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For Darkness to Subside Full Album Lyrics

Uhtcearu - For Darkness to Subside cover art

For Darkness to Subside

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
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Lyrics > U > Uhtcearu Lyrics (8) > For Darkness to Subside Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-29)
1. Burning Effigy (6:02)
Scavengers of a fallen empire
Survivors of an era fueled by desire
Skyscrapers left abandoned
Forgotten cities we inhabit

A burning effigy
Succumb to their disease
Dividing, conquering
The rulers' greatest strength
Our complacence

Contemptuous feast
There's no relief
In their greed

Light the torch
We stand and join the march
To bring our age out from the dark
Usurped and silenced
Shut down with violence
Our rulers' greatest threat
Unified knowledge

Our only hope
Is to expose
The corrupt systems
By which we are controlled
2. To the Hammer We Pray (4:13)
At the birth of our world
The demon of darkness was slain
And our reverence for light
Overcame our aversion to pain

The dreams of the past
Give out their dying gasp
No longer does magic reside in the Earth
Only fuel to burn

A sacrifice
To the death of night and immortal life

This world of steel
Was forged in fire
From smoke
Our molten savior
To the hammer we pray

From the silence of sleep
The blaze of perfection ignites

The flame of progress
Burns with our every breath
The fury and might of a violent eruption
To create destruction

All false idols have been smashed
Deliverance through fire and ash
We build the future now
3. Existence is Solitude (4:02)
Walls too thick to believe
And too far to wander
A road too dark to walk
And time too long to squander

A sound too soft to hear
And too faint to wonder
A dream too old to chase
And thoughts too deep to ponder

Born underground
We are all alone

We crawl in the black
Our voices confined
By the vision we lack
The tunnels obtrude
Existence is solitude

Skies too high to reach
And too cold to thunder
Eyes too blind to see
And hearts too dead to conquer
4. May Spirits Guide Us Through (7:24)
We've payed the cost
A lifetime of dreams all lost
What can I do
May spirits guide us through

Undone by our fears
The torture of time, torture of tears
Courage withdrew
May spirits guide us through

The tempest unleashed
The flood carries me down
Into the deep
The pit of despondency

Gone with the tide
The faith that had filled my life
We pray to the sky
For darkness to subside

When the rain starts to fall
The thunderous cry of twilight's call
For the exile of light
Paralysis of fright

In these venomous hours
Dull pangs of dread devour
The will to press on
All our hope is gone

Descend on me
The peace of sleep
The world beneath
Will set us free
5. The Depth of Gloom (6:12)
Apparitions drift across the way
Where the sinister mist
Feeds the scent of decay

The depth of gloom forever hidden

Through the veins of oak
Only dust to show their face
Masked and cloaked
Torn robes follow in pace

Death beneath the ferns
Life above the trees
Lights extinguished
As night sets you free

Spirits arrive
They make you their own
Rise from the ground
Never again alone

The depth of gloom forever hidden
The depth of gloom never forbidden

Diabolical divine
Darkness is your guide
Upon the fog disciples march
Devoid of cadence
Passing under the arch

Hope is not lost
Your voyage goes on
The depth of gloom forever hidden
The depth of gloom never forbidden
6. As Witching Hours Wane (4:51)
Adrift in the seas of perilous sleep
Possessed by our dreams
And as we awake
Our dreams we escape
Or so it seems

In the dead of night
A whispering poltergeist
Wanders in our mind
To sing a sullen lullaby
Ill tempered and morose
An acolyte of crows
'Neath a weeping willow

Howling winds will sunder
Body from soul
Dreams awake from slumber
To take control

The moon will nurture those
Abandoned by the sun
With every passing night
Our fears (remain) undone
And as we lie awake
We face the twilight's band
The harnessing of grief in retreat

As witching hours wane
7. Dance of the Morning Sun (3:36)
8. Tower of Silence (8:33)
"What is born will die
What has been gathered will be dispersed
What has been accumulated will be exhausted
What has been built up will collapse
And what has been high will be brought low"

An empty vessel as dawn draws near
Rid of the filth that poisons the air
Rogyapas assemble, steel in hand
No body is meant to be spared in this land

Rip out my tongue
Flatten my bones
Sky dancers, they're coming home

Three circles lie ahead
The outer my home
A platform of death and rebirth
The tower of silence my throne

Three circles lie ahead in my fate
The outer my home
A platform of death and rebirth
Dakhmeh my throne

Dragged up to the mountain
Snap my spine
Blood covers my face again
Have I become divine

Elevate my soul far from the frozen earth
Grant me serenity before my last breath
Released by the burial master
And given back to mother nature
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