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Promised Land Full Album Lyrics

Valfreya - Promised Land cover art

Promised Land

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Folk Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-19)
1. Horizon (1:29)
2. Odin's Fury (4:25)
Ye think you can’t die?
Ye forgot you can’t ignore us.
You dared to blaspheme the gods.
I accept and take thy challenge!

Maybe we didn’t taste immortality,
but we lived like you never did before.
We are stronger than you can imagine.
Our faith lives through our blades and souls.
Profanity shall be punished.
And these drakkars will perish.
Welcome the fury of the gods as a gift and thy only redemption.
Unsoiled thy blasphemies with the drowning of thy Brothers.
Their sunk blood will wash thy words, but their memories will haunt ye forever.
Stand up! Stand up!
Don’t let this divinity annihilates us!
The mighty forces will not overcome our tale.
Receive your death as an affront to their sky.
As long as I will be standing, our quest will survive.
As long as I will be standing, hope will subsist
3. Mortal Supremacy (2:46)
Taking to the sea, so the rest of the world can fear us.
Invincible warriors, (we) shall be remembered forever.

Gods are for the weak of heart and mind,
Created to give the masses hope and reason
But they only observe while we shape the world.
Once the land is won, we’ll challenge the heavens!


Our courage and our names shall be remembered.

Comrades in battle, unwavering faith in ourselves.
Brut strength assuring victory and glory.

Merchant of death, we trade in superiority.
Defeat is unknown even to the graves.
4. Pandemonium (4:10)
After offending the almighty,
The crimson sky vanished into eternal darkness.


Apocalypse - (Apocalypse)
A Storm Broke out (Hell surrounds us)
Deathly Typhoon, (Discord, Mayhem)
Extermination, (Pandemonium)

The great Kraken, spawns from Chaos
Fishes out men, Seizes their lives
Longing for meals of flesh and blood
Decimating all the sinners!!


Repel the Fiend. Survive the fray.

Engulfed by the never-ending spume of this vile cataclysm.
They must all perish by the hands of the immortal.

Repel the Fiend. Survive the fray.

5. The Icelanding Sagas (1:16)
6. Shame and Despair (6:15)
Erick, seeing the despair in the eyes of his men, tries to breathe in some courage invoking the forgiveness of the gods.
My men all died… of my folly...
as they followed to their demise.
I dreamt this odyssey,
They agreed...
They all died…

It was you who told us we'd live forever. I failed.
That our names would be in the songs of the bards (utterly failed)
But I could not foresee the choler, The anger, the ire, the fury
That my impudence would cause. That they'd all die for me.
What have I done…

It was me who told you you'd live forever (You failed)
That your names would be in the songs of the bards (Utter failure)
But I was wrong (You were blind), By my pride (You transgressed)

As I thought I was blessed leading you to death
O Baldur forgive my mistake, I confess.
Now I can feel the colors that through this pain I see.
I can appreciate the worth of what you've given me.
7. Peuple du nord (3:40)
Peuple du Nord si fort, peuple de Thor tu vains la mort.
L'Amérique terre promise. Lointaine contrée sera soumise

Tes Muscles Saillants
Tes cheveux de feux
Jaillissant des vagues
Prêts, dignes et fougueux

Abattant les vagues (d’un) rythme valeureux.
Ton regard d'azure quérissant les cieux.

Jadis, avide d'un songe… patrimoine…
Le vent porte la gloire du conquérant hardi...

Accoste cette terre inconnue de la guerre, abritée des souffrances.
(Elle) préserve une vaillance.
Nous sommes les dignes fières intrépides.
Levons notre verre à cette nouvelle terre !

Sans effroi, ni tourment,
Nous anéantissons !
8. Promised Land (6:27)
Hear, the man’s burden whistling.
He is wearied with his sense of guilt.
Hope, beyond the zenith and the slope.
Forgotten light, unearth at last.

My legacy to this world will soon be done!
Our destiny will extend a new kingdom!

Brave the rage of the sea. Grant your lives to survive.
(The) Horizon shows the leaves of the trees.
We endured great sufferance, smelled the cold breath of death.

We arrive to the PROMISED LAND!!!
9. The Choice (4:20)
Time surges as the rain seeks to overwhelm the earth
Its caress implores me to return.
Dripping and soaking me, its bitter bouquet dictates a final decision.

To subsist, a chimera shall be forgotten.
To survive, a Utopia has to be buried

A desire to feel this ease again.
A craving to handle my fenced realm.

To cease or to remain…

To allow the shame of abandon.
To vacate and live with this guilt.
Remorse lulled by a stigma of disgrace.
I have buried my friends and I'm not willing to embrace Death again.
The claws of the Dark Lady have not yet chosen me.

Honor, Renown, Mortal, Glory, Legend, Leader.
I foresee an humble destiny.
A prophecy of a celestial city.
The domains of gods will be thy rest eternally.
Thy name shall be remembered endlessly.

I choose the glory
I accept my fate
Valhalla is close to me
I will soon open its gates
10. Warlords (4:30)
Half Man, Half Beast, Lõki's low down trick.

Claws, Fangs, Feathers, Growls,
Cruel, Wild, Creatures of myths.
I can smell their putrid breath
I can feel their hunger for

Death, Sly, Ugly Hunters,
Fatal Raid, Thirsty killers.
I can hear their panting excitement
So are ours, Great sons of warlords

We are ready to die!

The only way to reach the path to the great Valhalla
is to fearlessly fight and assent to bleed.
Vidarr made a pact with Lõki and damned our souls to a near end.
Gods are giving us a chance to reach our redemption; to ascend.

In the end, we will feast with Gods.
We will fight again and again!
In the end, we will feast with Gods
Again and again!
11. Evolution (4:51)
Fools that you are to set sail so far,
To go against the will of the Gods.

Erick you failed to heed my call
Your quest will fail,
Your name will fall.

Do you not know that you cannot go
conquer new land sans Odin's hand?

Surely the seas will turn against thee.
Along your path: Odin’s might's his wrath!

The beasts lurking under the water
Sinking the ships,
One by one, by one...

Amid the desperate and fearful screams of the drowning,
The monsters feast

Destroying all but one vessel of this fleet,
One by one, by one...

The sea is red with the mangled bodies of the dead,
The storm has past...

These Galdrar and songs will help you along
to go further more to friendlier shores.

But once on land thread lightly my friend,
Don't let your guard down. Dangers still abound.

Do you not know that you cannot go
conquer new land sans Odin's hand?

Surely the grounds this new world you found
Will end your path: Odin’s might's his wrath!

Waking in a dream, I see a gentle stream of an emerald beauty.
Water trickling down on the rocks in a pond
where Nymphs naked and free bathe and eat.

The sacred fruits
The blessed foods
The magical brews
All around

The comfort, hospitality, the numbness, the rest that would be…
If you stand your ground...
Forward I must go

I will lay my corpse to claim my name on legends' history
12. Undying Tale (2:47)
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