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Intestinal Disgorge - Depravity


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Noisegrind
LabelsCarnificina Records
Reviews :  0
Comments :  1
Total votes :  1
Rating :  40 / 100
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Submitted by level 1 Riikuh (2012-06-16)
Last modified by level 15 휘루 (2017-10-23)
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Depravity Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Slurping Rancid Pus from Her Festering Wounds1:13-0
2.Nauseating Sex Acts1:05-0
3.Eruption of Fizzing Gastric Sewage1:03-0
4.Masturbating with Liquefied Innards0:31-0
5.Chewing on Creamy Infected Scabs1:17-0
6.Force Fed Castrated Cocks0:16-0
7.Starving and Shivering0:57-0
8.Hammer to the Back of Her Head0:56-0
9.Larvae in Her Wounds1:24-0
10.Putrid Yeast-Infected Crotch1:03-0
11.Molesting Your Decomposed Corpse1:02-0
12.Crapped Ass Scat Blast1:02-0
13.Swollen Corpses Spewing Sewage1:12-0
14.Drenched with Emerald Cascades of Foaming Diarrhea1:31-0
15.Mouthful of Mildewed Shit0:23-0
16.Battered into a Coma1:09-0
17.Poo Poo Perversions0:35-0
18.Vomiting Urine and Lumps of Masticated Shit1:06-0
19.Tranny Fanny1:05-0
20.Handcuffed and Hard0:59-0
21.Depravity (Part 1)0:39-0
22.Basement Full of Prostitute Corpses1:03-0
23.Decapitated and Defleshed1:16-0
24.Sucking Congealed Sperm Out of Her Rotten Crotch1:01-0
25.Gorging on Bubbling Anal Froth0:22-0
26.Festering Insect-Infested Sores1:14-0
27.Foaming Yeasty Genital Leakage0:35-0
28.Balls Deep in Creamy Rotten Innards1:11-0
29.Bathtub Butchery1:38-0
30.Puking Up Semi-Digested Genitals1:00-0
31.No One Will Ever Know1:10-0
32.Alone at Last0:58-0
33.Stomach Swollen with Rotten Human Flesh0:41-0
34.Diaper Whore0:59-0
35.Ripping the Viscera from Her Corpse1:09-0
36.Unspeakable Perversions0:20-0
37.Tortured in My Basement1:09-0
38.You Are Never Going Home0:56-0
39.Swamped in Piscatorial Corpse Sludge0:29-0
40.Ejaculating into Emaciated Corpses0:50-0
41.What's He Going to Do with All the Beef?0:59-0
42.Stabbed in the Throat1:02-0
43.Bloodsoaked Bedsheets0:21-0
44.Sour Fluids Seeping from Her Bloated Corpse0:33-0
45.Masturbating in a Swamp of Effervescing Diarrhea0:48-0
46.Putrid Piscatorial Pus0:24-0
47.It Will Happen Tonight1:10-0
48.Consumption of Feculent Sewage0:51-0
49.Vomiting Rotten Pussy Giblets1:02-0
50.Shit Splattered Erection0:56-0
51.Disgorging Putrefied Pussy Slop1:04-0
52.Cumdripping Innards1:00-0
53.Insatiable Perversity0:36-0
55.Tenderized with a Tire Iron0:23-0
56.Gurgling Curdled Semen0:58-0
57.Stomach-Turning Sexual Torture0:23-0
58.Worm-Eaten Excrement1:12-0
59.Erotic Dismemberment0:43-0
60.Depravity (Part 2)1:38-0

Line-up (members)

  • Ryan Wilson : Drums, Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Vocals
  • Jacob : Vocals, Noise
  • Pissy : Vocals (high), Noise
Recorded October-November 2009. What was not recorded at winter skies was done in Ryan's house.

Identifiers :
Barcode: 7-890552-239330
Other (Batch serial number): AA0001000

Depravity Comments

level 8   (40/100)
곡초반에 여성을 유린하는 소리밖에 없습니다. 나머지는 쓰레기 소음입니다.

Intestinal Disgorge Discography

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