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Epic Records

Parent labelSony Music
CountryUnited States
LocationNew York City, New York
Epic Records
46 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
PainkillerLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom1131,464115
Blizzard of OzzLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom3347333
DadaLyricsHard Rock, Glam Rock, Psychedelic RockUnited States3837726
Ashes of the WakeLyricsGroove Metal, MetalcoreUnited States4035024
Balls to the WallLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockGermany3020411
Ace of SpadesLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom17817511
KornLyricsNu Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States211555
FirehouseLyricsHard Rock, Glam Metal, AORUnited States1310711
The Final CountdownLyricsHard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, AORSweden25878
Surfing With the AlienLyricsHard Rock, Blues Rock, Progressive RockUnited States24819
Passion and WarfareLyricsHard Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental RockUnited States16749
CeremonialLyricsHard Rock, Power Metal, Heavy MetalGermany14654
BostonLyricsHard Rock, AORUnited States7394
Good TroubleHard Rock, AOR, Pop RockUnited States23332
Into the Mirror BlackLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States9292
Danger DangerLyricsHard Rock, Glam Metal, AORUnited States9203
War of WordsLyricsHeavy Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3271
The Greatest HitsHard Rock, Power PopUnited States18210
L.D. 50LyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Progressive Metal, Groove MetalUnited States26181
Roger the EngineerBlues Rock, Psychedelic RockUnited Kingdom8201
Cat Scratch FeverLyricsHard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Glam MetalUnited States29131
Burn the PriestLyricsGroove Metal, Death MetalUnited States8191
AudioslaveLyricsHard Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative RockUnited States1080
Power of the DamagerLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States22140
VividFunk Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy MetalUnited States8151
Fifth AngelLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States770
Wonder What's NextLyricsAlternative MetalUnited States1140
StrikesSouthern Rock, Hard Rock, Blues RockUnited States1340
SteppenwolfHard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy MetalUnited States1270
S.C.I.E.N.C.E.LyricsAlternative Metal, Pop Rock, Funk MetalUnited States2420
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Artists : 41,300
Reviews : 9,936
Albums : 148,447
Lyrics : 197,394