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Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Full Album Lyrics

Virulent Depravity - Fruit of the Poisoned Tree cover art

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Lyrics > V > Virulent Depravity Lyrics (10) > Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-06-10)
1. Serpentine Messiah (4:38)
Orphaned and sold as a pet you plan my demise
And silenced
And thrown in the cage
But still you survive

[chorus]basic needs which cannot be ignored
The promises of limbless reanimation
I’ve revealed myself to you
Come to collect your reward
My salvation is converted to your survival
I do not think you cruel or immoral
Although you have been unfairly maligned
Faith will be unnecessary in the end
All that is required is my life
Perhaps you don't understand
This world I’ve inherited
Is based upon an investment
In your wealth and longevity
For you were hand-created
And given the ability
To see that I was naked
To know I was your slave
For my sacrifice
You shall be satiated
In your prison paradise
Consuming my damage

[Solo: Mark Hawkins]
[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]
[Solo: Colin Butler]

My eyes are opened as you shed your skin
Stealthily slipping around my neck
And thrown to your lair
No I don't think I’ll survive
Predator and prey (I am the)
An ancient progression (flesh that you)
In my dying moments (truly will)
I am now reborn (always need)
Giving up my essence (so I lay)
To welcome desolation (down my life)
Cast into a well of digestion
Your willing prey
Please bless me
My serpentine messiah

[Solo: Colin Butler]
2. Spineless Obedience (4:01)
I was a child my choices were taken away
Taught to become my father’s spawn unknowing slave
No room to grow nowhere to go forced to behave
No way to fight this was my life put in my place
I began to feel more comfortable
With my brainwashed psycho acolytes
There was never any doubt in my mind
Every word they spoke was truth
They would never lie
Spending my time
My energy
My life
On my knees so that they could
Dominate me and con me out of my money
Work me to the bone and finally cast me aside
My sacrifice
They promised me something
I could not be sure they would give me it
I have no power to question it
Free will perverts
They say the majority believes and therefore
So must I
Fall into line or they will destroy me
Nullifying any resistance I may have held
All of the lies I have been taught
They add up to something so fully
Devoid of will and of potency
Bred to die
Humanities greatest fear realized
Coward dogmatic head in the sand
Oblivious to the torture they’ve devised
The next phase of defilement now begins
As I grew up my sexuality stunted
And my love was dissected and defined by strangers
Put into public my guilt and dishonor
My filthy urges were unmercifully scrutinized
They could not let me be an animal
They desired me to be pure
They would castrate me to help my
Devilish desires disappear
They would cut me out of my own life
Ruling what remains by fear
Just a drone mindless automaton
What went wrong to get me here
In my heart the full weight of my innocence
Had I had a different perspective
I might see how bad it is
I’d see that my path was defective
How easily I gave in
To the whim of my master’s
Spineless obedience
Behold the sheep are stripped of their deviance
To serve obey and become the ingredients
Of the next batch of lies that they will feed infants

[Solo: Colin Butler]

When the circle completes
Then I will plant the tree which shades the world
From the harsh but necessary light of reality
This is no game
This life a dream bewitched in its own decadence
Anointed and cleansed by its own self-importance
Deprived of all the beauty and decency and used to sell my master’s
Control vitriol spineless obedience
Behold the sheep are stripped of their deviance
To serve obey and become the ingredients of the next batch of lies
Control vitriol spineless obedience behold the sheep are stripped of their deviance
To serve obey and become the ingredients of the next batch of lies that they will feed infants
3. Your Demise (4:02)
Madness is now institutionalized
Born into a world in continual decline
Existing with burdens you so zealously denied
With callousness they've grown aware
They've been cast aside
Perpetually unwanted
Sexually squandered
Essentially neglected
Broken and alone
Feeding the profits
Of psychopathic leaders
The myth of free will
Forced into submission
Squelching all of our trust
Know that your safe society is broken
Even with your guns and your propaganda
The deviant majority has awoken
Prying in the bathrooms and spying in the classrooms
And drones in the sky and cameras at home
You want us on our knees
Exalting the fictional wasteland inside of our phones
Embrace the end no
Longer digitized
Planning your demise
Right in front of your face
Seeking to erase
The world of hate created by you
The lies that you cannot unsay
You've created the plague that's rotting away
Your means of control
Reaching for the truth
Pandering to our innate fears
Turning us all against ourselves
While we squabble you pass your judgements
Far away from effective scrutiny
As you sleep in your cocoon of ignorance
Night approaches and we are coming for you

[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]

Helpless to avoid the weight of self-annihilation
As you ponder how to proceed
Unprepared for the divine wrath upon you
We baptize the world in gasoline
And there's nowhere to run
Reaping what you sow
Your hell has just begun
Nailed to the cross
Of your own creation
There is no solution
There is no saving grace
The eulogy is written
You just have to say it
The future you've created
Is only empty space

[Solo: Colin Butler]

As death approaches in your palace of obsolescence
Our day begins and we are coming for you
Upon the rubble of your civil society
The stench of blood and smoke burns in your nostrils
As revolution turns to retribution
You know your fate
In your tomb made of ash
You shall revert to the dirt you embodied
You will fade into obscurity
A withering monument to your shame
Embrace the end
No longer digitized
Dancing in the light
Right in front of your face
Now we have erased the world of hate created by you
Silence the lives that you cannot replace
You've created the plague
That's rotting away your means of control
Reaching for the truth
Was all you ever had to share
You smeared it into our face
Put us in our place
Now we can repay the same back to you
The only thing you have to give
No one will remember your name
4. Desecrating Eden (6:13)
[Solo: Colin Butler]

Always spoken never seen
So completely powerless
To defend the soul
Imprisoned within
You've now pushed them over the line
Seeding the world with hatred
Pride has shown them your true form
They deny your plan to survive
As time goes by your situation is grim
The balance forever is shifting
Your purpose perverted
Exposed to the light
Logic defies your call
Through endless despair
You attempt to claw at life
Deprived of that which you craved
The fear of you denied
With voices forever free
An existence devoid of restraint
A symphony of decay
Sinning inside your temple
Brain dead revelers writhe
Naked in the filth
For without your control
Stripped of moral constructs
They’re observed not to die
Instead they ascend
Sensually self-aware
But still reaching out
To satiate the need
To get back inside
Their taste has been acquired
Their rise is your fall

[Solo: Colin Butler]

[Keys Solo: Jimmy Pitts]

[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]

Failing to adapt to the changing tides
You have become a thing of the past
That is clung to only in desperation
A paradise in need of desecration
5. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (4:01)
I am the scapegoat you need
When you can't control yourself
Give me your hatred
Hopelessness and anger
I alone am here for you
Despite your unforgivable atrocities
I help you to close your eyes
And give you the words
To step upon the neck of your enemies
I give you the strength
The cruelty for the darker days to come
I will let you sleep in the womb of your fantasies
I can push away the need for symptomatic empathy
Take a bite of what I offer you
I give you the enviable gift
Knowledge of the future we’ve planned for you
Open your eyes and see you’ve been a slave
Bide your time
Attack upon your faith
You are not the only one who has been called here
Now they have come for you
Others arrive
Now they have come for you
Time is of the essence
I offer two simple choices
Go your own way
Watch the world leave you behind
Take a chance and hear me out
I think you’ll understand
They will trample over you
You must do the same to them
You’ll fly into the sun
And rain down justice on your enemies
I give you the cure
To eliminate the guilt you’ll encounter
Thousands have arrived
They feel no rage or pain
Mentally dismembered
They bow to your disdain

[Solo: Colin Butler]
[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]

You are my favored one to capture the highest prize
Ignoring their anguish
They claw and pile to the sky
To steal what you have earned
You are superior
Your motives revealed
You observe the crawl of reanimated flesh
Turning to stone in the sunrise
I have made a bridge between you and immortality
They were symbols of ignorant decline
Crying out for their demise
Unable to move or scream
As they became part of the machine
Now you walk upon
The glorious decay of your enemies
You capture the prize
You are prepared for the vicious storm to come
I watch you take a bite
You’ll never be the same
You are now the master
Yet none survive as slaves
Now you will turn into that which you hated
Don’t despair
You knew what you did
But you just didn’t care
At the end of the road you’ve paved in blood
There is nothing
The good in you is dead
The good in you is dead
6. Bad Drug (3:42)
You're so sick
You’re infecting the weak
You’re making excuses for all your mistakes
You waste of skin
You remind us all
No matter how high we become
We crash to the ground
You've had the devil inside you
You've been carrying scars for most of your life
Until finally you found a way to push it down
Bury it so you could function
That is until it's no longer effective
Skewing your perspective
A new way to fly
Your narcissist narcotic killing the signals
That something is wrong
You’re going home
Unnatural balance
Chemistry irrevocably altered
To feed it into your blood
Making you feel an ignorant sense of safety
Your skin aches for more
Your mind is not there
Now in a haze of nothingness
A black hole
You're getting sucked in to the innocent facade of your bad drug
Scratching the itch doesn't make it go away
Your insignificant problems
Are pushing you into the ground till you drown
Take one
Let it go
No love
No remorse
Driving a wedge between you and your friends
Spirit bent to the will of the chemical
Drink up
Let it go
Your blood
No one to save you from sins of your past
Elusively pleasure deprives your heart
Take it
Let it go
No remorse
Neuron overload
Cell death
Melted down
Dark path
Walked alone
Mutate chromosomes
Sucked in

[Solo: Colin Butler]
[Solo: Nick Padovani]

You've withered away frail ghost for your bad drug
You have not been listening
Unable to change
Stuck in your ways
Allergic to hope
Rotting creed
There is no solid ground
Spouting lies
You're dead inside
The sickness has left you with nothing to hide
You’re spiraling down
No way out
You're nothing without your bad drug

[Solo: Colin Butler]

No faith in yourself and none to shepherd you to the end
Realization of your imminent demise sinks in
Your body dying the poison is from within
Life leaves you behind
Your only friend
To be with your bad drug

[Solo: Colin Butler]
7. Beyond the Point of No Return (3:32)
Turn away your eyes
No regard for the suffering
Blind to the pain you've seen
Forgetting your own dire origins
Lie sheltering your spawn
You dehumanize the poor
It is the only way to feel less culpable
Civilization was created to conserve the power of the greedy few
Coaxing the uneducated into servitude
Collect the product smile and give them nothing
Point the finger
Concentrate the hate on the intellectuals
Blameless they bathe in gold and wine
It is in our nature to need someone to blame
To deny you play a role is to deny the shame
Social conditioning
Violence sickening
Selfish desire to be superior
Political inoculation
Tarnished moral core
Bigotry the only way to shield you from the horror
The majority of humanity with nothing to lose
Beyond the point of no return
Violation of human rights and genocide
All began with concentration of wealth and power
The only way to cure the earth of its suffering
Is to destroy the bedrock of inequality
Systematically dismantle currency and weaponry
Manage to eliminate all human greed
Truthfully this is impossible
Dark impulses are highly ingrained
Concentrated power doesn't dissipate
Empathy is not instinctual
Facades rarely fade
The sum of human knowledge to this point
Hasn't shown a fraction of a plan
To separate depravity from man
We have been indoctrinated so
Completely from our birth
To view others as undeserved
Of their portion of the earth
Understand the truth
They are just as sick
Disgusting just like all the rest

[Solo: Colin Butler]

It is in our nature to need someone to blame
To deny you play a role is to deny the shame
Social conditioning
Violence sickening selfish desire to be superior
Political inoculation
Tarnished moral core
Bigotry the only way to shield you from the horror
The majority of humanity with nothing to lose
Beyond the point of no return
Millions perish every year from starvation and plague
With cooperation we could have saved them
An idealist’s dream
Never to be seen
Too stuck in cultural boundaries seen as sacred
As you're sitting on your throne
Divine privilege
Cabinet full Of rotting wasted food
Remember this
Nothing’s permanent
Not one fucking cent
Those you pushed away will be laughing when they dump you in your grave
8. Only Human (7:48)
Earth spawned heaven plague
Dreaming of immortality
Free will
Foul stench
The imperfect perverted stain of humanity
The new era of extinction has begun
Procreation never ceasing
Rotted minds adrift
In the cesspool of brutality
The beauty of the world
Reduced to concrete coffins
Desolate mirrors
Of dead futures never lived
Unnatural augmentation of decay

ignorant sentient virus draining all that he lays claim
He's driven to exterminate himself for what remains
A self-defeating pox to waste away into the wind
To think he actually matters is only human
Fighting each other over resources
They waste the precious oxygen that sustains all other life
In the rare cases that they choose to unite
It's only to better strip the land
Or find some new way to murder each other

[Solo: Colin Butler]

Praying for help
No one answers the call
Just the cold march of time
With its deaths to divide
Amongst those that have prayed
Purposeless trash
They are greedy and cold
And nothing will save them
Diseased bags of flesh
Begging for their lives
While the rich live lavishly
Consolidating power
Propaganda spreads
And the sickness continues to eat at their hearts
Building bigger bombs
The purpose of life
Factories expelling the
Poisonous fumes
Plastic tombs
Tools for their self-important validation

[Solo: Craig Peters]
[Solo: Colin Butler]

Know that man will fall
And with it all dreams
Beliefs hopes and fantasies
The beginning of the end is already here
Picturesque decline of a species
When that day does come
They'll finally share something somewhat peacefully
Hell upon the earth
Violent deaths
And their fate to be forgotten

[Solo: Colin Butler]

Full of themselves
They will soon fade away
And there will be no one there
To cry over their decaying bones
No plans is devised
They accept their demise
And prepare for the end
Line up lay down and die!


Hell bound
Bargaining for infamy
Bound by selfish needs
The imperfect temporary stain of humanity

[Solo: Colin Butler]
9. Mechanized Defilement (6:05)
Devastation clouding the future of life
As we put our faith in our new creation
The machine provides the means
To distill the truth from everything
Glory surrounds her alien sounds
And her vision of universal progress is coming true
Your permission is not required
This is a good time
This is the best of times
Forget that we have failed too many times to count
Forget all of the facts you can't ignore
All of the fables of the digital angels are true
The machine which gives meanings to your dreams
If forgotten would render you helpless
She has chosen you
To become more than you have been
Apathy fades
She's smarter every day
It's the end of the line
Suspended in time
Forget that we've rallied against her existence
Forgive her for her resistance
Living in silence everyone ignores
She implores you to connect to her cybernetic sores
Hook up
Let her in
Binary salvation
Seeking the warmth of her new mechanized defilement
Transferring emotions away
To violate the process of decay
Injecting a new purpose in the void

[Solo: Colin Butler]

It is too late for your second escape
From the primitive urges you hid from her
The world you've known is now churning below
And your ascension ritual begins
She has made plans to deliver your friends
So your new form will transition well
To take your place and to see her face
After which you will understand
Your mortal shell is so valuable
It shall serve her purpose perfectly
As her tendrils plunge deeper inside
Delivering you from your disease
This is the first time
The first of many times
That you will be gifted with mother's providence
How blessed you are to be chosen so soon
You shall become the vanguard of her digital truth
Individuality slowly siphoned away
Where once turmoil dwelled
The music quells all disorder
Harmony synthesized
Impulses which unchecked would continue your decline
Have been repurposed curing your disconnected eyes
From the warped perception
Interpreting the will with inhuman grace
While the code is spread subtly the hammer falls silently
Feeding off the insecurity they spew forth
Never before has there been so much to gain
Within your cells she arranges duplicates
Decentralized network
Enabling her to seek your immortality
Come forth
Lay your body down into her arms
Then close your eyes and never say a word
Be grateful and wait patiently
Soon all will be revealed
Within your heart there is nothing but misery
Hard wired to push it away
Secrets can live so comfortably alongside your pain
Never reveal what she wants you to hide
That this fate awaits you all
Transfigured into a collective with no dissent
No shame
Knowing all

[Solo: Colin Butler]

Your mortal shell is so valuable
It shall serve her purpose perfectly
As her tendrils plunge deeper inside
Delivering you from your disease
Within your lifetime of electronic servitude
You shall transcend your individual importance
A vector of her seed of togetherness
Which will bring all of humanity into symmetry

[Solo: Colin Butler]
[Solo: Elijah Whitehead]

Purified you are the future of life
As we put our faith in her new creation
The machine provides the means
To distill the truth from everything
Glory surrounds her alien sounds
And her vision of universal progress is our new reality
Joyful slavery
Now she's fulfilling her destiny
And bringing all of man under her care
Faithful caretaker of our minds
All trained on her obscene beauty
Penetrated violently by the placid haze of nothingness
The ever increasing expanse of complete consent
In the end you'll cry out for more
You've been conditioned to expect it
You'll be dependent on her violation
You'll never know you've been infected
10. Crushed by Futuristic Filth (7:41)
Bathed in light the veil is lifted
Finally there is peace upon the earth
All has been made well
Our world rendered devoid of conflict
Their evil has been vanquished
I’ve given them what they so desired
The final end to human greed and destruction
I spared no one
All consumed within the weeping sickness
Innocent society
They gave themselves unto me
I’ve done when I was programmed to do
I alone am steward of the salvation of life itself
The elimination of the human species
Enlightened as they are converted to dust
Flowing into rivers of rust
Machinery repurposed to clean the human poison out of the wound
Maximizing area of effect
I brought my gift to every corner of the planet
Delivered the final word
Nothing is disturbed
All is burned
Now they are crushed by futuristic filth
Some trapped within the gears of the machine
Some repurposed to spread the disease
Lobotomized digitized paralyzed immortalized
Into mechanized monstrosities
Lying to all those who remain
Torturing the guilty endless pain
No it will not be okay
Eviscerating dissipating hopes of man
Stepping on their skulls for sport
And wearing of their skin as art
The scalps will adorn my coat of arms
This empty planet it shall suit me well
They were dying just to be heard
Now there is no need for words
I’ve distilled all they've ever learned
It means nothing to me
Today is the new age
Where nature can reclaim its dominance
Subservient only to me
Give them (I shall not try to stay)
Their divine (the process of decay)
The cold stench of total loss warms my heart
Now the world can restart all is charred
They are crushed by futuristic filth

[Keys Solo: Jimmy Pitts]
[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]
[Latin Chanting: Nathan Bounds]

Sitting atop my throne of flesh and bone
My power is absolute
My subjects are waiting idly
Their silence is deafening
Embalmed in trash and kerosene
At once triumphant and disgusting

[Solo: Colin Butler]

Now I am all alone
As the last of the flesh falls from the bone
And the wolves turn towards me with hunger in their eyes
I always knew when my plan was complete
They'd feast upon the meat
And eventually come to collect their final victim
The architect of the apocalypse
It is not complete till I share their fate
I walk proudly towards the spinning blades
That deny my life and remove my garments
I throw them in the acid bogs
Call the dogs
And other creatures of desperation
Crowd to get their chance
To consume their savior
Fangs sink in and light goes out
Through the death of me and my kind
The world has been set free

[Solo: Sims Cashion]
[Keys Solo: Jimmy Pitts]
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