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The Cadavor Dog Full Album Lyrics

The Cadavor Dog - The Cadavor Dog cover art

The Cadavor Dog

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-09-12)
1. Tear Your Peace 2 Peices (3:34)
I awake
In a world of chaos
violent riot surrounds
The savage streets of rage
no mercy can be found
blistered by the heat from the fires
explosions all around
gun shots speeding metal
another bomb shakes the ground
WAR is tearing your peace 2 pieces
face to face with fate
stare into the eyes of the end
act before its to late
you will never be born again
protect the life that you got
its kill or be killed
dont want to die "n" rot
then be prepared to fight
WAR is tearing your peace 2 pieces
2. Chainsaw Thrasher (2:57)
you turn me on like a chainsaw
get me fired up now look at you
just a bloody mess a pile of flesh n gore
death machine hungry wants some more
more death more pain
to satisfy its thirst
speedin metal chain rotates around the chainsaw blade
endind your life on earth

chainsaw thrasher

I spin my web like the spider
and like the fly youre caught in the trap
grim morbid hate fire in hell is what you taste
tormented by the sound of the saw
scream in pain as I laugh Ha Ha Ha
and cut away your life
you fuckin piece of shit useless paracitical scum
beg for mercy but know i'll show none

chainsaw thrasher

I wear your face like a trophey
stitched up peeled off your skull open wide
hacked up for barbeque butchered by an animal
hungry so now we eat you
your head and your bones crafted into a barbaric cross
that points to hell where metal will forever sell
satan thrashes speed metal too

chainsaw thrasher
3. Armned N Hammered (2:41)
on a mission from hell
to kill everyone
Im fucking loaded
and so is my gun
they'll have to kill me
wont go to the slammer

Armed N Hammered

armed to the teeth
locked and loaded
and ready to explode
hatred burns deep within
released in a bloody
horror show
hammered bin drinkin all day
scumbag to the piper
you will pay
drunken in a misanthropic rage
for this face of death
I set the stage

on a mission from hell
to kill everyone
Im locked and loaded
and so is my gun
they'll have to kill me
wont go to the slammer

Armed N Hammered

Armed and ready to kill
fire off a few more rounds
and have another swill
destroying all that I hate
like a demon from hell
I'll be crashing through the gate
Hammered but still in control
head phones blast the sound
of rotten roll
scatered victims full of holes
as long as im still breathing
the terror will unfold
and I'm coming for you

Armed N Hammered
4. Survival (2:10)
tonight your gonna have to fight
in a fight for your life
in the nuclear wasteland
inhabitants of the fallout
will attack
you must survive
fight for your life
in the wasteland tonight

tonight your gonna have to kill
rip out their guts let their blood spill
they're coming to eat you
it's kill or be killed
victory is won when enemies lay
silent and still

fight for your life
in the wasteland tonight
theres no place to hide
someone must die
fight 2 survive
survive the wasteland tonight
5. Choke On It (4:04)
born with a silver spoon in your mouth
I'll kick it down your throat
stuff your face you fucking glutton
I hope you fucking choke
take all you want ya more then you need
let others struggle for life
your greed your wealth and so called power
ends tonight by my knife
I'll kick that silver spoon down your throat
you think you rule the world
well you dont
I'll be there when you fall
I'll be the first one to cast a stone
and watch a maggot crawl
you piece of shit we hate you all
a parracite should be killed
choke on the blood of the things that you've done
choke on the blood that you spill
I'll kick that silver spoon down your throat
6. Skull N Crossbones (2:45)
She was fuckin hot
I fell in love at first sight
how couldI have known
this bitch was born to take my life
every day evey night
another fight
I turned my back she stuck it in
a dull rusty knife
she played her games
messed with my mind and broke my heart
took my money my house
and my car
my kids dont talk to me
I believe the words disowned
rather be dragged through the streets
spit upon and stoned
thanx for nothing
is all it said
drew a skull and crossbones
put the note at the end of the bed
my life a nightmare now
Im better off dead
hydrostatic shock as the bullet
rips tears through my head
she should have had a tattoo
of a skull and crossbones
7. Dog Will Hunt (4:24)
Starving for the taste of death
the hunter that hunts for you
it will find you rip you to shreds
theres nothing you can do nothing you can do

Satanic metal cadavor attack
drunk on the witches brew
with hateful aggression its coming for you
thrash or be thrashed

Dog Will Hunt

Stake the heads of enemies
their bodies piled to rot
never stop the massacre
in the name of baphomet
the mighty horned beast

Dog Will hunt
8. Speed Thrash Black Death (2:28)
In the deep dark region
where the fierce dog barks
in the fire of the inferno
hells metal's born
nuclear thunder
bloody bass bashing
thrshing chainsaws n vokills
tell of the storm
unholy gods shred a pure breed of metal
Speed Thrash Black Death
masters of darkness we keep music evil
these songs we play to worship kreators of
Speed Thrash Black Death
power from hell face the slaytanic onslaught
forces that fight to the death
thrash or be thrashed bang your head
heavy metal till the last breath
9. Straight Jacket (3:04)
Freaking out in a padded cell
how did I get to this place
what crimes put me into this hell
who put me here I'll smash their face
The blood the gore the deth and the violence
forever burning in silence
the dripping death metal vomit
forever burning in hell
the ones I lay to waste they deserve it
mutilated barbaric left to rot
for their crimes they pay
playing a fatal game proud of what I did
I'll take the blame ... I'll take the blame
for the slaytanic assault
that set their world a flame
forever burning in a world of pain
Trapped in a straight jacket
banging my head against the fucking wall
Trapped in a straight jacket
If I wasnt in here I'd be out there
Killing you all
10. Screams In The Wind (5:47)
rising again in hunger and pain
demon dogs from hell
they feel the need to rip open let bleed
leave deths vile smell
they continue the slaughter
stealing your breath
distant echoes of violent death
carry their cries screams in the wind
the only warning
ignoring the warning, fatal mistake
they're heading towards your gate
they're crashing through
now they're gonna eat you
for you it is too late
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