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Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity Full Album Lyrics

Typhus - Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity cover art

Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > T > Typhus Lyrics (18) > Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-11-20)
1. In the Image of Our Master (8:51)
We have arrived
We are here to fuck your holy angels
Born of hellfire, and all things unholy
Unleashed upon the earth
In the image of our Master
To fuck your holy angels
To murder jesus christ
To defile your religion
To kill god!
Your holy angels fall to hell
Consumed by satans eternal fire
Typhus shall rise in profound blasphemy
In the image of our Master
To fuck the virgin Mary
To murder jesus christ
To defile your religion
To kill god!
2. We Burn Your Churches to the Ground (5:28)
Blood and shit are smeared upon your holy alter
We mock your pathetic beliefs
To violate the purity of your faith
We blaspheme your temple of god
We the unholy legions of hell, attack!
In praise to Satan, we attack!
We burn your churches to the ground
We spread our plague of wickedness
With hatred and vengeance, we destroy!
Set ablaze and reduced to ashes
We burn your churches to the ground
To blemish the minds of man nevermore
Our black soul legions will rise and rid the earth of jesus christ!
3. Smear the Blood upon the Pentagram (6:37)
The ritual begins...
We consecrate the bonds of obedience
Spilling the blood of the innocent
To consumate the ritual
We fuck upon your holy alter
We slice our flesh to desecrate the symbol of what your flesh is to represent
We writhe in sin and mockery of god
We worship evil and all things unholy
We desecrate your holy temple
Rape the virgin whore
Spill the seed upon her face
Black cum shall be her sacrament
Slice the throat of the bastard child
Smear the blood upon the pentagram
Rape the holy whore again!
Mocking divinity, the ritual ends...
4. Triumvirate of Incest, Lust and Greed (4:15)
Impotant father, bastard son, holy whore mother of darkness
Triumvirate of incest, lust and greed
False trinity of deception
Domagtic intent to lead us astray
From the true light of illumination
I am he, the chosen one
Here to lead the new generation
Into the cleansing flames of Satan´s hellfire
All shall be reborn within the blinding light illumination of Lucifer
5. My Throne in the Kingdom of Hell (5:32)
I deny jesus christ
I destroy all hope
I kill god within myself
To become king of my own destiny
I give up my mortality in the name of Satan
Sacrifice my soul in absolute reverance
O great adversary of humanity
I now take my own life offer my own blood
Ritual suice for my lord and master
Rid my flesh of this mortal world
Spread my wings and descend into hell
Into the eternal fire to burn forever...
I stand before you, with clear conscience
My soul ablaze, O Satan!
Take my mortal soul, burn my flesh
I give you my life, take me...
I enter the paradise of Satan and claim my throne in the kingdom of Hell...
6. Bound by Satanic Decree (5:55)
O Satan
Lord of all the kingdoms of the earth
Master of the earthly planes
Guide thy mortal existance
Come forth and grant thy wisdom
Guide thy path through time and space
Through infinite eternity
Guide thy hand and bring forth thy destiny
Give unto thee what was ignored by the bastard child
Grant thee rule of all earthly kingdoms
I shall return to you thy glory
There shall be awakening
None shall speak thy name
As ye shall dominate the minds of all men collectively
You shall live within their hearts once more and for eternity
7. Black Spells of Satanic Witchcraft (5:42)
Black spells of Satanic witchcraft
Conjured in the dead of night
Bind our souls in eternal flame
In praise of elder demigods
Soothsayers of untold evil
Begin the destruction ritual
Speaking infernal words of secrecy
In the mystic tongues of old
I chant the ancient incantations
I open the gates
Look into the endless abyss
I cast my soul willingly into eternal fire
To burn forever more
Words know only to my master
The ancient god of Hell
I open the gates
Look into the endless abyss
To feel unquenchable thirst the longing and desire
Wanting to obtain a glimpse into the eye of Satan
8. Baptizing Flames of Satan (4:26)
Look to the sky
The world ablaze
Consumed by the baptizing flames of Satan
The world is burning
Lord Satan your time is now
The ignorant and the meck will fall forgotten forever
The strong of will and of keen mind shall rise to lead world in rebirth
Rejoice for the baptizing flames of Satan shall purify
And we will forever hold the world in three dimensions
Look deep into the flames of hatred
Look deep into the blackened pit of your heart
To find the final solution to the human question
9. Fuck Your God! (5:28)
Fuck your god
Jesus is a lie
Your god is dead
And you will burn forever
Destroying the internal light of the individual
Creating impotence among your flock
It grows weaker with each age
Your souls shall be mine
Slaves lost to blind faith
Slaves to the philosophy of myth
Slaves are ye woe ridden souls
You are asleep yet you do not know it
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