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Via Combusta | Full Album Lyrics

Atra Hora - Via Combusta cover art

Via Combusta

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-07)
1. Transmigration (3:04)
You’ll be given the new eyes
To see endlessly up and down...
Another pestilence, another war,
Another epidemic...

Wounds will cleanse you
And will raise you above the world
Where embryos cover
Their faces with hands
Before being ruptured with forceps...

You’ll be given the new eyes to see
Is the light shining in you not dark
On the burnt way
Our unforgivens slay us

Another alchemy,
Transformation of spirit and soul
New eyes to see above the world
Of dying children

The way keeps its follower
We are what we strive for
2. Escape (8:01)
The inflamed consciousness is infected
With stereotypes of humanity
Sincerity makes me run
To hide from the world

It makes me be another one
The glare is turned through prison walls
Despair entices to a dead-end

Wounds from our sins
Will bring the perdition
Before rebirth
‘cos even a stone
Can be filled with life

I hear spheres calling me
Flames are swallowing the skies
The global collapse is coming
Fire will cleanse us

Did they know where the pathway goes?
Storm-clouds gather around,
And only darkness is inside!

"Cataclysmus, quod nos diluvium vel irrigationem dicimus,
cum factum est, omne genus humanum interiit praeter..."
Hygini, Fabulae

My screams will shake the arch of Heaven
Poisoned the world with lies
I’ve been waiting for this...
Escape to stars!

The gateways were left behind
I will satisfy my greed
The eternity I’ll find...
I know it will be my last deed!

I’ve heard spheres calling me
I’ve seen the world the last time
I dared to escape
From the prison of life
3. Hronos (5:54)
[And God said, Let there be lights in the arch of heaven, for a division between the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for marking the changes of the year, and for days and for years] Genesis 1:14

Can you read signs in the night sky?
The way begins with aspiration to justice
And ends with rescue
A great illusion becomes
The reason of recovery of sight

But only the one with strong spirit
Will subordinate vices and weaknesses
A new consent will be attained
A new power will rise

Just the one, who has chosen the right way
Will be faithful to his Aim
Otherwise dignities will become troubles
And the one who obtained more can fall lower

Finding the balance
You’ll clash with the highest trial
The biggest danger catches at that time
Fear will be the main barrier
On the joint of ages

The greatest changes come
The one who hasn’t turned off the way
Will be similar to the Sun
Will be able to Create

Only than the reason will be cleared
Neo Aeon. Time Enthroned...
4. Στύξ (2:38)
Έρχεσαι στο τέλος του δρόμου
Εσύ, ο περιπλανώμενος, πατάς στο μέρος
Εκεί όπου το βασίλειο της Νύχτας αρχίζει –
Στη Δύση.

Στην άκρη του κόσμου
Το νερό πηγαίνει στο υπόγεια
Ο βαθύτερος φόβος εδώ εκφράζεται
Με το φόβο του σπασμένου όρκου

Μόνο πίνωντας από αυτά τα νερά
Θα φέρεις στη λήθη
Οτιδήποτε έφερες εδώ εσύ ο ίδιος…
Η νύχτα…ο φόβος…η λήθη
5. Neo Aeon (8:49)
Turning away
From God and people
Not finding yourself...
You love only your reflection

But look at these empty eyes; the one
You see in the mirror is not you
Hard dark nightmares drift above the town
Like the storm clouds ready to spill

Right behind my eyes...
Lies are everywhere
Lies about all-forgiving love

Come to you friend and look at his eyes
Can you atone his sins with your blood?
While you fight each other
I’ll drink the blood of gods

Far... Behind the horizon
Behind the blue sky
Right behind my eyes...
Left towns
Cars becoming coffins
Empty ruins
Unburied bodies
That’s all we’ll leave
On a way to neo aeon

Look at the sky where the sun and the moon pass their sacred path
Look inside of yourself, where the sun and the moon shine to their liking

Millions of constellations
In you went out
And millions will flare
This is the eternal revival

Do not leave sacred things to dogs;
Do not turn off your way
Dance and you’ll slam the mouth of a lion
And do not come upon thee the vengeance of gods
6. Σταγόνες Του Αίματός Μου (6:55)
Σύντομα όλες οι πόρτες θα είναι ανοικτές ...
Αφήστε το καταφύγιο,
μεταμορφομένη σε σάρκα.

Η διαδρομή είναι παραπλανητική σε βαθιά δάση,
Όπου τα κλαδιά φυτρώνουν προς τα κάτω
και οι ρίζες κινούντε όπως τα φίδια.
Ακούστε την πρόσκληση...

Σύντομα όλες οι πόρτες θα είναι ανοικτές...
σταγόνα, αίμα μου...
Λέρωσαν τον ήλιο!

Κατέστρεψα το φως τους,
Είμαι - μοναδικός.
Που τους πέταξε μία πρόκληση
Και τους κατέστρεψαν με την κραυγή μου
Αξιοθρήνητη ελπίδα τους για σωτηρία

(Σύντομα, όλες οι πόρτες θα είναι ανοικτές)

Ηλίθια πλάσματα,
Όταν όλοι οι καθρέπτες θα σπάσουν,
θα πέσουν οι σφραγίδες.
Μονοπάτια τους λύκους οδηγούν στα αστέρια.
Η είσοδος σε αυτά είναι μεταξύ των ματιών μου.
Είμαι - μοναδικός
Σταγόνες αίματος μου λέρωσαν τον ήλιο!
7. Phobos (11:59)
From darkest depths
Where time is not
The fear gave birth to first gods
Creatures of corners and crossroads

Alien to all human
The coldness of cosmic winds
Streams from their empty eye halls
When they watch over you

Coming out of corners, of shades
They stay folding hands over you
When you’re sleeping
...drink your blood

The fear of first gods gave birth…
To the shades above me
They circle telling me something
Persecuting me persistently

The fear of first gods gave birth
To the forceless silence
It links me each time

When they stay over me…
Watching with their empty eye halls
There’re no stars in this sky

Vae victis!

There’re no stars in this sky
Our fear gave birth to Death
Taking us away to darkest depths
Where cold cosmic winds
Start making noise in our eye halls
...to spill
When we come out of shades
To look at ourselves.
8. Εντροπία (3:09)
Για να πλησιάσεις τον Ήλιο και να μην καείς
Πρέπει να γίνεις σαν τον Ήλιο
Να μπεις στη φωτιά
Πρέπει να είσαι σαν τη φωτιά

Μόνο αυτός μπορεί να πλησιάσει την Πηγή
Ο οποίος έχει γίνει σαν την Πηγή
Και μόνο αυτός μπορεί να πεθάνει
Που είναι παρόμοιος με το θάνατο
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