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Cult of the Dark Lord | Full Album Lyrics

Tyrakk - Cult of the Dark Lord cover art

Cult of the Dark Lord

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. (Prelude) Pray to the Dark Lord (2:37)
Praise the Lord Arsshan
Ras Tiarn Arsshan
The Only One True God
De Enas fiør Gott
Father of Fathers
Athar ov Athars
Maker of Makers
Skopr ov Skopers
Tonight I pray the Lord Arsshan
Anøcht vi bø de Tiarn Arsshan
And one night he will come
Ond ø nøcht sø skul kome

He will come and reign on this world
This world made by the one who betrayed
The one who refuse the truth
The One that humans call God
The One who killed our Lord

But one night he will come
Me ø nøcht sø skul kome
And rule on this world.
Ond roða ar ðett vøld.
2. Cult of the Dark Lord (5:26)
An Evil Feeling in their mind
Preaching the Devil will
Leaving the learnings of Naard

For them Arsshan is the true god
God is an opportunist

They kill
They rape

This is the Cult of the Dark Lord
This is the Cult of the Dark Lord
This is the Cult of the Dark Lord
This is the Cult of the Dark Lord
This is the Cult of the Dark Lord

A rebellion against God
Fighting against the Kingdom
For Arsshan glory
To see Naardakh soaked in blood
3. Swords and Magic (4:39)
Evil forces walk on Naardakh
A Civil War tearing the Kingdom

Forbidden power
Unleashing Creatures

Caardis, the Second
Leads an army to fight the Cult
And protect the people of Naardakh

The Valorous King
Is ahead his army
Charging with the Moonblade

Swords and Magic
The war between Humans
And Arsshan begins
Civil War
Raging in Naardakh

Caardis, the Second
Was found dead in the snow
The Prince took his sword
The Moonblade shines

The Young King
Leads his army
And is fighting the Cult

Swords and Magic
The War between Humans
And demons, creatures
Blood and death on Naardakh

Hunting the Cult
In all Naardakh
Buldarian, the Second
Bring peace on the Land

Swords and Magic
4. Giant of Ice (3:46)
Victory is here, Naardakh is free
The Dark Lord is defeated
But appeared, because of evil and fright
A mighty Giant of Ice.

Moving through Naardakh
Seems to search something

Giant Of Ice

Travelling and travelling
The Golem brought fear with him

Giant Of Ice

“He’s send by Arsshan ?”
“This Giant will end us all ?”
“He comes to kill the King ?”

Giant Of Ice

Travelling and travelling
The Giant of Ice is travelling
Across the Kingdom,
Eating each soldiers
He finds on his way

Giant Of Ice
5. Revelations (10:16)
Buldarian were moving from the North
To Naardstad, he flawed the Cult
He heard about a golem,
Who’s travelling through the la nd.

The King came in the capital
Acclaimed by his people, he could feel the fear
Alongside of Rørsk
Together riding to meet the Giant of Ice.

The winds of winter whipped King’s face
Freezing the rain falling from the sky
The blizzard’s violence can’t stop the King
He’s travelling across the Vast Plains of Naardakh.

Days after days, looking for the Giant
His hair was frozen, but he never stops
Weeks after weeks, hunting the Golem
As if his whole life depended on it

One day, Buldarian faced an icy rock
The rock moved
It was the Giant Of Ice

Before the King talks, the Golem attacked him
Fortunately, Buldarian dodged the icy punch.
The King unsheathes his mighty weapon,
And The Moonblade shined more than usual.

Blinding the Giant, the blade was whiter.
And the Golem bows to the King.
A Great Golem, three times his height, feared by a simple man.

“The white blade shines with my brothers’ hearts.
Finally, I met Buldarian, the Second, King of Naardakh.
It is an honor to meet you, your Grace.
I’m Eylgaadr, Guardian of The First Island.”

At this moment, the King understood
Seeing what Naard saw, hundreds years before.

“When Naard found Naardakh,
The First Island was hidden and hostile for Men.
He has lost their faith after the Divine Battle.”

The King sits near the Giant
The Time of Revelations begins
Buldarian will know the truth that Naard known
The Truth that Naard taught, long forgotten.

“God can’t come to the World to fight Arsshan again
He’s restoring, his last fight exhausted him.
But Men can defend their own land.
God will reward them with Eternity

My King, I’m the Guardian of the First Island
I’m here to stop wars in this land
Your ancestors destroyed my army
Bringing peace on Naardakh

But be must be unified, you unified them
You’re a True Hero as Naard
God will give you the Eternal Life, but not now
You don’t need it now.

The Cult Of The Dark Lord has been defeated
But one day, the Cult will come back
His leader is hidden on Naardakh
One day he’s a baby, another day he’s an old man

He’s an Arsshan’s minion, he is immortal
And Naardakhians know him
His name is Jadarss, also known as the Catcher

My King, you will follow my instructions
To protect Naardakh, you need to leave your sword
The Moonblade is the only one which can save the world
Climb the White Mountain, you will see writings

And one day, a man will appear,
This man is the savior, he will be nurtured by bears
But he is the only one man who can kill Arsshan
And he will kill him three times

Arsshan has many lives
But God think he need to be killed three times
To die for eternity
Please, My Lord, protect the Kingdom

I will reward you, if you climb the White Mountain
Now plant your sword in me
To complete The Moonblade
The blade will be powerful.”

When he heard these words,
The King Buldarian took his sword
And stabbed Eylgaadr in the heart
The Moonblade was fulfilled
6. Planted in the Ice - The Moonblade (4:50)
Now, the King knows his duty
He walked to the White Mountain

This is the final quest of Buldarian
This is the end of his journey

Risking his own life for the Kingdom
He climbs the White Mountain
As his Ancestor

When he was on the highest point
He saw Naard’s writings

He decides to plant the Moonblade
And leave the Royal Heritage

Appeared suddenly a wonderful horse
As the Golem, it was an icy horse
He was sent by Eylgaadr himself for reward

Buldarian ride him to Naardstad
In one hour, he reached the city

And the horse disappeared
Becoming Ice Steel
And the Royal Family
Hid the metal
7. The Opportunist (3:44)
Hundreds years passed
And the Royal Family kept the secret

The King Buldarian, the Third is reigning
He is on the Throne since hundred years

Now he is old and sick
He is going to die

But appeared an old man
Wearing black clothes
He said that he can save the King

The Old King accepted to be saved
And the man disappeared

Few years after,
The Old King started to kill his family
Trusting on his immortality
But his youngest son, Caardis
Fled with his pregnant wife

The Young Prince was sure
That his father his cursed
He went to seek the old man

To seek the Opportunist
Who stole the King’s soul
8. The Last King (3:56)
Chasing through Naardakh
The Prince found the Black Mage
Caardis knows the truth
His father is controlled by Jadarss
The Black Mage wants to ruin the Kingdom
And summon his Master

The Prince struggles against spells
With his sword to avoid them

The incarnation of Arsshan
Condemned the Kingdom
He finished his last incantation
Opening a gate to Hell

Caardis sliced the head of The Catcher
Killing the Power of Arsshan
But his father’s soul is forever lost
The Last King of Naardakh is dead

Demons from Hell attacked the Prince
Fighting to the death
Hoping his own child will save the Kingdom
9. An Evil Feeling (4:31)
10. The Hidden Princess (7:49)
There was a young girl
Always running away,
She never saw her father
And she live in a world in constant war

This girl was sixteen when her mother passed away
She found her dead in her own bed
With a piece of paper in her hand

“Marnya, you’re the last Princess of The Kingdom
You’re the blood of Naard, daughter of Caardis
Our savior will come, and the War will end

You need to find him, the man nurtured by bears
And one day you will climb the White Mountain
And find the Moonblade, the Royal Sword

She ran away,
Searching the man nurtured by bears

The Cult find her in a forest
She was close to die
When a bear saved her

But it was not a bear
It was a man wearing bear’s skins
At this moment, she knew she finds him

And when she saw him, she loved him
And when he saw her, he loved her
She tells him the Story of Naardakh
And the man accept to help her

They worked together to unified the Kingdom
Leading an army against the Cult Of The Dark Lord

The Hidden Princess and his Protector
Marnya and Tyrakk
Are ready for their destiny
Save the Kingdom for eternity !
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