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This Is My Blood Full Album Lyrics

Soul Embraced - This Is My Blood cover art

This Is My Blood

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2013-08-16)
1. I Fade Away (3:48)
Icry, Idwell in darkness my confort is nothing repulsive reality how I pray to escape But I

Fade Away and disarm my faith

My trials murder my hope to hold onis to inject pain my heart is cold how I pray to escape but I

Fade Away and disarm my faith

am I designed to suffer adamage creation the torment existence

IFade away
2. Scorn of Death's Kiss (4:15)
The Scorn of Death's Kiss harsh against my skin the flesh cold

My soul longs to be with thee to dwell forever with the father

I've longed for this day welcomed with open arms to meet my God

I'll watch the world end as i Know it as I'm washed with blood and (he) crucified
3. Helpless in Wither (3:07)
You are helpless as I was Did you die inside or slowly wither Don't cry your soul to sleep there is hope above The murder you dream of The vultures that feed The savior you dream above The God that bleeds Ihave solace inthe light Blessed unemptiness the fire calls but there is another Unravenous and weening
4. Angels with Raven Hearts (3:30)
You've convinced angels to fall And claim to be fatherless and Gods themselves This blasphemy breeds war Determined the seal cannot be broken To stain my flesh with blood and Destroy this enemy Iwill not stray and walk with thee Refuse your siege on my destiny War
5. Evolver (2:44)
Demolition crushed resistance torn away form this existence an evolution from death to life die in self and live in light washed with blood but not my own shut down corrupiton/infection burn the flesh and save the soul kep my soul hidden from the serpent

what's within incomplete now desolation is obsolete an evolution from death to life die in self and live in light
6. End What Has Begun (2:23)
Uncontious awaken Bleed away the pain All that was is erased My soul reclaim Forever hold eternal what's Left of me This life my disease and dwells Internally empower Embrace me in the son Iam weak End what has begun Strengthen me Your will be done Iwish to end what has begun I'm alone and die inside Be the light that takes the shadow From my soul All tears will wash away with the Demise of fear Kill sorrow, kill misery, kill sickness Within me
7. Buried In (2:51)
You were within when I went away Who I was is gone I seek your face through The darkness Of my life I seek the light through the night You were within when I went away Who I was is gone Eclipse the sin I'm buried in
8. Cold Stares of Dead Eyes (2:45)
There's nothing behind your eyes The windows to the soul What's beneath your skin A dead heart still beating The cold stare of dead eyes A look into demise Within decay you rest In pain and emptiness Do you wish for more inside than this Broken life Do you hate what's within me and what Ifeel for you
9. My Name Is Legion (2:56)
Spirit killer dwell in the sow Over the edge death awaits Possessed to slaughter Possessed Annihilate legion without redemption Crawl to your master Icast you out Return to darkness Over thedge death awaits Possessed to slaughter Icast you out Terminate this abomination Without resurrection
10. Scars Remain (2:34)
You can take my life but you can't Kill what I have inside What Ihave is forever Ihurt I bleed I die Iweep I hate I love Ibreathe I need I fall It's timeless It's always been It creates and destroys The thrones of self condemned Past wounds heal but the scars remain Ileave behind the tortured parts of me Baptized in fire
11. Still as You (2:51)
You the sons of darkness He saved all the world Mercy for you now Mercy for you now Don't regret you life And have it judged by God You're forgetting...

And don't you ever Lose no more time This time it's still as You, no more time This time it's stil as you There's mercy for you

Ilook to you And soon I'll follow To where the son awaits In the promised land Move into the light And die within thee Mercy for you now Mercy for you now

The word will be on his life There will be salvation The word will be on his life There will be salvation.
12. Kingdom of Shadows (2:35)
Dark angels praised by the weak You watch as soul decay Agony caused by your lies What you rejected you'll cry to embrace Drifting further away from the light Dethroned, defeated, you writhe, you wither This snake venom-less Banished from heaven Banished to the kingdom Of shadows
13. Leech (3:34)
Drain this hell from me Like leech takes the poison Give life, take death eternal I'll serve you endlessly The light of my salvation Devotion, worship Soul on fire From oblivion to grace Destruction of unholy existence Killing my soul no more Amputation of the unforgiven Drain this hell from me
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