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There Is No Victory Lyrics

Windrider - To New Lands...

To New Lands...

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresViking Metal
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4. There Is No Victory (9:31)
Beneath the sun kissed winter sky
And the Gods above the earth
Sixteen sons stand side by side
Sixteen men at arms
Of those were two noble sons
Descent from noble kings.
Another four were stable boys
Born on western plains.

But all stood there on that day
A brotherhood of man
Survivors of an ancient faith
From whence the world began

The cold wind bites their bloody tears
But they seem to pay no heed
Their eyes fixed on the amassing force
Led by corruption, fuelled by greed
Warriors of an empty faith
Who march against their will
But blood will stain the land this day
Their evil aim will be fulfilled

Hear my scream
Gods above
Prepare to feast with me
Hear my scream
Gods above
Prepare to feast with me

"Twenty of them to one of us"
The bearded elder screams
A silhouette in the morning sun
Before the sun god's golden beams
In his eye a lonely tear
Falls down his wrinkled face
His heritage and his culture
Taken by Christian grace

Stand against oppose
Death for our belief
Glory on this battlefield
Innocence and grief

Wipe those fearful tears my friend
Your death will not be your end
In the worlds, beyond what we see
Your life will continue then
You will again open your eyes
Your bones will heal and wounds will fade
With gods of old you'll mock and laugh
At the being to which you foes have prayed

Hear my Scream
Gods above
Prepare to feast with me
Hear my Scream
Gods above
Prepare to feast with me

Free on common ground
High above the roaring seas
A fellowship of warriors
Destiny is our dream
To arms one final ride
To death - there is no victory
Today we find our home
Beyond the sky, eternally

With tear welled eyes, they begin their march
No days after today
Tonight they drink and feast with those
Who had before, faded away
Shining sword and splintered shield
Broken mail and helmets gone
Those precious gifts, they are lost
They prepare to go were they belong
No screams echo when they fall and die
Only a silent final breath into the sky
They fall upon the barren earth
And there their nation will die
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Windrider - To New Lands...
To New Lands... - Lyrics
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Windrider - To New Lands...
To New Lands... - Album Credits
  • Elliot Vernon : Vocals, All Instruments
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