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White Athena (Feat. SsupusS) Lyrics

Synsnake - Abstraction


LabelsEvolution Music
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  3
5. White Athena (Feat. SsupusS)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  3       [ ]
Here we are on the start line back again
Tie the shoestrings, hey no, it's way too tight
Don't be offensive till you're bitten
Catch breath for infinite race

Highway to be a crap, baby
Rip off the sign typing out words in curse
We renew the path of pioneers, we just make all things right

Far beyond the universe, shooting stars fall upon us all
There will be an answer to your fearless heart

Let's Just jump up high and get the coin
Hey, eat this and let me go
There's no time awaits for lazy fat
You're just falling down to real world
Are you Socrates or what?
Eyes in anguish, stand there on your bone
Don't even think about sneaking off
You've started game

Out and out, lies and fakes

Here we are on the spot light back again
Light up some more, hey no, It's way too bright
Don't be defensive if you're bitten
I'll catch you, of course cuz I can

Yikes my eyes, wipe my tears
Look at you, it's better than a TV show
Out and out, lies and fakes
Prey and trap, bring some popcorns to the couch

Don't put that on my pizza, put it down and feast off
Get down on your knees fatty, fuck off oldies butt our boys
Grab a bite, go to hell for your crap, faint self-praise
I don't even give a lice, help yourself
Leak the set list we fuckin remake

Let's just go, punch him and let us go
There's no time awaits for lazy fat
You're Just falling down to real world
Don't be scared of straying the path
It's your front foot draws your path
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Synsnake - Abstraction
Abstraction - Lyrics
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