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Obsidian Codex Full Album Lyrics

Vassafor - Obsidian Codex cover art

Obsidian Codex

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-05)
Disc 1  
1. Initium (2:18)
2. Rites of Ascension (8:33)
Rising from tombworld
above the restless..... dead

passing through
immense mortuary temple
elaborate facade
(the) celestial necropolis

at the place of ascension
take me into thy fold

(manifest destiny)
lamp of invisible light
illuminate the vale of... shadows

Celestial... Fire... Awaits....

Unto the Sun... the Fifth Son

Dawn of the Ascender
Observance of Deathcult rites
Perversifist of eternal death

Ritual sacrifice to the Sun
Satiate the Blood... God
Obsidian Blade strikes deep
....again and again
....over and over

Am I favoured by the Gods?

Within a pyramid
assembled from rotting flesh
I wait
3. Obsidian King (12:13)

I am His vengeful wrath, the cleansing flame
purging weakened flesh, witchcraft and might

Vassaforiac......the path to godhood/is fueled by sacrifice.....

Pierce the veil/this night of computing years

the ladder shines brightest...when built from their bones

(....thy disciple hears....) (....thy disciple sees....)

destined to fall, emptiness of shadows
you shall taste abject defeat
blazing glory of the eternal self
my soul burns in heretical flames
eternal pride, all enemies will die
obsidian soul, a temple in flesh

my great art....(a) throne of blood
taste armageddon.

I am a sword that gleams with righteous hate
I am a key, corruption absolute
I am the sun, Kali lives in my veins

I am lightning, stripping away waste
I am entropy, nature's favourite son
I am an angel, of extermination

the call to war
the bringer of change

my silver soul has awoken
a left hand path guided by prophets
inflame Kali, lightning and sun

I am a key, corruption absolute
I am a prince....VASSAFOR

eternal pride/essence transcend flesh

demonic reign/begins upon the ruins of man

I am His vengeful wrath
the cleansing flame
witchcraft and might
4. Archeonauts Return (16:58)
born form desolate tombs, o lord of the wastelands
satanstorms ravish antiqued hearts

a Solar Sapien(genus) satanacus galactica
across the 30th parallel the test tube archeonaut sits
locked in orbit, praeter destined the all seeing watcher awaits

thy exaulted annihilator our immortal ancestors
once ascended that same passage into thine
flaming chariot through a veil of hanging gold dust
the man outside time might once bask in thy glory
let it so again....that i may be granted just one wish

great ones of the imperishable star
your pantheon endures still....still!

purge the filth
what a wretch is man

wheels of time turn slow
72 degrees til seperation
every 52 years
comes the opportunity....
....to strike!

arm the weapons!

a missile of mercy the great equalizer none to be forgotten
all will be one under the eternal winter
embrace the universe
scattered dust swept by cosmic winds
as grains of sand sand on a shore
earth shall return to the ether...a micron at a time

violence is thy gift(every) 52 years
now is the opportunity....to strike!

purge the filth what a wretch is man
a missile of mercy the great equalizer
scatters the dust
all shall be one under the eternal winter
dismal angel of impurity
ravager of the apocalyptic winds
reclaim this decaying husk
demon of the 4 wings
cleanse this earth with righteous flame
purge the filth....what a wretch is man
....o wretched man

....remake this earth....
heralding a new age... the rebirth of the planet Satan
5. Craft of Dissolution (6:09)
When did the first seed come?
Unnoticed signs of change
The southern cross bleeds black
52 years comes one last time
we are but vulture food
Foolish men, our past greets us
but do we have eyes to see?

His abyssal black gaze sees all
vacant, infinite
He maketh the oceans boil and the air freeze
Cosmic hammer of perpetual death
the ripening flower of disease
& shines in the lepers smile
His gift carries a promise
of a return to the middle ages

Malignant esoterrorist of a perverse orthodoxy
Emperor of pestilence, use our bodies as your temples

Putressence ritual, anoint with decay
blossoming with your rotted love

sacks of abundant flesh
bursting with clotted sweetness
once bloomed, now withered
......a viral phoenix awaits the fire of rebirth

Who can resist the Pestilential King?
Thine cold osidian ways
Divine to the unclean
Unmerciful to the divine
Drowning forever (in seas of boiling blood)
Angel of the funeral pyre
Infernal Regent of the firey abyss
Shining morning star

Thy demonic will is done
The next system awaits....
Disc 2  
1. Nemesis (23:34)

As darkness falls,
I'm filled with sadness,
haunted by the memories

To mourn eternally
I am the last of my tribe
of all my companions
who were taken from me
never again will the Victoryants feast
on the sweet flesh our vanquished foes

a cold, cloudless night / in the ninth moon of the year. The great Warrior Mars/ has become visible in the firmament;/ his red eye will be my guide
in the name of our ancestors I will have revenge (utu)

I will be thy Nemesis......

"Oh hear me Tu, thou that livest in the wind. You were the first murderer; grant me your blessing to destroy those that strikest against me. Let their torment echo from the depths of hell
for eternity as a tohu for others that wouldest raise a mere glimmer of thought against thou servant
..the Nemesis...the Nemesis

There is the star glimmering from above;
My thoughts are bewildered: I am alone,
Tu is still looking to the setting sun;
Where are thy brothers,
To fill up thy vacant seat?

In the memory of my sons, wreak your revenge through me!

I am a man, drown me in sorrow,
That I may see the foe who sheds their blood;
Grant my wish, that of revenge!

Cursed be these dogs who have thus dealt with me! May their heads be used by animals for sport to kick in the dirt; may their bones be cages, and their flesh as the bait; their intestines be twisted into knots; may they be cooked and eaten by slaves!

Come, o bloodlust flow into my eyes,
let me guard you, within the pure flame

I shall become the Nemesis
& not one shall be spared my wrath


I am vengeance. Obsidian cuts deep,
their veins now empty, deluge the earth with their blood.

the gods teach me to be a man-eater, and to bear malice for ever,
to consume their souls I must gorge on their flesh

Hear your vessel oh Mars, / / Thy reign is come: Thy will is done. / Here is the offering; here is the Blood. / Bring me through midnight to the Sun! / Deliver me from Evil and from Good! / That Thy one crown of all the Ten / Even now and forever (as your servant).....AMEN

They shall all drown in lakes of tears
Now they will learn why they fear the night
How my pain burns
As a star rages wild
until a blackened void

O thou distant mountain peak! Thy chilling frost-tipped head
I am wrapped within thy snow, in a house of death.
My memory now is blank, I know not one act
Of kindness from the world. The seed of life is rotten now
A word for you my enemies...
Cease crossing my path; cease going on the roads which lead to my home, lest you be left on the roads as food for the birds of the air and for the beasts from the depths, or for me. Because now I have begun to eat human flesh, my throat constantly craves for the flesh of man. I shall not die; I shall not die. When death itself is dead I shall be alive. I shall live forever on the essence of your terror with all these slain spirits as my slaves. These are my faithful words to you all throughout your many regions. I end here. The Nemesis of all that lives....
2. Sunya (Void Paradox) (8:47)
SUNYA (Void Paradox)

Of the empty sky
In the space between the stars
Alpha to Omega/Lightning & Sun

the Selfless Void...is

From the heart of a star
To the depths of the earth
All of life….is just dust

to erase all flesh, in the selfless void
a god of entropy
return to the stars, the cosmic wheel
a lifeless husk

Purifier...create galactic concord
Obliviator...infrasonic monodrone
Annihilator...reverential black obeisance


sweeping through galaxies, extinguishing all stars
leaving only Sunya, serene nothingness

Enigmatic archetype, the Emperor of dissolution

From the heart of a star, To the depths of the earth
All of life, is just dust

Our Inevitable destiny
Lightning and Sun
will cleanse this fucking world....
3. Abysmal Herald of Desolation (5:20)
4. Makutu (Condemned to Deepest Depths) (7:35)

Lay hold oh Death

Lay hold on this man

Rangahua, here thou art

kneel within, lie stretched out,

The blow-flies buzz. The maggots crawl

let him be cast out
to the place of the glow-worms.

Swarm upon him, O spirits from the sky
Swarm upon him, O spirits of the earth!

Let him be / cast to the deepest depths

to the darkness / for eternity
That Death may / gather him up

Seize the soul / of my victim

 reduced to nothingness

He sways and staggers, in the midst of fire and smoke.
gripped by demons, then released,

Cry to your fathers, beg to your gods!
Let your lips be drawn back from your teeth,
A grinning skull of terror

your eyes wildly glare! You are cast to the night, into the pit.…
Thrust him down, O Rangi [Sky]! Immerse him in the depths, O Papa [Earth]!

Let him not appear again in the light of this world

Darkness of death envelops you! The sun of life shines forth on me

Tukua kia mate!
Karakia whakamate
5. Exitium (1:14)
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