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Ancestral Origins | Full Album Lyrics

Valiant - Ancestral Origins cover art

Ancestral Origins

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Dungeon Synth
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-06-30)
1. In the Beginning (12:08)
And in the beginning life was born with infinite meaning,
The sun shined ever bright and the moon reflected it's light,
And in the beginning there was spawned landscapes divine,
With plains of green you see, a range of mountains allign,

When in the beginning the light did shine,
The earth was forged from a majestic shrine,
And beneath the sky of the world we know,
A wisdom recovered from an era long ago.

It was there from the beginning,
The earth with all it's majestic legends,
And once before the wisdom's that create,
The forgery of alliances shall make.

When in the beginning the moon did glow,
The earth welcomed the darkness to grow,
And beneath the sky of the world we know,
A wisdom recovered from an era long ago.
2. Earthbound (7:54)
From soil with water, earth and seed,
Life flourished which birthed new air to breathe,
And with glaring light and fires blight,
The sun gave blossom to all in it's sight.

And after the beginning of the creation,
Began the cycle to all of the life we know,
And after all the majesty has grown,
Shall there be new wisdom to be known.

It orbited, it glowed in the dark beyond,
Giving celestial radiance to night's bond,
When darkness fell the waters did dwell,
But the moon forced the shore's farewell.
3. Majestic Legend (6:24)
Now in the moonlight's softest hour,
When paths are seen between olden bower,
To gambol on the dewy green,
By mortal eyes alone unseen.

When the world is sunk to sleep,
We our moonlight revels keep,
And merrily play, or gaily stray,
Where darkness wills, to moonlight stay.

Now they glide in mazy round,
Now with airy footsteps bound,
Sporting beneath the bright moonbeams,
Where their sparkling radiance gleams.

When spirits floating in the air,
The balmy breath of evening share,
And every sprite and nymph and fay.
Awakes to joy, till dawn of day.
4. Ceremonial Sanctum (1:33)
5. Ancestral Temple (7:55)
Ancient echos all throughout the hollowed walls,
Spectral whispers of agony will sound thy sacred halls,
And on the path to seek a temporal guidance,
Where the moon was lit with mythical radiance.

There was and far away - the temple of the moon,
Before sacred wisdom is told the shadows doom,
How peerless the moon glows in a past of old,
Beneath a dome when all the earth was cold.

Illusions will haunt forever in these daring chambers
Subliminally kept away from ages of endless failures,
And now before the mythical temple now in flame,
Uncover the knowledge of what this world became.
6. Spectral Echoes (6:42)
Within the temple halls a shadow looms,
As darkness falls from forbidden runes,
Seeking a bright light to consume,
And whispering voices echoing with gloom.

Spectral Echoes through sacred chambers,
A dark voice to guide from past failures.

Within temple halls, a dark presence aware,
As darkness devours and the moon to stare,
Peeking behind walls of old despair,
And from the anomaly; a prayer.
7. Beyond Temptations (5:48)
To everlasting life the glory and the might,
Spoils of war, power within my sight,
It has been foretold through centuries of old,
Strongholds will fall, in the final hour of law.

Beyond temptations of men,
An era of new - shadows shall renew.

With endless wisdom brings a world of life,
Spoils of gold, the greed and hatred rife,
With a lust for damnation to bring an end,
To the world we know darkness will descend.
8. Everlasting (6:53)
Seen be the light of a thousand years past,
A force that gave glorious life at last,
And from that light was knowledge to learn,
An era of prosperity to long yearn.

Yet darkness grew from nothing,
And with that it became everlasting.

Gone are the shadows of tomorrow's grasp,
Nature's music sounds as magic surrounds,
And from that moment there on it became,
Evermore in the morning's fame.
9. The Origins of Valiance (10:15)
Sounds of legends echo once and for all,
To a gathering beyond the temple hall,
Chants of dark wisdom to forge a new path,
Visions of tomorrow will witness old wrath,
Along forever created to become at last.

Seen now are all our ancestral dreams,
Hear now the voices of past ceremony,
The future of our world to be chosen,
In the origins of valiance to face the dark!

From the infinite glow of a moonlit dome,
Carry on forever to where memories roam,
Burn all recollections in the sacred tome,
A priest to guide the new era alone,
With wisdom and courage to be shown.
10. Green Worlds (Lustre cover) (9:13)
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