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Kaerulean - Metempsychosis cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Black Metal
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Metempsychosis Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2016-12-31)
1. The Unfurling (3:32)
Prophesy beckoned as he stood on deck, gathering calm, opaque seas below. Forever-plagued; the citadel of man, broken on the shoulders of greed. The ship fast approaching, he knows what must be done; to warn others of the chaos.. Of what is to become. He sees it as he sleeps, a nightmare from the stars. The children of the light; born to take what’s ours.
What I’ve seen, in my dreams; visions of dread..Your ways have left you blind!
Hear me, I foresee descending, to this world a never ending plague of fire and wrath of water, leading to your children’s slaughter. Abolishment of your creation, nothing left but devastation. Heed my words, this is your fate. Now we must act before it's too late! Skies will burn! Oceans Boil! There is a chaos coming we can not yet define. The gods will show us wrath. I plea for you to see the visions from my mind. I see your death!.. And as he begs their attention, a prince of deception makes his way through the crowd
2. Prince of Deception (3:56)
Oracle? You are not! We will not follow thee, nor your prophecy. These lies you state will be your end. Do not listen, for he is a charlatan. KILL HIM! A mere man you are. He bleeds as a swine does. Deceive my brethren? Remove his slanderous tongue.
STRING HIM UP!.. Take his head!.. As the mob swarms the prophet, their rage builds uncontrollably. Fueled by his warning of a desolate future ahead. His followers attempt to reason. Now pleading for his life. The horde's blades now come to bear. Reaching for his flesh.. Stop this madness! Heed my warning!
Inhuman possession, twisting their minds. The altercation becomes an execution.
So called prophet, you mislead us. Speak no more premonitions. REND HIS FLESH! Your followers will join you. This is your death sentence. TAKE HIS HEAD!
Broken like a martyr, no mercy in their eyes. Fingers amputated through fear of gestured lies. Crudely fashioned blades, saw into his skin. Hacking off his feet, as the demon grins.
His decapitated head, now held before the crowd. Its eyes wide open!.. Inhuman possession, twisting their minds. The altercation becomes an execution. Inhuman possession, twisting their minds. The altercation becomes obliteration.
3. Parting Gift (5:55)
Take my head!.. Master guides us in his teachings of a desperate world ahead. What he speaks is without feeling, but the consequence of fact.
“Death and fire will plague the land. Seas will be turned into sand. A desert of annihilation. This is our damnation”.. Take my head!
The answers, the science, the ideal defiance will cease if you don’t take my head. The eye through the wall, the seer of all Is alive. Take my head!
Visions haunt him as he’s sleeping. Wakened dreams of astral dread. Chaos flows from through the sun. The ocean weeps, the forests dead.
Now his head lies in the gutter. Life and death have met again. Visions lost to men of pious. Faith and fear walk hand in hand.
“Death and fire will plague the land. Seas will be turned into sand. A Dessert of Annihilation. This is our damnation” TAKE MY HEAD!
The answers, the science, the ideal defiance will cease if you don’t take my head. The eye through the wall, the seer of all is alive! TAKE MY HEAD! GO!
I see another’s life flash before my eyes. Prophetic Pineal Expulsion
Child, now listen to me, you hold my head, within lies the key. The jewel thats inside, will serve as your guide. All answers you seek, lie within me. The time’s growing near, your path is unclear. But do despair, for my mind is there. Together we breath, voiceless we speak. Joined now hereafter apprentice and master. Our visions become one..TAKE MY HEAD! (Repeat).
4. Astral Migration (6:46)
Awakened from this dream Ashes lie around me Finally I see The hypocrisy
Lost no more Guided through light By these beings Of eternal might Now begin the fight
Oh, myths of man ring true throughout the cosmos Oh, the ancient woe of spite shall fall upon us Overcome the past!
Go, take the road to the edges of your mind Become this truth or be left to die as blind
See recourse, no regrets There’s time to wake up yet Believe the burning signs Follow the eye within your mind
Oh, myths of man ring true throughout the cosmos Oh, the ancient woe of spite shall fall upon us Overcome the past!
Within yourself there lies a doorway A portal tying you to life Do not indulge in their deception Leave them to rot in what’s behind
Close your eyes, open your mind Migrate through the light Migrate through the light See with the mind’s eye
Beyond the portal, only truth survivesThe lies of men now unable to contrive Without our Earthly weight, harmony is found Our greed it dies today, swallowed by the sound This sacred frequency echoes through the night..LOVE!
Without forgiveness our journey ends Without unity we won’t ascend Humanity’s greed our very chain Tying our fates to never ending pain
Deny the false material gods Deny the promise of eternity
Become one with infinity Endless fractals resonate with love All gods are left behind.. Step into the astral realm Migration to the stars begins Now!
We will begin anew The suffering shall end The broken promise gone Together we ascend
5. Heretic (4:10)
Fleeing from this persecution of deception and illusion. Wake to find my brothers slaughtered.The congregations' mind in altered states.
With his head I take to the land. Absconding from this faith drunken mob. In silence, I flee alone.
Running from the claws of a genocide. Following the footsteps of a fraudulent creed
I run! For they have one purpose in life: To rid my hands of this device.
My heart now beats faster. My mind now knows no ease.
The hordes possessed eyes now watch over me
I run! For they have one purpose in life: To rid my hands of this device.
My heart now beats faster. My mind now knows no ease. From within the master’s eyes, only black I see. Now emerging from the shadows.
Beings of black form around me. Into their eyes I cannot see. As I wait my destined demise. A glimpse I get into what lies beneath the wretched ragged human. I see minds that forsake this illusion.
Hated by their kin. They come to my aid. Resisting the temptation. Of the zealot ways. “We see you possess the key.”
Given Sanctuary by these cloaked banshee. Taken from my home, to this place unknown.
6. Regression (5:34)
Concealed within of these tides of motion. Forgotten halls still untouched by man. I climb the spire inside the ocean, to gain a grasp of where I stand.
"You come here seeking our answers?"
"I come here fleeing demise"
"You bring before us the key to all life, the jewel inside your mind"
"Now before us wake to a truth that each being shall know."
Running for my life with the ocean below,I take flight as these beings torment my soul. Their-wrath upon me cold. Now feel the touch of natures greatest weapon constricting your bones. With this spell I am undone.
Go inside your soul. Face the test, conquer the goal. Face the labyrinth within, fight the through the regression.
Beings of light take form around my soul. Beyond the graces of my eyes, I see memories of old.
My past catching me like a bird with a worm. Running from myself now helpless and alone. Fleeing from the hoards of the living. Manifest Memories of guilt and pain. Clutching any pillar of safety. Floating down the river of regret, I see no end but death….
On my knees, clutching myself, awaiting the end, No, no, no, no, no no no escape with the light.
In the distance a shining beacon of hope, I climb up from my knees and take to the road... The trials before me - suspended in time. The treacherous mountain, that I must climb. The labyrinth before me. Within my mind… Within my mind…
7. Labyrinth (6:34)
In this solemn void, hostility writhes. Pitfalls of the mind. Haunting me.
Silent Infiltration. My cursed mind wanders alone.
Around each turn Another memory And each defeat Bathed in sunlight
Every regret Now unburied All the past Surrounds me now
The darkness of the Night Embracing me with cold hands Buried in my Thoughts Struggling for life Against my own mind
The torment within overwhelming. I Turn my back on what i have done Find the key to your survival.
Resist the dying of the light New consciousness springs to life Against my own selfish demise I turn my back to what I have done
The light beckons on Now guiding me home Within my Mind, I see what's been foretold
Now in balance with this dying world The silence is endless It resonates beyond Creating oneself As symmetry unfolds
(guitar solo)
Forbidden knowledge guiding my soul The truth found in nature away from men’s scrolls Sacred mandala, pattern of life Exit the void and be one with the light
8. Mandala (4:30)
Sacred Pattern, fractal of the divine light Free from any god of man
Portal to a higher a place, filling me with life While others lay entombed by the curse of greed
Let go of this obsession Trust in the eye as fragments of reality unfold
See the godless salvation which you mind shall hold This purity unleashed Find the beauty of it all Stray from the false path Resonate your life
Liberate your mind Flesh and bone, set in stone Let them suffer the wrath of nature Folly through the ages, only this will save us
Minds eye of the oracle Those who seek shall know it all Bring together and imbile Hold the ashes of the trial
Finally breathe with the world. Sacred dreams. This lesson shall be foretold.
Compass of might, guide my dreams. Fortress of light, surrounding me
Travel the path to courage and greatness The future is nearing we shall not forsake this Open this portal to the egoless mirror This frequency sacred now echoing clearer
Surfacing within me, galleries of forgotten dreams Revealing this infinite secret through me Channelling the light, this portal is mine And for all those willing to see
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