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Soulgrind - Into the Dark Vales of Death cover art

Into the Dark Vales of Death

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresGothic Metal, Black Metal
LabelsHoly Records
Album rating :  -
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Into the Dark Vales of Death Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-12)
1. Into the Dark (0:59)
2. Lurid Circle (3:48)
Bow the monster with the pointed tail
Who cleaves the hills and breaketh walls and weapons
Hail him who infecteth all the world
His tail was wholly quivering in the void

Contorting upwards the envenomed fork
That in the guise of scorpion armed its point
Now be seen as woltwarrior, now be strong and bold
As I gazing round me come among them
Be wildered and glorified for the inner truth

The new inhabitants and the sudden gains
Pride and extravagance have in thee engendered

As falcon who has long been on the wing
Full of love and equally hate
Through this divine circle and a light
Beside my master, sullen and disdianful

So many the soul for a long while conduct
And so may thy renown shine after thee
The new inhabitants and the sudden gains
Pride and extravagance have in thee engendered
As I'm gazing round me come among them
Be wildered and glorified for the inner truth
3. Rutjas Rapids Through the River of the Otherworld (4:21)
So the light changes to the front
It vanishes in the foam by the turning of one wind
A whisper rings through the cold night
Then all once more is still

Upon the barren fell-top
Hiisi's maidens are laughing
Singing with their hair flying in a whistling gale

From every side, every clearing, every mountain gorge
Clearing, twisting, burning, looking up for terror
Maidens twine in their hair, looking up for terror
The man who has done no murder

Rutja's revenge is coming
Down from the barren-fell top
It comes on like a blizzard
Whistling like a gale

Embracing, kissing, sucking the warm life
Take me to be Hiisi's own wife, bury me under the snow
A wolf howls, the rapids foam, in the morning the sun's glare
4. Odious Emotion (3:37)
One step forward two steps down
One feeling going after another blood
In these parts of my outward hatred
Joy has turned black
Unmerciful I am for those who does the deeds in dirt

Another good man down

Won't get fooled again

The serpent going out

Won't get fooled again

Rise the stone, raise the hell out of me this misery
Makes me feel emotions like I would bleed
Is this live, if so I won't have another peak

Pitless, heartless, ruthless, hard as nails

Yesterday six hours later than this hour
One thousand and six hundred sixty six years were completed
I saw that the way was broken behind I looked and
Forward I went on my way
5. The Swan and the Fox (3:51)
The swan wept over her broken wings
She could not flee, to fly through the light
So saw the fox his time is to come
The one uprose and down the other fell

Over the sea she whittered her wings
And if not now were, it were not too soon
The fox smiled through the glittering grim
When he tightened the hold of now crying light

Then sorrowed he and now sorrows again
That it may not run unless virtue guide it
So if some good star, or better thing
Have given him good, he may himself not torment
But within fires the spirits are,
And every flame the fox steals away

Each whips himself with that wherewith he burns

The ambush of the swan, which made the door
Open to love, pain and suffering
The fox stood upon the bridge uprise to see
The swan once white is now turned to believe
6. Dance Through the Macabre Void (4:13)
Man may lay violent hands upon himself
While dissipateing his needs for the red
Violence can be done for the Deity
While dissipateing his needs for the love

Dance through macabre void
Into disdaining God

In the heart of denying and blaspheming him
The storm of eternal love, deals with the magic
By the other mode, forgotten is such love
Where blood is fluid for the smallest circle
Those run deep through the hands of divine

Hypocrisy, flattery, falsification, sodomy

My master of the nature and the wild
Now declare to me
For the last dance of living and dead
O sunder the winds unto opposite point

A man may practise upon his faith and beliefs
Behind the crooked cross, are the lies of the accursed sheep
7. Soulpanders (4:32)
Silent, alone and without company
They went, one in front, the other after
Looking for a sin among the sinners
Looking for the soul among the soulless

They looked for laughter among the scorn
Eyes shining through the golden gates
But still emptiness was holding them down
From the life to be lived on these grounds

Give me life
One coin for my body
Give me life
One coin for my soul

Pitiful are they, as they look the right bank to slope
Never live life as it is, through the winds of their own
Through the fast line, with the taste of might
Fire burning inside, from understood the intent of life
Blood boiling for love, lust for souls of black
Inventing promises, destroying presence
Escaping through the imagined chase
Of divine outstretched wings

You try to place me to servant to your lords
Forever being I was born in tribal rage
This trial of the sacred
One of you saints, will you come and try me out
8. Beyond Good and Evil (5:11)
Now the fall has returned
The leaves of life falling down
Wind whispering, gently crying
Now the tears have returned

Faith for all has gone
All is leaping towards the end
Silent hum while the shadows shine
A look towards the gate of unknown

A grim smile, a gasp of laughter
Time has arrived
A touch of yellow, colour of the dead
Bow to the mother earth
Before the sunshine has all gone
Before the time of hallowed is here
Before these hooks, hooks of mine
I lay hold of you

Love, sweet misery
Tears darkening sweet memories
Denial, hate, beloved unspeakable pain

Proud we are to go for the journey
To go against the lies, for our beliefs to slay
And all the devils forward
Behead thy to be divine martyrs

We salute the flags, flags of the damned
We fly the winds, the winds of beyond
We salute the flags, flags of the pagan, fire
9. Until Love Kills (3:51)
Rust through the deep gallow of mist
Through the emptiness
So has the world turned down
While the black bird sings, crowls

The belief, the trust, the future
None of those exist
Humanity fades from my head
The darkness descends

Until love kills
Until the hurt is so deep
It crawls through the bones, love kills
Until love kills
When the shadows overtake
The last and the reign, love kills

Once with the joy, the laughter
Now with black entity downfall
Once with the smile, happiness
Now with the hate running wild
10. Umpijaan Taistelijat (13:15)
''Es fyrchte die Götter
das Menshengeschlecht
Sie halten die Herrschaft
in ehernen Händen
und können sie brauchen
wie's ihnen gefält''

''Volk und Knecht und Uberwinder
sie gestehn zu jeder Zeit
höchstes Glyck der Erdenkinder
ist nur die Personlichkeit''

Me olemme kuolemaan tuomittu suku
Me päivin emme valvo. öin emme nuku
Me viihdymme missä tähti viimeinen tuikkaa
raikuu ranta autio ja meripedot luikkaa

Me taistelemme jäässä, hymyilemme hyyssä
Me sorrumme ypöyksin sydänyön syyssä
Me tahdomme nähdä, mikä on Manan mahti
Me lienemme luomakunnan kunniavahti

Venäläinen verikoira, tappoi isän, tappoi äidin
Olisi tappannut minutkin, jos en pakohon olisi päässyt
Kirvehen hakenut, lujaa huitonut, perään juossut
Kostin kaiken, löin pois tuon suuren karhun ruskean

Umpijään Taistelijat
Nouskaa Tuhotkaa

Heimo Hallan, heimo roudan,
tuttu tuulen, tuiskun, poudan
Hinnat raskaat saa se maksaa,
minkä Suomen selkä jaksaa
Ei mies vuoda Pohjan santaan,
ei suistu kansa surmaan
Päivään ihmisyyden uskon
kautta kauhun, sauhun ruskon
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