blazing doing as I would. Natasmuditmarat.
7. Defixio (3:08)
Where compelled. The irradiated flourish. Atrocities towards firmament. Spayed loins. Devious decadence. Shatter prism. Psalteria of the cut-tongue. Make a saint of the master. For threefold are his miracles. And if to be Spinifer is revered as primary tenet of the foremost fiat. Then surely there is none. So Holy, Holy! Holy! Holy! Userper of the bronze throne from the timid regency of olam and akasha. Sojourn the cavern's depths.

Born in the glow of the afterfuck. Baptized in the dripping cleft of her swollen vagina. Nurtured between labia. Dead in her mouth. Buried between her hips. Reborn in sodom. In climax of engorged labia. Crescent arc of vengeance weapons. Ye shall be absolved. Imbibe my seed. ye shall be vindicated. When I lay hands that murder. Must I make good on my word as a testament to my resolve? Then let the violence commence without further hesitation. Let's not kid ourselves here. I will transgress and transcend where you have trepidation to traverse.

8. Novemportis (3:17)
Novem Portis. From where stood nothing. I'll erect an edifice and declare: "nine gates, open!" And my thoughts will abcise like semen in a cervix baptized to fertilize fermanent with the filament of the shattering casius. Ireous Nexious, let us tear aside the scarlet drape, and see the face of this leper Jehovah! Lord of death, of flesh, of sin, of will, of lord of death. Ad Infinitum. Amen.

Their tapestries are all woven from roots of aconite and their pews are carved from ivy brances. All their prayers are thorns in the crown of their lord, and their very being is spice in the spearwound. I bring not tidings of peace, betwixt the minds of men but a sword. And with it I draw the great dividing line. As a flaming circle surrounded I declare contentment. As I may strike in any direction.

Tuba mirum spargens sonum
Per sepulchra regionum,
Coget omnes ante thronum.
Novem portis, adon olam!
9. The Balkan Affair (1:42)
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