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previewSnare Drums Down StairwellsNoiseUnited States50Nov 21, 2023
previewOn Broken WingsMetalcore, Grindcore,United States20Nov 15, 2023
previewThe Gloom in the CornerMetalcoreAustralia60Sep 15, 2023
cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Coup De GrâcepreviewpreviewCoup De Grâce2024-04-19-0Apr 20, 2024
Vol. 1previewpreviewVol. 1  [EP]2024-05-31-0Mar 23, 2024
Back to the Water BelowpreviewpreviewBack to the Water Below2023-09-01-0Mar 21, 2024
Coast Is ClearpreviewpreviewCoast Is Clear2022-10-14-0Mar 21, 2024
The BlackpreviewpreviewThe Black2024-04-12801Mar 16, 2024
RitualpreviewpreviewRitual  [Single]2024-03-08-0Mar 11, 2024
Soul ElegypreviewpreviewSoul Elegy2023-09-29-0Mar 5, 2024
ContinuumpreviewpreviewContinuum  [Single]2024-02-09-0Mar 4, 2024
You Won't Go Before You're Supposed TopreviewpreviewYou Won't Go Before You're Supposed To2024-05-10-0Feb 28, 2024
Searching for SolacepreviewpreviewSearching for Solace2024-04-19-0Feb 15, 2024
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preview  Boundaries preview  Death Is Little More (2024) 95/100    Apr 11, 2024
Death Is Little More I was super hyped for this release. They teased it with three banger singles and announced it with some sick features. My first thought on the album is that it is the perfect blend of older metal and newer metal. It has huge leads like classic metalcore and simple heavy riffs, but it has a certain anger and energy about it reminiscent of newer age beatdown hardcore. While short, each song is memorable in its own way, and I think the addition of cleans in a few tracks adds some strong variety. Everything is super well done, and this should hold up as an album of the year contender for metal fans.
preview  Silverstein preview  Misery Made Me (2022) 95/100    Mar 16, 2024
Misery Made Me One of my favorite albums of 2022. Every song is amazing with a perfect mix of heavy post-hardcore and strong melodic cleans. The Altar / Mary is also, in my opinion, the best Silverstein song ever released. Shane Told is still going 20 years strong with great vocals and everything complements his voice well. While the deluxe leaves some room for improvement, Poison Pill and Stitches are both solid songs with some other fun additions. Seeing the improvement and consistency of Silverstein over the past two decades is something that many bands, especially in the Metalcore/post-hardcore scene, can't maintain. I love everything this album does.
preview  SeeYouSpaceCowboy preview  The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds (2019) 80/100    Feb 22, 2024
The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds It’s hard to put a genre of SeeYouSpaceCowboy. It blends so many elements from other metal sub genres. The naming scheme of the songs and the art is completely unique from bands, especially in the 2010’s, much more reminiscent of early Metalcore days.
As for the music, it’s just as unique as everything else. The album has about one million switch ups. Every song is super short though, which makes it hard to like individual songs. A lot of songs blend into each other, but a lot of songs also sound similar. There are some neat little naming tricks inside the songs (“No Words, No Compensating Lies” having no lyrics, “The Phoenix Must Rest” being the final song), but where the album truly shines is the lyrics on the later songs. There’s some super heavy, thoughtful, and well w ... See More
preview  The Plot In You preview  First Born (2011) 95/100    Feb 1, 2024
First Born This is, in my opinion, a significantly better album than Could You Watch Your Children Burn. The message stays strong, dealing with themes like abuse in a way indicative of 2010s metalcore. But there’s something special about this album. Everything goes together so well, super heavy riffs mixed with unbelievable vocals. It’s a bit on the short side, but when each song has so much quality, it doesn’t feel too short. Listening to early stuff from The Plot In You and hearing a sound so alien to their newer music but still so close at heart is a super unique feeling very few bands capture.
preview  As I Lay Dying preview  Shadows Are Security (2005) 95/100    Jan 16, 2024
Shadows Are Security Listening to this album for the first time as a newer age metalcore fan feels like looking at the baby pictures of your best friend. This album was the perfect stepping stone the entire genre. Its huge layered riffs mixed with amazing singing and aggressive screams were such an influential part of metal history because it gave way for more amazing albums in its wake. 1 sound I hear potently is that of The Poison from Bullet For My Valentine. An insanely good album, both for the time and today. Holds its own against some other top metalcore albums of all time.
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The Fear of Fear preview  Spiritbox preview  The Fear of Fear (2023)  [EP] 95/100    Feb 9, 2024
The perfect album when it comes to showing people what new metal sounds like. Everything is done with an amazingly high level of quality. Courtney is amazing with the vocals as always, showing more range with her cleans. The guitar and drums work perfectly with it as well, either exploding in your face when she’s angry or flowing along when it’s a more melodic tone. Spiritbox 2024 is going to be an album of the year contender, without a doubt.
The Way It Ends preview  Currents preview  The Way It Ends (2020) 85/100    Jan 17, 2024
Overall a solid metalcore album. Especially considering it came out in 2020. Some of the best and most fun riffs of the past few years, but that’s to be expected from them. Well written songs and really solid screams. However, the cleans can be spotty at times, and the transition between them can be weird. Nothing too unique or genre defining like The Death We Seek would be a few years later.
Stand Up and Scream preview  Asking Alexandria preview  Stand Up and Scream (2009) 90/100    Jan 11, 2024
This is the crabcore album for metal heads. It doesn’t lean into its crabby brother too hard (no auto tune on the choruses, electronics relatively muted) but it keeps a unique Identity. It almost feels like a sequel to Someday Came Suddenly because they’re very similar, but with Stand Up And Scream just better in most facets. Great drum work, very early 2010s guitars, with Danny throwing in an amazing vocal performance.
Seeing Red preview  Architects preview  Seeing Red (2023)  [Single] 100/100    Jan 3, 2024
I am, in fact, happy now.
Perception preview  Breakdown of Sanity preview  Perception (2013) 90/100    Dec 13, 2023
The album is really repetitive, that's my only complaint. The sound is really good with no true stand out tracks but no duds either.
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Superbloom preview  Silent Planet preview  Superbloom (2023) 95/100    Nov 21, 2023
One of the peaks of the "Storytelling metalcore" scene. Such a unique sound that's completely absence from the scene besides their music.
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Trauma preview  I Prevail preview  Trauma (2019) 90/100    Oct 19, 2023
Such a unique album and band. Nothing similar in the metalcore scene that blends rap in so well with uncleans and a deep inspirational message.
Fatalism preview  Polaris preview  Fatalism (2023) 100/100    Oct 18, 2023
Too good, it's simply unbelievable
Descent preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023) 95/100    Oct 5, 2023
Based AF, love it
DarkoInsects95/100    Dec 13, 2023
preview  Darko US preview  Darko (2021)
DarkoPretenders100/100    Dec 13, 2023
preview  Darko US preview  Darko (2021)
The Last SunsetMy Heart In Your Hands100/100    Dec 13, 2023
preview  Breakdown of Sanity preview  The Last Sunset (2009)
Seeing RedSeeing Red100/100    Dec 13, 2023
preview  Architects preview  Seeing Red (2023)  [Single]
EmberTourniquet100/100    Nov 22, 2023
preview  Breaking Benjamin preview  Ember (2018)
ScumYou Suffer100/100    Nov 15, 2023
preview  Napalm Death preview  Scum (1987)
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