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Industrial Metal

Stylistic originsIndustrial Rock, Industrial Dance, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Noise Rock, Hardcore Punk, Electronic Body Music
Cultural originsMid 1980s, United States, Germany, United Kingdom
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Endless Supply of PainLyricsThrash Metal, Industrial Metal, Groove MetalKorea71196
DemanufactureLyricsIndustrial Metal, Death Metal, Groove MetalUnited States561262
Antichrist SuperstarLyricsIndustrial Rock, Industrial Metal, Alternative Rock, Alternative MetalUnited States191147
MutterLyricsIndustrial Metal, Neue Deutsche HärteGermany13771
The Downward SpiralLyricsIndustrial Rock, Alternative Rock, Industrial MetalUnited States33711
CityLyricsIndustrial Metal, Progressive MetalCanada13731
Solar SoulLyricsBlack Metal, Industrial Metal, ElectronicSwitzerland26473
As Embers Turn to DustLyricsSymphonic Metal, Industrial MetalUnited States15244
ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ [Psalm 69]LyricsIndustrial Rock, Industrial Metal, SynthpopUnited States27444
AnimatronicLyricsIndustrial Metal, Cyber MetalNorway7587
Doom (Original Game Soundtrack)Industrial Metal, Death Metal, DeathcoreAustralia1141
Hellbilly DeluxeLyricsIndustrial Metal, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States12120
StreetcleanerLyricsIndustrial Metal, Sludge MetalUnited Kingdom33163
AntagonistLyricsSymphonic Industrial Metal, Cyber MetalSlovenia18102
UndyingMetal, Industrial Metal, Hard Rock, Visual KeiJapan38110
www.pitchshifter.comLyricsIndustrial Metal, Industrial Rock, Nu MetalUnited Kingdom20131
Nothing Remains the SameLyricsIndustrial MetalSweden25122
Mechanical Spin PhenomenaMetalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Progressive MetalDenmark570
Another Life / Eternally Yours: Motion Picture CollectionLyricsMetalcore, Industrial MetalUnited States20150
XIIILyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial MetalUnited States671
CannibalLyricsNu Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States1381
ChallengerLyricsIndustrial Metal, Groove MetalSwitzerland570
DagobaLyricsGroove Metal, Industrial MetalFrance950
VilifyLyricsIndustrial MetalUnited States360
AnomaliaBlack Metal, Industrial Metal, Progressive MetalNorway550
Cosmic World MotherLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Industrial MetalFinland10112
4 PlugsDigital Hardcore, Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, Rap MetalJapan940
A Umbra OmegaLyricsBlack Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Industrial MetalNorway870
Usual TragedyLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic Metal, Industrial MetalFrance581
Create.Control.Exterminate.LyricsMelodic Death Metal, Industrial MetalFinland1240
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 39,252
Reviews : 9,374
Albums : 141,965
Lyrics : 190,058
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Issue date :  June 18, 2021
Gojira Fortitude (2021)
VOLA Witness (2021)
Epica Omega (2021)
Synsnake Fluxus (2021)