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Gothic Metal

Stylistic originsHeavy Metal, Gothic Rock, Death Metal, Doom Metal
Cultural originsEarly 1990s, United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsVocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Cello, Violin
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Cruelty and the BeastLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Gothic MetalUnited Kingdom4167361
ElodiaLyricsSymphonic Metal, Gothic MetalSwitzerland3126821
The UnforgivingLyricsSymphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Alternative RockNetherlands4921516
As the Angels Reach the BeautyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Gothic MetalItaly1317421
A Sombre DanceLyricsSymphonic Gothic Metal, Doom MetalAustria213114
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites UsLyricsGothic Metal, Death Doom MetalUnited Kingdom421269
Dead End KingsLyricsDeath Doom Metal, Alternative Metal, Gothic MetalSweden381398
Arcane Rain FellLyricsGothic Metal, Death Doom MetalSweden1310311
Stone's ReachLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Gothic MetalAustralia5881
The Lord ov ShadowsLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Gothic MetalKorea710510
Velvet Darkness They FearLyricsGothic Metal, Death Doom Metal, Electropop, Industrial RockNorway229510
The DiaristLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom MetalItaly11899
SacrificiumLyricsGothic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power MetalGermany18813
La naissance d'un rêveLyricsGothic Metal, Death Doom MetalGermany19665
CrimsonLyricsGothic Metal, Death MetalFinland14602
The Dreadful HoursLyricsDeath Doom Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic MetalUnited Kingdom38843
DisclosureLyricsAlternative Rock, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Art Rock, Atmospheric RockNetherlands42627
당신의 환상을 동정하라LyricsGothic Metal, Doom Metal, ShoegazeKorea1506
October RustLyricsGothic Metal, Doom Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States13562
UrsaLyricsProgressive Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Death MetalItaly8472
Night EternalLyricsGothic Metal, Black MetalPortugal37527
Thy Mighty ContractLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Grindcore, Gothic Metal, Death MetalGreece38431
Royaume MélancoliqueLyricsDarkwave, Gothic Metal, Neoclassical MetalFrance15438
WildhoneyLyricsGothic Metal, Death Metal, Doom MetalSweden23412
The Formulas of DeathLyricsDeath Metal, Gothic MetalSweden13402
SwampedLyricsGothic Metal, Alternative MetalItaly37422
Beyond the VeilLyricsSymphonic Gothic MetalNorway14447
Forever AutumnLyricsGothic Metal, Doom Metal, Death Doom MetalSweden13416
The Seventh Life PathLyricsSymphonic Metal, Gothic MetalNorway20503
Wake Up the MoonLyricsGothic Metal, Melodic Black MetalKorea3411
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Artists : 39,806
Reviews : 9,572
Albums : 144,532
Lyrics : 193,972