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Forgotten Sunrise - Ru:mipu:dus cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal, Industrial Metal
LabelsMy Kingdom Music
Album rating :  -
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Ru:mipu:dus Lyrics

Submitted by level Scotty Vortekz (2017-07-26)
1. Outumnyo:nic (04:11)
Scissors upside down in my hand
I cut myself into mosaic
If you roll up my sleeves you´ll see
Under my skin the foreign blood
As a leech I´ve sucked the day as black as the night
Never utter my name, hit me back if you feel that`s right
Drink yourself into oblivion from alcohol-free blood
You save me from heartbreak by giving it all you got
Come from upon the fire
Walk upon the water as Jesus.
I´ll shake the path to a determined goal
Away from under your feet
Thorns from a boradkeaf tree, shaken, as usual, on a mantelpiece.
You brush against the blue-eyed mist.
No homesickness whatsoever.
The wings wink at you
From a mound of mould
2. Never(k)now (05:21)
Driving along I notice some pockets of air in the air
I pause to listen for the bangs that are not quite there
Along the stem of heaven I flow upwards, never down
We bring more misery to the roots of the heaven`s crown
With my feet I stomp the clouds nearer to the earth
So you could learn what licorice and pitch are really worth
The stingy taste of mustard in my mouth is honey-sweet
But on my sacred tongue these two must never meet
The guardian angel behind the shield of clouds
Won`t hear the death-fear`s banging for the banging isn`t loud
It only takes half an effort to break both sides
The other half I`ll spend on making left and right collide
I`m aming at an apple with a fireproof arrow of fire
And never lie about it if it is your heart`s desire
3. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker (04:45)
Northern lights inside - they hurt my mind
Spices by design burn my tongue and make me cry
Gone out - out of myself
I see myself - sit beside myself
I saw and heard it all
It's safely stored inside my head
Still there are bins, though,
Containing fragments unescaped...
...even when the soul...
When the soul desires rest
When the soul - would like to sigh out of fatigue
When the soul - when the soul desires rest
When the soul - when the soul would want to sleep
Gone out - out of myself
I see myself - sit beside myself
And I'm an eye...
I'm an eye-witness to the murder of myself
4. Vhatsoewer (04:57)
I feel my heart stopping
Just once after every beat
The spirits of blood don´t want
Too long to share my company
I pass by my life`s stop
In the carriage of dread
Can I rent a palace
In the slum of the dead?
I sense the hum of my thoughts
I hear my sighs of bliss
I scream for my heart to stop
Just a little bit more after this
A child and an old man sit
In a dungeon of train of life
One - a past of great weight
The other - its future so bright
5. (Life) 24 h (04:09)
I live in a dwelling house
In a backalley of life
The tree of life and an aphid
Thank me for their lives
Don`t fear life
Don`t fear death
Fear for life
In life after death
Look at the mirror of your soul
Do you recognize yourself ?
Did you see a pacman in there ?
Did you recognize yourself ?
The morning rises against the day
And soon they will collide
The night still admires the evening
Securing the lock of time
Forever in history…
6. Surroundcosmos (05:41)
I sat, in time and space
In a time where there was nobody
In a spce with no doors at all
In a room where no one`s alone
In a timeless void of each-otherness
I watched and sighed against the falling stars
Counting my saved shudders
Savouring my scars
On my trip I assisted the sparks
Stroking their sons in the dark
In the wind, in the clouds of scare
Knotting wire into your hair
The sun and the moon rose hand in hand
And the moon cast a sad glimmer
I´m walking through the tunnels
Unwillingly towards everything
And all - step not on the righteous path
Thread your way around the roads you´ve walked
I was and was dancing seated
Listening to the sounds of entirety
Rooting out the tree of life
I saw the roots that stretched...
And stretched...and stretched
And are still stretching
7. Into Flesh I Was Born (06:26)
Divinely on oath for virtues I plead
The power forever remains below me
Divienly on oath for virtues I plead
Using my last opportunity
My soul is so impure and dark
That ravens thought me one of them
Tormenting thoughts still chase my mind
And I don´t know how this will end
I would let heaven fall apart
And hell to be destroyed
And people to die out so there
Would be much less of noise
Amalgamate all gods to one
Who then would suite my soul
What rapture - free would be the way to much a greater goal
Absolution out of hand
Soul of mine is black and damp
8. Thou-Sand-Men (04:15)
He walks alone, his hand in hand ...
Through town of twilight, sowing finest sand
Embrace the fear and close your empty eyes
The endless sleep ? Now try it on for size !
You know you're dead, and in this death you weep...
But morning comes, and ends the endless sleep
A gray-haired dream that never ends nor lies
Sand in the Sandman's ever-sleeping eye
To sleep, to calmly walk the path of dreams...
It's whispers of deceit you hear, not screams
Since owls are almost never what they seem
In dreams your deeds will never be redeem'd
Sit very still and wait for it to come
'Till everything inside you has turned numb
Embrace the fear and close your empty eyes
The endless sleep ? Now try it on for size !
9. Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me (04:34)
No frailty, no heavenly punishment
Can offer me explanations
The public secret of dream thoughs
Is no match to my machinations
The endless bitter ending of the world
Hides beneath the mountains of ash
Don´t try to touch the joy
Or you´ll break like a cheap toy
With no lessons to be learned you´ll crash
Life`s absurd in this delusive time
And this time doesn´t even exist
Nothing we do can be divine
Unless we truly persist
Damn you, you flock of sheep,
And may the wolf your shepherd be
You lack the courage to show your teeth
You lack the will to see
For want of will we never keep our word
Behind self-destruction we hide our second face
This life is a badly produced play
For a drooling audience - the higher race
10. Over The Deathbringer Stars (13:25)
It would be better, if I`d be a ghost
Floating like breeze in this world
It would be better, if I`d be a plant
So no one could then see my eyes
It would be nice to exist without me
No reason to dream about things I can`t be
Years passing by & grief seems so true
Inside my soul all the pains getting loose
11. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker (Rage Filled Remix by Ghost from G.G.F.H.) (04:52)
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