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Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment - Murder Victim cover art

Murder Victim

GenresBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore
LabelsMacabre Mastermind Records
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Submitted by level Whatever (2011-09-27)
Last modified by level 휘루 (2017-07-25)
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Murder Victim Information

Track listing (Songs)

Disc 1
1.Cadaver Crusher4:28801
2.Visions of Horror3:40901
3.Rotting in the Coffin4:00851
4.Murderous Intentions3:53801
6.Deranged Butcher4:05801
7.Mass Impalements3:27851
8.Bone Furnace4:03801
9.Kill Cripples2:38951
10.Smashing Cocks3:26801
11.Grilling Dead Fetuses4:18951
12.Beat the Pregnant Slut4:30801
13.Chop up the Old Man3:49801
14.Hacked Body on the Slab3:48751
15.Meat Grinder4:30701
16.Bleeding Infant Torso4:39851
17.Human Limb Trophy6:10801
18.Whore Hunter4:10951
19.Decaying in Granny's Attic3:56901
20.Transexual Autopsy2:37751
Disc 2
1.Skinning the Homeless4:09951
2.Baby Heads on Hooks4:37851
3.Eaten by Rats4:43801
4.Exorcism by Anal Penetration4:19801
5.Vile Odor from the Garage5:47851
6.Homicidal Inbreds3:08851
7.Malevolent Master2:45801
8.Fucking Female Zombies4:48-0
9.Porn in the Morgue1:52751
10.Bloated Corpse1:57801
11.Decomposing in a Ditch1:39951
12.Scream Bloody Whore1:45851
13.Sliced, Diced, Packed in Ice2:10901
14.Rancid Carcass Innards2:101001
15.Gutted from Cunt to Throat2:20851
16.Cold Corpse Dripping Cum1:50951
17.Blood Hungry Madmen2:01801
18.Morbid Mutations1:56751
19.Drowning in Infected Blood6:03801
20.Dissolving Victims by Acid4:43751
21.Razor Amputated Tits5:48701
22.Human Bloody Beef5:36701
Disc 3
1.Vomit Inside Her Vagina4:47751
2.Blood Dripping Knife3:23951
3.Stabbed With A Pencil3:30801
4.Maggot Covered Skeleton3:24851
5.Rape the Rotten1:38801
6.Strangled Bitch1:41851
7.Killed in a Cemetery1:31951
8.Machete Gutting Virgins1:43801
9.Beheaded in the Woods1:39751
10.Mummified Remains1:55851
11.Charred Bones1:36901
12.Pile of Murdered Children4:21951
13.Hammering Nails into Eyes3:53751
14.Hot Melting Flesh3:05801
15.Rapist Gave Your Sister Aids4:15751
16.Retarded and Grotesque4:03751
17.Burning Nuns on a Cross3:22901
18.Duct Tape the Newborn's Head3:01851
19.Exhuming Porn Stars3:41701
20.Mulcher Full of Hippies3:31751
21.Torn from the Crypt4:33801
22.Broken Bottle Stab Wounds2:50801
23.Drilling Through the Neck4:13901
24.Aborted for Fun4:01851
Disc 4
1.Freezer Burnt Corpse Pieces3:53851
2.Hideous Monstrosity3:40801
3.Perverted with the Dead2:56951
4.Cunt Sludge Feast3:13951
5.Grilled Brains on a Stick6:03751
6.Chalice Filled with Goat Cum5:031001
7.Young Females Are Tasty4:10901
8.Pool of Puke4:53-0
9.Nazi Zombies From Hell3:58801
10.Hide the Body in Cement3:19851
11.Eaten by Piranhas3:15801
12.Slow Dismemberment3:59901
13.Scenes of Carnage3:311001
14.Hatchet Circumcision3:00851
15.Violent Self Mutilation3:06951
16.Terminal Bleeding3:03851
17.Disembowled College Girls2:48751
18.Quickly Sawed in Half4:20801
19.Victim's Skull Found4:24701

Line-up (members)

  • Bob Macabre : Everything

Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment Discography

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