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Touching Infinity Full Album Lyrics

Sorrows Path - Touching Infinity cover art

Touching Infinity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-15)
1. Intro to Infinity (0:28)
2. Fantasies Will Never Die (4:19)
You are my god, into this dream I feel so low
You’ll never know, these dark events you’ll never know
My biggest needs, you’ll never feel what I feel
A female god, a sadistic look that fills my eyes

Fantasies will never die

Give me your dark images, I’ll live again
Be the servant of my mind and I’ll obey

You’re a nothing now, you’ll lose the battles I create
You’ll never win and I’ll taste the smell of love
My biggest art is to create unholy scenes
A male god, a sadistic look that fills your eyes

Give me your dark images, you’ll live again
Be the servant of my mind and you’ll obey

My love!
3. Leneh (4:28)
I met the perfect woman, an ordinary queen
But sometimes we pay the price for things when we’re not to blame
Leneh a goddess tortured, she found a world of grief

Don’t cry my lonely goddess, you’re the chosen from Man
To carry all this burden, the cross of misery
But then you’ll find the answers, you will be wise

Sometimes we take for granted things when we shouldn’t do
And so goddess Leneh did, but fate disappointed her
Leneh’s humiliation, an example to avoid

Now I find a crazy woman, she stares into space
Her kindness couldn’t help and she lost her mind at all
Leneh has a blank look, a tear upon her face

Don’t cry my lonely goddess, you’re the chosen from Man
To carry all this burden, the cross of misery
I have a message for you, you are my love
4. My Chosen God (3:43)
The chains, a plague upon me…the chains…the plague!
Prison for the deeper needs…prison…real death!

My chosen dog

The chains kept me on this Earth
Now broken and rotten
The chains made me hate my loves
Disappeared at last

The minds, a control for the acts…big minds…control!
Defeat for the inner needs…defeat…still life!

The minds crucified my life
Now blamed and ignored
The minds made me hate my loves
Disappeared at last
With lust!

I have blessed my chosen god
I can live again
A dog to please my deepest greed
I can live again
5. Metaphysical Song (4:30)
We’ve failed, our vile world is bleeding
Our fake desires just bring sorrow and we hate each other
This world exists only in our minds

God, You’ve finally found the way to reach my soul
My heart belongs to You
Come, Your light is warm, so many of us feel cold
We need Your mercy now

Trying to use and constantly abuse
Our madness growing and we named our poison, milk and honey
The result; uncertainty and sick fear of death

The dark prince awaits to take our souls
This is the only fate that we deserve to know, my friends
Change your ways, it’s not too late for love
6. The Subconscious (4:38)
The light is hiding the past and all the things you seek to find
The mystic needs are left behind, it’s a waste of precious time

Falling inside, finding the majesty
Falling inside

This game is like a fairytale, a battle of good and evil
Open your mind and play
Play, forgive your evil instincts and throw your fears away
Pray to your god and play

The light is a curse for our lives, the satisfaction we can’t find
The mind cannot be alive, it’s a waste of precious time

Mystic voices are alive only inside your mind
The subconscious creates fears, they’re laughing in your head
Good and evil, love and hate, they’re living together
Light and darkness, black and white, words without a meaning
7. Beauty (4:48)
Tons of pain, the burden of our lives
Ugliness rules, women like dirty men
The god of war, a brutal domination
All beauty lost, no delicate light

Let’s spread the word of harmony and wisdom now
To shatter everything that stinks

The cry of a child, the cold woman’s hand
Under a pagan moon, a religion born from doom
Make love away from darkness and find a new beginning
The true womb of life, forgotten female god

You have to believe that everything can change
The art of beauty, the antidote of loss
Forget yourself and hold your lover’s hand
Give love, take nothing to find the only God

Tonight we’ll throw our mortal nature into dust
We’ll meet the tortured witch again
8. Forgiveness (4:26)
Evil intentions, wicked plans, creating enemies, considering foes
Show forgiveness, sanctity and purity, let the deceiver make a fool of you
And if he cheats you then he worships the idol of the void

Show forgiveness!

Believe to the people again, set yourself free to the magic
If we can love each other, we will reach the heart of truth
Believe to the people again, set yourself free to the magic
If we can love each other, we will see the face of God

Misunderstandings, all true sin, who’s to turn the other cheek
Show forgiveness, sympathy and love, let the killer complete his crime
And if he kills you then he loses the eternal battle

Believe to the people again, set yourself free to the magic
If we can love each other, we will be as one again…forever!
9. Revival of Feminine Grandeur (4:59)
Easy the way to be a sinner in a world of fools
But you are a true believer of some false human gods
No one cares for the tortured beings, only pagan minds
The eternal peace and wisdom save us from our sins

Mother Nature, a miracle before my eyes
Enchanted by your beauty…I lost control

Humiliated, the Earth lays bleeding, prejudice’s the law
And when you will not expect this, the huge Goddess will rise

Ruler of the Earth, Goddess of the universe
I pray to show mercy…on our sins

On my knees and the eternity was calling
This was the deadly price I had to pay
Still on my knees but I’ve touched infinity
My pleasant judgement days
10. Touching Infinity (1:02)
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