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Deathhammer Full Album Lyrics

Asphyx - Deathhammer cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  83 / 100
Votes :  4
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1. Into the Timewastes (3:40)
dive into the timewastes
at the speed of light
robot mercenaries
elite for hire
galactic warriors
ancient as space
serving and protecting
a weak organic race

universal empires
face the ultimate threat
disturbance in order
time meets death
sensors activating
defensive shields
encountering chaos
desorientating fields

confusing past and future
the disappearing now
lost in unknown dimensions
and returned somehow

horizons of the present
blinding as stellar core
a lonesome ship approaching
unleash the soundless war

hyves of brooding plasma
technology beyond
cohorts of sentinels
proton symbionts
silent screaming engines
systems overload
switching heavy weapons
onto genocide mode

ultra-drastic measures
melting titanium
multiple holocaust
with nuke ammunition
re-program protectors
amongst starving drones
objective stabilized
in the timewastes zone
2. Deathhammer (2:27)
decades ago, a time now long gone
death metal had its pure form
so easy then amongst global friends
a bold scene never to conform
changes set in, pollution begins
despicable developments
the duty to return and make all traitors burn
on to your knees and repent


vocals so poor, like frogs in a moor
guitars like clouds of fruit flies
where's the bass sound, drums hat don't pound
hear how our iron church cries
they don't give a fuck, just collecting bucks
acting like statues on stage
our final call to all those false
we summon thou bastards to rage


writing the pages, lasting for ages
restore purity that once was
deathhammer bloodstained, death will die again
this is our doctrine and cause
chapters demanding, episodes ending
deliverin the death metal bill
the years of the leech, finished as we preach
if ou won't face death wel will

3. Minefield (7:28)
all await the singal
the dead of night
regiments rise up
to storm before light

out of the trenches
run into the black
anxious the many
that will never come back

zig zagging soldiers
bayonets on
onward to victory
before the dawn
murderous crossfire
bright shining flares
machine guns mowing
troops in despair

crawling through barbed wire
into no-man's land
soil soaked in blood
the crying of men
terror unveiling
in between the lines
they scream mutilated
detonating mines

trapped in this minefield
invisible death
desolate wasteland
corpses without heads
mounted leftovers
bones splintered, they lie
distand explosions
herald how all die
4. Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt (3:22)
according to this calender
nine thermidor, year two
age of the national razor
humane mass-murdering tool

execurtioner's grinning
as the axe comes down
swift smooth separation
off goes another crown

thus kings and queens convicted
like Marie-Antoinette
her mug too in the basket
by pulling the lunette

sentenced by thousands
under "la grande terreur"
a dark tale of represson
and the beheadings that occured

pre-eminent symbol
for blood the masses roar
indomitable justice
the crowd demanding more

square of decapitations
place de revolution
where severed faces murmur
of days when blades turned blunt
5. Der Landser (6:54)
A boy becomes a soldier
Conscription calls him in
Soon baptism of fire
And thus his war begins

He is the Landser
The invincible Landser

In battle after battle
Not one of them was lost
For bravery decorated
His reward the Iron Cross

March direction changing
Eastward all now go
Deep inland penetrations
Then halted by the snow
His Führer leaves him freezing
Bitter taste of defeat
In doubt and desillusioned
The Landser must retreat

Enduring first winter
Once more he storms again
The Blitzmachine in motion
Through unknown barren land
No pausing in the advance
Enter the gates of hell
Stalingrad's Inferno
Will he live to tell?

He is the Landser
The exhausted Landser

His leaders commit treason
In pools of blood an pus
Comes to realization
To be nothing but dust

He is the Landser
The betrayed Landser

One of the few to breath through
Long journey home of fear
And in loving arms of mother
Flow finally the tears
6. Reign of the Brute (2:59)
global climate changes
damping permafrost
both world poles have vanished
icecaps forever lost
progressing mutation
forming a new race
improved evolution
altering earth's face

the gruesome breed is hatching
birth of perfection
pure terrific beauty
born for domination
logical natural fusion
of insect and reptile
equipped with intelligence
cruel, merciless and vile

billions rot in agony
in unbearable pain
mountains steam from roasted flesh
bones cover the plains
intensify the torment
terror absolute
as continents are drenched in blood
reign of the brute

8 ft. high tall termites
feast on human meat
rape the remnants of mankind
bearers of their seed
hear the last ones begging
with ripped out tongues they yield
broken impaled corpses
scattered on endless fields
7. The Flood (3:03)
neptune sends his servants of disaster
his trident commands the howling winds
guides the hurricanes onto the lowlands
striking hard on the southern province

wild waves ramming on entire coastlines
the heavy storm comes in from the north west
maximum velocity of nature
elements seem to have coalesced

levels exceeding
continuing downpour
in combination of a tidal surge
roaring and raving
ravaging gates
conditions persist to emerge
signs of desperation
out of the mainland
vessels sending out their SOS
wreckages sinking
their fate was sealed
impossible to aid them with succes

defences breaking
dikes crumbling down
no longer able to resist the force
surprising havoc
widening gaps
the conquesting flood shows no remorse
villagers drowning
life stock swept away
all communication broken down
lost road connections
buildings collapsed
disappeared and overflown whole towns

reconnoitring helicopters searching
delivering supplies and bags of sand
evacuating the dead and the living
as the sea withdraws from drained inland
8. We Doom You to Death (6:44)
9. Vespa Crabro (2:50)
large eusocial vespidae
impressive due to size
member of aculeata
consume and paralize
dismembering captured victims
removing limbs and heads
with powerful mandibles
its prey thets torn to shred

majestic creature
hunt without failure

let us observe this common man
in his beloved shed
yet free of all suffering
and his forthcoming death
annihilate one of their sort
fatal the consequence
pheromone raises the alarm
triggering the defense

dispersing mayhem
avenging winds
venomous stings

poisonous needles
synchronic attacks
frenetic hundreds
raging insects

little swellign burning wounds
of acetylcholine
feel the excruciating pain
his body in decline
dying slow and miserable
the swarm now comes to erst
eliminated danger
return to their nest

poisonous needles
avenging winds
deadly hundreds
venomous stings
10. As the Magma Mammoth Rises (7:51)
slumbering giant
in the safe embrace of mother earth
warm nesting fetus
til contractions introduce its birth
awaiting dilation
lens of millenia have past
child of damnation
and devastation not to forecast
denied malediction
embedded kilometres down
beneath the surface
about to rise from underground
awakening sleeper
escaping darkness and gloom
emerging phoenix
now behold the bringer of doom

deep form the chamber
comes an outburst
of immense magnitude
clear distant signal
smoke columns reach high altitude
broken the mantle

under pressure great from within
like a divine furnace
and the siege of the mammoth begins
fire fountains on its colssal path
out of the crater
glowing fluid substances leak
deafening thunder
large trembling basalt plateau
of epic proportions
is the rack that follows the blow

particles ignited
burning fragments fly
spewed out of the cauldron
ejected in the sky

enormous eruption
vaporizing lakes
massive streams of lava
globe destroying quakes

outpouring magma
molten stone and dissolving gas
solide, suspended crystals
all covering layers of ash
grand megacaldera
last of all catastrophies
explosions resulting
in climatic abnormalities
rapid glaciation
aerosols obscuring the sun
dramatic snowfall goes on
major crop failures
starvation on a tremendous scale
in eternal winter
mankind's survival will fail
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