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Renaissance in Extremis Full Album Lyrics

Akercocke - Renaissance in Extremis cover art

Renaissance in Extremis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-01)
1. Disappear (7:02)
In the movement from
Present to past
I simply disappear
There was despair
Beyond care
Now I must disappear
There can be no more triumph
Only defeat
Only defeat
Like a breath upon a mirror
I have come to accept
No more beginnings
No more to give
There can be no other way
I must believe, please let me believe
The memories fall behind
There can be no other way
I simply cease to exist
I disappear
A rain of purification
Onto trophies of defeat
2. Unbound by Sin (4:25)
Lifted high
Absorb, achieve
Unknowingly reach a zenith
Change your perspective
Review the mode
Forging on
Achieve your ideal
Become all that you can be

Its been too long
Too long away
Shake of the past
And understand

When the time is right
Be prepared to toil
Your right to win
Dont give up the fight
From darkness comes light
Unbound by sin

Cast off
Your chains

The will to win
Never give up
Never Compromise
3. Insentience (4:57)
Means to channel pain
Catharsis in the main
A feedback loop
A fear of change

Hate, hate and anger
Born from wounds
Felt irrepressible
From ancient mind
Animal mind
Unleash the possible

There seems like no escape
The toughest choice to make
Inaction spells an end
Chance what you have to lose

I watched the light grow cold
And felt my soul grow old
Yet I could not forsee
How strength would come to me
4. First to Leave the Funeral (6:24)
With honesty I repay you
With clarity I betray you
Place my hands gently
Over your ears
To save you the sound
Of my scream

A retreat into reverie
The ghost of hands held tight
If the eyes are closed
Perhaps you never walked away
Cold to the bone
Cold as a grave

The memories
The rain
The tears
The rain is a gift
From the night

When was was the last moment
No final touch
What were the last words?
No final words
When was the last glance?
No final look

From beginning
To end
These are the same stars
That watched you
5. Familiar Ghosts (7:17)
The pain is howling
insistent and keen

At the seams
The pain is howling
Insistent and keen
End to all
Things I believed

Only a trace
Of an echo remains
In the tumult
At the seems

Wit remains blunted
Hunter now hunted
Found and lost
I was found, Now I am lost

No way back through
The Inscrutable black
That scythes the senses to the quick

Painful patterns
Here to remind me
Create and Destroy

The weakness and the shame
Perpetual loss, no gain
Impossible to touch
6. A Final Glance Back Before Departing (6:23)
I can't breathe
From thinking of you
I can't breathe
From seeing the truth

Devoid of life
Now I'm blind

Semblance of truth
Without proof

Break, this wall of lies
Curse your intent
I, will defy
With heresy

Abort the bile
That you spew forth
Perpetual lies
I deny

Purity spoiled by filth
Pierce poison mask
Crushed by intent
Without mercy

Don't be fooled
Because I walk & talk
Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled
Because I'm dead inside
Don't be fooled
Just dead inside

Emptiness belongs here
Here inside
7. One Chapter Closing for Another to Begin (4:10)
A phase of life
Blighted by stasis
Suspended and hanging by a thread
Kiting like a spider
Reluctant to go

Then I feel my spirit rise
And I know it's not my time
I can see it in your eyes
This is not my time

Watch the blood meld
With warm water

Watch the blood meld
With warm water
Lassitude not sorrow
Bereft of feeling
Beyond despair

Then I feel my spirit rise
And I know it's not my time
I can see it in your eyes
This not my time

One chapter closing for another to begin
8. Inner Sanctum (4:13)
There's a place
To which I go
Far from here
No one knows
A pure retreat
Bereft of noise
Regain centre
Regain poise

Is just a symptom of the pain
In which so many years were lost

But there's an answer
To it all
Requires conviction
Commitment to the cause

Beware the falls
Beware the pitfalls of the lost
Just don't despair
Many time we fall to rise

Desperation is fought with reason
Drag the threads out
One by one

Don't give up
Give up trying

The sanctuary
Is in my mind
A place to heal
Ubound by time

Individual to us all
9. A Particularly Cold September (9:25)
Essential pleasures
Curtailed & denied
Desperate measures
Regrettably tried

The evening twilight
Close its eyes
Incomplete circle
Divisions arise

Being paid to keep the memories
No one else would ever want
Recompense for the sights
You cannot un-see

To fatalistic fears
The circle incomplete
Determined to let go

Rejected, decayed
Protected & saved
From further incident or tragedy

To fatalistic fears
The circle incomplete
Determined to let go

Strange to be strangers once more
Palpable distance between us all

Strange to be strangers once more
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