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The Lead Heavens | Full Album Lyrics

Volucrine - The Lead Heavens cover art

The Lead Heavens

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-15)
1. Gravehead (3:42)
Flash in the horizon by the dead of dawn
Like hunted stray dogs we’ll leave our home

Cradle for (new) aeon, built to echo our lore
Deteriorated with its hollow core

How many failures, how many broken dreams
Are forsaken by time and yet to be seen?

Catastrophe, fallout, murder
Suffer deformation
Will they ever return?
Wonder wheel still awaits

Let's wash our hands in blood and hold our heads up high
Forsake our incompleteness and give it another try
Pass the fault onward to face the brave new dawn
That will fall down with denial profound

Leaders close their eyes and we will never open ours..

All for success and wealth we meant to do no harm
But we crossed that line

Catastrophe, fallout, nuclear winter
2. Down by the Fall (3:52)
I’ve spat to the hand that feeds me, turned my face away
To stare into the darkness with no light in my eyes
This is the way it all has been, chain of infinite days
Of lukewarm emptiness to lukewarm race

Devouring bits of you awareness twists the knife once more
What ever comes your way takes you down
Reaching out to the flame that burned us and yet we never learn;
What doesn’t kill you will hurt like hell

Could you hold on much longer?
Offer a hand and pull me through
Follow me and collect all the shatters
Rifts of me spread down by the fall

Friends vanishing in thin air with tracks I cannot trace
When death rips the cattle it won’t stay the same
What ever took me down one bravely stood the ground
And helped me with making peace with the fire that still burns
3. Amok Run (4:58)
I stop to breathe and listen closely
It is all calm before the storm
Pressure stirs the invoking madness
No dam holds this flood

Suddenly the sky inverts
Sirens howl for a inner warfare
I have been disconnected from what is true
Hastened heartbeat counts the time
Lights blink when I grab that knife
To strike at any beating heart

With fear at sight, wrath rooted deep inside
I can't kill the creature once it comes alive

On amok run I have no footing ground
And every step to nothing nears the grave
When I try to hide my abhorrent inside
The unknown takes me over and buries me alive

I can run but can I hide from terror striking inside?
I've locked the door but I can hear him say;
This dull boy needs to play

Soon it all will be over
I have restored my cover
A lesson learned I harness it in need
But lurking havoc is everywhere
Sometimes it's just too much to bear
No pill holds down the nemesis
4. Pilgrimage (4:49)
This time was given to you through the pain of birth
We learn to run before we can even walk
We're all privileged to this special gift
Ruined from the start with its watery blood

We're all driven by our inner call
On pilgrimage for power, profit or for war
We're all justified by our shepherd’s voice
Lost in circles like leaves in the gust of wind

There's no angel to guard our path
But temples of dying words
The unavoidable death that you're staring at
Trembles these ungodly herds
Your holy aeon is about to end
There is no fathers light present
In this closure for everything

Rely on peace, trust in love
We can't cherish anything until everything is gone
So take this flesh to endure in pain,
Hope your ghosts will go away
Then give it back to earth to enrich its ruined soil

There’s no fathers light present in this closure for everything
5. The Lead Heavens (4:04)
I’ve come a long way now down the road
Underneath the iron clouds that cloak the sun
Jaded for the same old sky sifting no light
Crying oil that rusts our bones and numbs our sorrow

Weightlifting hearts and living under bane of yesterday
No matter how hard you pray life turned out to be this way;
There’s no one up there, all cries mute in a sound of rain
All with one another, ghosts by the pain

I watch the steel moon rise from the shrouds
And with great emptiness I bestow my substance
Everything that is me (has been) poured down the sink
You got nothing on me but the pain constantly changing

No heaven can scar wounds in us
Until the great leap we're all too blind to see..

What was the sense in this?
What for we were fighting for?
What was the sense in this?
Just to learn to let go?
6. Of Rules and Restrictions (3:47)
Are you capable to view this world with my eyes?
To stand on a ledge alone and rise against the roaring tide

I want to shed the water,
Differ from that treacherous breed
Whose hierarchy defined by fortune
Makes us rest bend down and kneel

Sky-high! Markets and scrapers
Lifeline! Your essence in numbers
Our time! Spent to serve the machine
Our crime! We let our blood run dry

Disconnected human child your reflection is about to die
Harness yourself and redefine
With white collar choking tight you’re too weak to start a fight
Loose your tie for once and look inside

You have the power to unchain yourself
Boundaries break before your will
Rules and restrictions programmed to control
Must fail to rule one's heart

System doesn’t feed your needs
But pays you for giving up your dreams
With restless ambition and creative mind
Free words are your true currency

The blackening sea of human greed grows darker by every tide
Colossal ant hive on a fruitless soil is where the abhorrence hides
7. Curtains (4:12)
Empty seat in the classroom
They expected her to school
But she was caught by the night
And now sleeps by the shore
With skin turned so cold
Away from the warmth of youth
Smothered by the kill
Rocked by a watery grave

Lulled to restless sleep..

Owls, ghost woods, sycamore trees
Nothing here is what it seems to be

Time has come to face what eyes can't see
Nothing here is what it seems to be
You can't run from what you can't escape
Behind the drape you will meet your fate

Souls dread where the curtains fall

Eerie silence in the corridor
Fan cuts the stagnant air
He crawled over window sill
And whispered into her ear;

"I want you, let me in
Or I will make you bleed
And bless this night with death
Fire, walk with me"
8. At the Cycle's End (5:34)
Trapped in the sickroom bed
Light burns my eyes
Painkillers I've been fed
Blurred the fact underlined
I barely know my name
Or identify this face
Commemorating the days of grace
While the machines still keep me wide awake

Time abandoned me on the edge of immortality
I was too busy cursing life that seemed so unfair to me

There was only you
The only love I ever knew
So soon you have slept away and left me this way

Earth blooms new life even when we're gone
Though you're a minute away from breathing
Waves they wash the shores on and on
Even if your heart stops beating
Lay down your sword and let this burden go
Cycles that you can't control
All will be over before you even know it

Sometimes when I am awake
I dream of summers crimson nights
And of the color in her emerald eyes
But as I stroke in my sleep
And wet all my sheets
Everything turns black again

Shut down the old engine and let me sleep
Time has come to leave this place behind
9. Aphonic Heights (5:31)
Spirit rise above the ozone
Break free through the lead heavens
Towards the infinite stars
Where the titans sleep
Reign of colors, halo of moon
Earth shrunk in view
Everything's in place in the order of chaos
Border is crossed to walk the Milky Way

From aphonic heights I was shown
Earthly pain seems so small
Like rocks circling on Saturn’s ring
Our cycle was made for quite nothing

This is how it was ment to be
Our time is just a memory..

Let your soul light up like nova
Leave a black hole in your vacuum
Pierce through the black canvas
And leave all behind

We know so little, so poor we are
Our time is just a shooting star
Blink of an eye on the timeline
In the necklace of stars our souls intertwine

Unbound by gravity
Forever free..
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