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Tragedy Strikes Full Album Lyrics

Abomination - Tragedy Strikes cover art

Tragedy Strikes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 9 Wait (2011-09-13)
1. Blood for Oil (6:18)
Lessons in might, lessons in stress
Teachings of right, reasons of less
Seekers of strenght, only they guess
Will they proceed, or will they suppress

Frequent, illusive, you have the power to follow the one
Decisive, conclusive, the fall of the world has just begun
Wasteful, astounding, violence and force is the only way
Corrupted, misguided, we will lose thousands of people today

The fall of priest Hussein
Allah is to blame
Islamic fools of war
Soon will live no more

Ablative, abeyance, depriving the world with disruption of peace
Deceitful, fascists, holding the fate of the world in our hands
Harmonic, defiance, taking for granted the gift human life
Ironic, compliance, testing the fruits of their progressive toys

Will trade our blood for oil
Until our hands have been soiled
Civilians, pawns and kings
Will pay the penalty

The countdown of the endless problems
All the endless fools soon brought down
Never knowing where they've fallen
Has our Creator been calling

Countless bodies, piles of ashes
Severed mortar, wasteful clashes
Is the worth the whole disaster
Is the life, we're dying faster

Seasons of death, a game of chess
Leaders of pawns, where do they spawn
Just raised for war, to open the door
The door of demise, the deadly surprise
2. They're Dead (5:30)
Where are all my friends now
Acquaintences have come and gone
Past along the road of life
Familiar scenes and photographs

Stand tall
Stand tall
They're dead

Life has had it's up and down
In past they'd be around
There to lend a helping hand
Friends are often in demand

Enemies and friends just coexist
Jealousy puts me on their hate list
Magazins spells truth in my own words
Recreate the hell they all deserve

Reassured that they've all gone
Once I thought they'd be along
They live behind a platic mask
Such a self assuring task

Censored values, empty visions
No preditions, no decisions
Mother loser living at home
Never left the nest to unknown
Bewildered in the face of danger
Obesely structured fallen angel
Mommy dearest is his savior
Laughing at the newest stranger

Enemies and friens just coexist
Jealousy puts me on their hate list
Magazins spells truth in my own words
Recreate the hell they all deserve
3. Pull the Plug (3:16)
Alcohol infested lives
In the night they seem to fly
Never ending road to death
Neveer near the home stretch
Lack of guidance, sudden trust
Will they soon forget the loss

Everyone's refuse to drive
Designit in charge of lives
Will they cross the final bridge
Will they parish in a ditch

Pull the plug, the right to drive a privalege
Stop the fools, don't override decision
Pull the plug, the right to die your option
He's the judge, allows this to continue

Best of all evils are never deprived
Consumed by the handfuls and ruining our lives
Violent cutback the system avoids
Protecting the children, from dangerous exploits

Buy a license from the state
Such a little price to pay
Drive them all to sudden death
Pull the plug and gain respect
4. Will They Bleed (5:14)
Aggrandize their strenght
Focalize on their might
Mobilize troops of race
A war in the street formalized

Weapons support wasteful efforts
Deceptions appear in their eyes
The battles of youthful expressions
Countermine the surprise

The battle rages on

Professors of sinful exploits
Neighborhoods fall to shame
Graffiti the powerful voice
Desecrating the way

Violent crime investigators
Seldom follow any clues
No one wants to get insolved
Never wants to be abused

Forces chosen
Peace is frozen
Children corrupted
Equal justice

Silent persecution, no solution
Will they bleed
Bent on retribution, no conclusions
Will they bleed
Festive dementation, defamation
Will they bleed
Suggestive absolution, last conclusion
Will they bleed
5. Industrial Sickness (4:55)
Dumped in rivers, poured in sewers
Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
Crude misgivings, ruthless burnings
Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
Demented prophets polluting nonstop
Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
Destroying creatures, misleading preachers
Industrial sickness, industrial sickness

Lacerating the fruits of earth
Manipulating the people who serve
Infuriating protectors of nature
Destroying forests for trial and demand

Jeopardize the fate of human kind
Morbid views and indescretions
Unify the cause and redesign
Techniques to reserve the damage
Subsidize our nature
Values of the rich demanding
Progress is start of our decline
Industries at fault, it's treason

Unprooting the trees, and abusing our needs
Burning excess, destroy our atmosphere
Polluting the oceans, and taint our supply
Absorbing the chemicals, pledging to fry
6. Soldier (4:51)
We think we're men of steel
We're angry and we're fueled
Commanding, they retreat

Prisoners of the war
Captured fallen peace
Will they find the door

On your knees soldier
Die for peace soldier

Marching through the sand
Will they take command

Countless causualties
Blood and gore to see
Censored for the week

Dumping oil at sea
New victims of the war
Dying gracefully

Recessions marches near
The checks have all been void
The classes are all clear

We think we're men of steel
We're angry and we're fueled
Commanding, they retreat

Prisoners of the war
Captured fallen peace
Will they find the door
7. Kill or Be Killed (4:29)
8. Oppression (5:08)
In the turbulent Sixties
One was free to make a choice
If he chose to use dope
He could shout and raise his voice
As the eighties took its toll
Everyone was soon to know
Frozen lost society
Bent on war and poverty

The right of privacy, has been denied
They just can't see, the pressure caused politically
They just can't feel, the way we feel oppression

Subliminal messages on the tube
Devised to help you make a choice
Is this still a free country
Or just a political voice
Many contradictory statements
Regarded often far and few
The kind and thoughtful smiling preacher
Busted finally, child abuse

As we finally reach the nineties
Diurnal freedom is a joke
The strong arm of the law
Holds us all by our chain
Injustice in the system
Money still will speak
Doctors and the lawyers
Regulate the weak

The right hypocrisy has been supplied
They just can't feel the pressure
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