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The Apparition Full Album Lyrics

XeroPulse - The Apparition cover art

The Apparition

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Dungeon Synth
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-06-10)
1. Abyss of Infinite Space (4:01)
2. Trapped (5:20)
Verse 1-

Bottom of the ocean-
Supplies running low-
Forced to harvest corpses-
Of those who starved before!
Echoes of the horror-
Ring through the sea-
Tragedy of survival-
Friends become meat!


The engine fails!
The lights go out!
Stumbling in the dark-
Blind and deranged-
Looking for a body-
To prolong their life!
Despite the misery-
They struggle to live on!

Verse 2-

As cadavers rot-
Living breathing food-
Scavengers now Hunters-
Killing for a meal-
Instinct taken over-
Barbaric will to live-
Slaughtering their brothers-
Conscience disappeared!


3. Eternal Black Light (3:06)
Verse 1-

Black light burns your eyes!
Darkest night cannot compare!
Closed eyes can't drown it out-
Yet darkness still surrounds!


Eternal shadow-
Never-ending pain!
Decaying like a worm-
Unable to die away!

Verse 2-

Cancerous core of a black star-
A hole in space and time!
All that enters is Forever destroyed-
Broken like a child's toy!


A red star-
In a black hole!
A portal to-
4. Skin Like Peals, Blood Like Rubies (4:20)
Verse 1-

In a tower of nails-
Aimed at the sky!
With long bony fingers-
Nosferatu lies!
A hideous creature-
Skin pasty white-
Creeps through the village-
Haunting the Night!


He pounces upon you!
Seeking you life!
Piercing your flesh-
Teeth like a knife!
Paints his face-
Indulging his lust!
Blood like Rubies-
His hunger, he must!

Verse 2-

Once a loving man-
Now pain corrupts.
The essence of his life-
Traded for justice!
Pray you don't meet him-
Some foggy night!
His smile delivers-
One final fright!
5. Beneath the Ancient City (4:43)
Part 1-

The creature- Beneath the ancient city-
For thousands of years he waited-
Feeding on the corpses of rats!
Waiting for something larger to devour!

Part 2-

A labyrinth of tunnels-
He knows them best!
Waiting for the time to come-
The taste of human flesh!
The dark and murky waters-
Is where he made his home!
Seeking for revenge-
For his downfall long ago!

Part 3-

Patiently waiting-
For the time told in myths!
Plates will align-
Chaos will be his!
Tearing through the houses-
Blood flooded streets!
Ancient immortal monster-
Misery he seeks!
6. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover) (4:16)
7. The Apparition (3:10)
Beyond hallucinations-
Yet not mad-
Believing in something-
That exists not-
Mutilating others-
No control-
Yet not mad!

What was seen-
Was seen-
What was seen-
Not mad!
Yet it doesn't exist-
How could it?

Following behind him-
Its glowing red eyes-
Like coals-
No, embers!
Contrasting his white vest-
He should be in his room-
What happened?!?
My mind goes purple-
Flashes of red embers-
Not mad-
Not mad-
Not mad-
8. You Suffer (Napalm Death cover) (6:56)
You suffer, but why?
9. Goodnight (4:03)
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