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The Guillotine Full Album Lyrics

Vulture - The Guillotine cover art

The Guillotine

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > V > Vulture Lyrics (8) > The Guillotine Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-16)
1. Vendetta (5:50)
Its black handle is shimmerin'
Beneath a slowly setting sun
Footsteps sound through the alley
The taste of vengeance caught me stunned
Foolish actions shall cost you your life
Flawless skin pressed at the edge of my knife

Screams to drown under my gloved hand
The switchblade's leaving its first mark
Your instincts sheeer for survival
A stream of light before the dark
Sanguine fluids soon the cobble to coat
Sweat meets tears as I go for your throat

Embrace the rush of ecstacy
I die to see the horror in your eyes
Blunt force avents your attempts to flee
Unfold your throat, one slice to end your life


A sinful desire, unbound, running free
You're caught in a plight, you're doomed, you're a blight
Metal's to slice your windpipe tonight
2. Clashing Iron (3:26)
Flashing lights through an oppressing dark
Trapped in a stieling heat
Sparks from a horde of menacing stacks
A screech to make ear canals bleed

Indulge in death!
Shockwaves pulsate through the hall
A whirlwind of sound to glance from the wall
Indulge in death!
Frequencies reaching higher
And from above shrieks the siren
To the sound of clashing iron

Polished steel and seen from below
Reflecting, blinding your sight
Death's mandatory, thundering glory
Executing with pondering spite

When crimson red meets strings of ore
Threefold destroyer, to you I swore
3. Triumph of the Guillotine (4:00)
Procession through the hallways, leading down below
fainting light endumbrates your way towards deathrow
Stay in queue and await your judges cloaked in red
Moaning through the courtroom, A tang of bitter sweat

Down! the gavel's sound, it has begun
Obey! to the dock, one by one
Step up! for your fate shall be seen
Two dark posts and a gaudy gleam
You'll die under the guillotine!

Last in line you shiver, ripping pain with every breath
The judges undiserning , they'll sentence you to death
All convicts doomed to die, death kneel heads the table
Dare to appeal conviction and you'll ride the judas cradle

You! now it's your time, before the court
Bow! delivered to the hangman for your escort
Follow! your path is marked by crimson streams
Bodies pile like you've never seen
The triumph of the guillotine

You've bound to the cot, locked up tight
Now you face your doom, shining bright
High speed metal accelerates between the stakes
Hell unfolds, eternally, beyond the gates

Down! the ropes been cut, here comes the blade
Slice! through the scuff, decapitate
Cut! A gush of blood to shoke your screams
Victimized murderous routine
The truimph of the guillotine
4. Electric Ecstasy (4:19)
Belted by cold prison walls
Await the dawn your death kneel tolls
You're doomed to ride the vibrant chair
Here comes the chime, a sound so shrill
I know it's gonna break your will
Now it's too late to send your prayer

I'm your escort, the one to flip your switch
I cannot wait to make you flounce and twitch
There, in the dark, it's time for you to see
Twothounsand volts, the answer to your plea
Is Eletric Ecstacy

Leather straps around your wrists
I can feel your clenching fists
From where you go, there's no return
Better keep still, all tries in vain
These electrodes to melt your brain
Every inch of you to burn

My fingers yearn for action, the red bulp is their sign
Eletric satisfaction, send lightning down your spine
Embrace your last yell, tonight you'll burn in hell

The stench of death flows from the walls
Every time the death kneel tolls
I lust to tie them to the chair
Ecstacy, rage for the thrill
Eletric shock, tension to kill
I almost taste your black despair
5. Adrian's Cradle (5:32)
Nightmare's, they haunt you since that fateful night
Claws of the devil, you're promised, the sinner's bride

Entranced by witchcraft, herbs devitalize
All of them witches, you're certain to've seen through their lies

Behind the wall, you're made their thrall
Victim to your groom's betrayel
A secret door, A long black floor
Summon to the call of Adrian's Cradle

Ritualistic ceremony, your visions come to life
Step to the cradle, doubtful, hand around your knife

Pull the drapes wide open! witness Adrians rise!
Paralysed in panic, what have you done to his eyes!
6. (This Night Belongs) To the Dead (4:18)
Paranormal actions in the dead of the night
Frequency dip, shadows, a flickering light

When the clock strikes twelve and the foghorns asound
The horizon's caoted in a misty shround

Don't you see the signs?
Tonight the town's painted red
Don't you see the signs?
This night belongs to the dead

Red eyes are gleaming, black rags are drenched
Rising from darkness, they crave to avenge

Hooks scrape on the front doors, marking their way
Six come to slaughter and six have to pay

Fog floats the chapel to retrieve what's been lost
They are here for the priest and the settlor's cross
7. Paraphiliac (5:13)
Internalized urges yearn for relieve
Finally see the light
In inebriation I lose reign to desires
Pursue fantasies of might
Injecting acids, dissolving their minds
Into submissive state
Tender perished flesh, now drained of life
Caress and lust await

Ingest they flesh to feel as a whole
Quenchin' the fire which devours my soul
Pallid ashen face, evermore be my guest
In the presence of death I shall lay down to rest

Paraphiliac - Lifeless presence silent consent
Paraphiliac - 213 shall mark your end

Strangeled, dismembered, skin boiled off their bones
Preserving precious grace
I dragged you out of this mortal coil
In a deadly embrace

Predatory perversions
Sensation rushing down my spine
The excitement of physical ecstacy
Perfect subjection, you are mine!

Paraphiliac - Secrets hidden, perceived by none
Paraphiliac - Decay takes what's long been gone
8. Cry for Death (5:45)
Blindfolded, strapped to a ple
Dragged straight from your damply hole
Stenches of drool ascend from the ground
Shiver and shake as growls asound

Sunrays burn, you're returned your sight
Genuflecting, packed with fright
A glimpse to revise where ears may deceived
As you riase your eyes to gnarling teeth

Behind the paled gate on which they gnaw
You're delivered to hydrophobic jaws
Eye in eye, a rank and tepid breath
Your senses choke, tension can't supress
Cry For Death!

Foaming mouth and rotten gum
For months the hunger's grown
An abrupt burst, teeth sink in
Straight down to the bone

Face been left in tatters
Limbs are torn apart
Cry for death and mercy
As your body's ripped in half

From the heavens come the vultures to break up your ordeal
In the last throes of your torment
They descend to end your plea
Foolish mortal, cry for vulture!
Knife-like claws approaching
Be a Martyr, cry for metal!
Scavengers will set you free
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