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Mind Games | Full Album Lyrics

Silent Descent - Mind Games cover art

Mind Games

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTrance Metal, Trancecore
LabelsRising Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 6 Draconian (2015-11-24)
1. Overture
2. Psychotic Euphoric
If she said she loved she lied
Life's just porn with a story-line
And this is all that it's ever gonna be
As we play with words
With words
What it will say is not what it's gonna think
This curse of tongue's
We've all been jinxed.

Watch them come and go as they come and go
Youthful faces mindless eyes.
Watch them come and go as they come and go
Withered mouths that they'll dispise.
And when you thought you'd figured it out
The picture-perfect faces
That all the mind erases
But it was all inside your head.

A little bit of blood for a little bit of beef
A little broken half-heart incomplete.
Don't think it'll make a difference if you have a bit of fun
That's why pencils have erasers that's why god invented guns.
Couldn't resist the drama, couldn't resist the scene
Couldn't keep your motherfucking dick in your jeans.
As you looked into her eyes, her ass and her tits
I hope you tasted my fucking cum on her lips.

Why do we waste time
Falling in love
Don't waste time speaking
Cos you talk too much.
So let the drug burn till all effect are gone
Dreaming's better than living
Cos it makes me, yes, it makes me god.
3. Mind Games
I´m standing alone,
opaque walls around me
am I was never there?

Wash the continence of responsibility.

Move colour across the glass, intoxicate
break down the game
intentions turn to grey

Move colour across the glass, intoxicate
break down the game
intentions turn to grey

save me from myself
give me something to blame
consume to the point
I am not held accountable
it was not of me
if my thoughts were irrational
and so we play the game
give me something,something to blame!

Wash the conscience of responsibility
and I´ll fit in with my own duplicity

Move colour across the glass, intoxicate
break down the game
intentions turn to grey

Move colour across the glass, intoxicate
break down the game
intentions turn to grey

Move colour across the glass, intoxicate
break down the game
intentions turn to grey

break down the game
intentions turn to grey
intentions turn to grey
4. Bricks
I ignore it and toss to prevent it from winning,
Yet still it will succeed in suspending unconsciousness.
A symphony of droplets which I couldn't classify as the spit of a harlot.

No more thinking tonight,
Drying out my sanity in a way that seems intended.
'Cause I have done my overtime.
Sick of sight, serenity and the way it's implemented.

The blue twists and turns to red,
With bricks in my head.
These bricks in my head...
And my conscience has been fed,
With bricks in my head.
These bricks in my head...

I shake my pride and move, clutch and turn.
Exploding with every half movement.
Reaching out and stumbling like a short-sighted old aged wretch,
I clamber onto the switch, pupils dilating, flinching back.

Sight is overwhelmed by all the other senses,
So I sit, sip and watch as they all merge back into one.
5. Coke Stars
Malevolence neutralised by my tongue;
Knowing when to spit and when to lace my words.
The groups that flow and build in time, they shine,
Will I ever break the wall?
I walk upon my own,
I covet and lick the stars.

If you can't breathe in shallow water,
Why lay face down in the rain?
If you can't breathe in shallow water,
Why would you lay in the rain?

If in doubt, if in sight, if in time.
This is fact, this is free, is it mine?
Though I'd hate to take the pain of loss,
And what was not,
I'd love to taste your vanity.
And the cunt that seals success and all riches,
But I can't break the wall!
I walk upon my own,
I covet and lick the stars.

Open the Skies
6. Bring-In-Sanity
Confused, wrecked and doing what I do best,
Why do I always have something to obsess around?
Let too much past, too much within,
Open up to weakness and let people help themselves.
A fear of applying myself to anything that will push me,
Truth be told I'm nothing, I'm shit,
Just another fucking mug looking out for himself.
Reaching for the liquor - liquid courage is my pride,
Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.

I will never live a dream, never feel affection
Just in case the infection.
I hate so hard, I reduce my sanity to its knees.
Fuck living your dreams, fuck feeling afucktion?
Just in case the infection.
I hate so hard, I reduce my fucking sanity to its knees.

'Cause am I that shallow that I'd say anything,
Just to get her on her knees?
She'll get what's coming to her,
And make sure that she's my everything.
Then bring-in-sanity.

How can you ask for diamonds, when all you wear is pearls?
So cut up is my conscience, from filthy fucking girls!
A load off my mind is my load on your face,
Spitting was never an option.
Mind games is pain but my game's insane,
So open up wide and swallow my pride.

A pathetic excuse to reach for a dream!

It's sad but true but love to fuck,
And fuck the love, a fact of life.
7. Lasting Impression
This inherited from father's eyes,
Analysing closer and unmask a disguise.
An act of mistrust; reaction aggression.
These actions so small can give a lasting impression.
Fragile and weak; disgusting despise.
Wasn't ripples but it was waves in their lives.
The child smiles, 'cause that's all he knows,
But he's missed his chance and now he'll never let go.

A half ounce of loathing,
50 units of these memories.
With the thoughts which trickle from my mind,
I wash away the pain.

Filling the void that liquid sin,
But sorrows float with an evil grin.
Laughing at me like everything else.
Tear me apart just help yourself.

Sex always rented, a room in his head,
Escaping everything shut away instead
Of dealing with reason, and thinking tomorrow,
'Cause he lived for today with a future that's hollow.
Lasting impression, days scorn in his face,
A mild obsession turned to full on chase,
Of pieces of life that he feels like he's missed.
But now burning what's left, the more he persists.

Walking onto a stage that's empty,
Standing in tomorrow's shoes.
Oblivious before the occasion,
Thoughts to spare and times to lose.
Was it said that it could have been?
Trading the days just to know.
But it has to be too late,
When yesterday was years ago.
8. Devoid
9. On That Trip
It's a Thursday night and we've got brushes to spare.
My boat's a normal sight, spent more than usual, taken care.
Walk to the door and spin a story for the price,
Unexpecting of who was about to lay before our eyes.
You walk through us knowing what we all think;
'Do you come here often?'
But it's you that sits and starts talking to me,
Oh what I'd do to you!

See, you, so beautiful elusive.
I'll have you before the night is out.
When the glass is gone and my head's just filled with air,
Why do I relent for you?

Eyes start to wander, but that's the original goal.
walk to another guy, attempt to light his soul.
Look back over and grin to reassure,
I'm tempted to grin right over and force you to the floor.
Pressing your hips into mine I pour on my hands,
Oh how I'd love to laminate your eyes.
Show me a good time but you're surrounded by fans,
Only thirty Euro.

Because you taste so good.
Let me in, I will not be silenced.
10. Sober Thoughts
Last chance to make something of this,
Nothing is the same as it was before.
Don't believe in anything anymore, speaking for, sorry for, fucking whore!
With memories as good as a lie.
This is mine until it s over.
And I'll never, I'll never wake up!

Ceramic pillows on a pale floor,
Wasn't breaking the boundaries to get where I've been before.
Pick myself up from this hole I'm in,
Self induce the corruption or destruction of sober thoughts.

So breach? So weak. This slide enlightens me.
Nothing in life is free,
And I feel it falling from me.
This hoax, this light. I'm ashamed to call it mine.
Who believes in this shit anyway?
Tomorrow will never be today.

Engaged, eating away.
I won't let it win but I'll fuck it away!
The years erode,
And I thought I'd live forever.
Sit tight, hold onto your prize,
Next thing you know and it's gone.
Delay your senses 'til you don't know what is going on.
11. Breaking The Space
Eat. Defecate. Sleep. Procreate. Fuck.

Metaphorical bricks that need climbing through,
And not flying that trip but preparing to.
But how long can you sit and wait, before it's too late,
Because I've seen it too late.
Keep face 'til there's an intervention,
Keep face and push to get a mention.
The space that breaks inside and mesmerized.
It's ecstasy and then it will die.
It's ecstasy and then it dies.

Watching the sound
As it's lifted from the ground.
Surrounded by the objects that they've put in place.
Watching the sound,
It all comes crashing down.
Now you're creating the wall,
Breaking the space.
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