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Dance with the Witches | Full Album Lyrics

Stormwitch - Dance with the Witches cover art

Dance with the Witches

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
LabelsSilverdust Records
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Stormwitch Lyrics (86) > Dance with the Witches Lyrics (12)
Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-05-15)
1. Intro / Man of Miracles (Styx Cover) (4:55)
He was a man of miracles

Fighting the solar windstorm
A winged horse guides his way
Oracle of the ancient midnight
Calls forth everlasting pain

And I know, yes I know
He was a man of miracles
Riding golden meteorites
Ruler of distant galaxies
Born of the northern lights
Of the northern lights

Sorcerer of the dark moon
Who dare incur his rage?
First child of the scorpion
Prophet of the crystal age

And I know, yes I know
He was a man of miracles
Riding golden meteorites
Ruler of distant galaxies
Born of the northern lights
Of the northern lights

He was a man of miracles
2. Dance with the Witches (3:39)
You know the story goes
Like worms we crawl out of the ground
They say we'll bring the pest
On this you can count

The devil is honouring us
In magical mystical nights
He turns us around and around
We're bound to his dark gloomy mights

Come and dance with the witches
Dont spare no pains get rid of your fear
Come and dance with the witches
Close season is over the witches are near

It's right we're sly and cruel
We come at night and steal your best off all
At least your innocence
And no one hears your call

The devil ...

Come and...
3. Jeanne D'Arc (4:14)
Jeanne d' Arc the holy
the brave the devine
The saviour of our land
She was just a little girl
When she took her final stand
The rain felt on her
So help me God
She kneeled down
So help me God
She gave her prayer
So help me God
She gave her in his hand
Jeanne d' Arc the holy
The brave the devine
On a beautyfull day in spring
When france proclaimed it's victory
She went beside the king
The bells sang it loud
You won the day
The people rejoiced
You won the day
The king said to her
You won the day
And gave her his ring

But fate was against her
Her enemys played tricks on her .
The good and the truth has failed.
Shemes and treason like often won.

Jeanne d' Arc the holy
The brave the devine
Her sun shone just a while
Condemned and abused they took her away
And brought her to the funeral pile
She stood strong
So help me God
All alone
So help me God
Her last words
So help me God
She died with a fearless smile
4. Knights of Light (3:31)
In the ancestors times
When the world still was young
Man believed in what they called
The Gods of Light

Their image of God, was a circle of fire
And just their own dreams, satisfied their desire
At the end of the day, they met on the hill
The wind took their prayers, and carries them still

Follow the Knights of Light
And you will find
Pleasure like never before
Follow the Knights of Light
And you will find
They bring you to far distant shores

They said believe in yourself
In your strength and your will
And give freedom to others
So you find it yourself

Their image of god…

Follow the knights ...
5. The Devil's Bride (2:59)
Back in the year 1606
When the inquisition
Played with glowing sticks
Lived there in Cologne
A beauty truly known
All the people whispered
She's the devil's bride

She gave birth to a child
When she was 25
Her daughter looked like her
When she ended her live
She was free and wild
And died for her child
Many people whispered
She's the devil's bride
Here and now 2002
A girl is born
And she looks like her, too
Lives here in Cologne
A beauty truly known
But no one ever whispers
She's the devil's bride

6. Nothing More (5:35)
The day destroyed the
Night of blessedness
And now I have to face the truth
Our world it was a mighty fortress
And traditions killed the dreams of youth
Now for sure we will climb
Beyond the walls of time
I will give you the water
That tastes sweet like wine

So after all is life illusion
When all is lost then hope is gone
I'm all alone I'm in confusion
I know now that all the others won
What will I find beyond
Beyond the walls of time
Soul to soul heart to heart
Together we will climb

She is gone
And for me there's only darkness
Here in the shadow of the death it is hard
To say the final word
I will only say then

Nothing more

Since long ago we shared this feeling
I think since our childhood days
What happened than wasn't our meaning
We sinned and so we felt from grace
Also fate was against us
We missed the perfect time
Now I've found the words
That make my poem rhyme

She is gone…

I don't care that we had only hours
It is worth the end that I have to face
I don't want to cry about
All the lost nights and lost days
We will live forever on
7. The House of Usher (5:28)
The House of Usher is a dark and evil place
A curse lies on the Usher race

My friend he called me in despair
In the autumn of this year
And a feeling I could not declare
Sneaked up to me was it fear
For this reason I searched for their place
The park looked dark and dead
But the door it opened and I saw his face
And I had never seen someone like that

The house of usher…

What is wrong I asked him frightened
He answered tortured slow
Since three years something holds me tighten
To this place and never let me go
The house of usher…

My friend was mad you likely think
But for sure it wasn't so
Since two years his sister's on the brink
Of her grave and she must go
My friend´s condition was getting worse
When we found her dead in her room
What we didn't know we fulfilled the curse
When we put her living in the thumb

The house of usher...
8. The King of Terrors (4:38)
Watch me rising, watch me rising
Brighter than ever before
See my shadow, see my shadow
Knocking on every door
All your angels, all your angels
Have left you and never come back
I will cure you, I will cure you
I'll stab you my knife in your back

It is rising from the ashes
It is rising from the ashes

You will know my name
You'll never be the same
The King of Terrors

There's no reason, there's no reason
I like to kill you for fun
I have no home, I have no home
I'd like to live behind the sun
I'll stretch my fingers, stretch my fingers
Till I can reach for your neck
I am laughing, I am laughing
I'm ready to pay for attack
9. Proud and Honest (3:09)
At the maelstrom laid a land of glory
For there lived the daring Kelts
Many battles had written their great story
Their strongest weapon was their celts

They fought with power
Blue was their colour
Rome felt the danger
Their women fought like men
They believed in the elder gods

Proud and honest
The defended
Their right for freedom
Proud and honest
Banned and damned
No one knew where from
They came

From the mountains down into the valleys
You could hear their battle cries
They faced the death not one got on the galleys
Her legend rose in this wise
10. My World (5:26)
I remember very well
Even in my childhood days
There were times so dark and cold
And I felt lost and small

When there was no hope in sight
And there was no helping hand
I opened up a book
And so I opened up the door

To my world

I arrived in Transylvania
In the dead of the night
And since that I ever feared the daylight
But I could fly and became a seven lives

And I lived my phantasy
And it became reality

In my world

I was Merlin I was Cesar I was Mister Hyde
I became a werewolf by the moonlight
And I died in the arms of Julia

In my world
11. The Altar of Love (6:19)
You're the hero of heroes
But why are you looking so tired and sad
You're the dream of all virgins
So why you're alone
You're a king among others
But why are you begging now
Everyone knows your legend
Have you forgotten it now

Don't forget the present
Don't forget your place

Far too long you have stayed now
In the halls of the death my friend
Don't you know that they told me
Your friend's really mad
I have heard you've protected her
Against all rituals and practices
You sat by her and watched her
Until the worms ate her face

Don't ...

The woman that I loved so long
Now is dead and gone
Day and night I cried for her
Through space and time I'll follow her
I will sacrifice myself on the altar of love

Your state of mind is unhealthy
You damage our mission you can't do that
Don't forget you are high born
A shining example for all
Now you have to learn your last lesson
There are gods that created us
They love to torture and kill us
Don't let them win

Don't …

The woman ...
12. Together (4:25)
We've lost sight of us
For many years
I know now we made mistakes
Now let's left those times behind us
Now let's make another try
Don't you believe in friendship
In our future
From now begins a better life

Since long ago
We shared the same dreams
We had the same goals in our mind
And your questions are
Still not answered till today
Still we love this day and night
We are united
We love this music through
All times and till the end

For as long as we're together
Lies the future in our hands
Standing side by side
One thing on our mind
Through ups and downs
Forever friends
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