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Delight and Suffering Full Album Lyrics

Scarlet Moon - Delight and Suffering cover art

Delight and Suffering

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-05-23)
1. White Roses Stained With Blood (4:22)
Dignified beauty with porcelan skin
Hair black like night with a thousand stars
Heart melted under one look of deep eyes
Beautifull outside but rotten inside

Solemn, proud man with mistery in eyes
I gave him my love, devote to his will
But what he wanted was my blood and flesh

Give me thy precious soul to seize

Take me, bite me, let my blood out
Let her drip on my breasts, scarlet and white
Put Thy hands on my throat and take my life
Left nothing after me
But white roses stained with blood

There's nothing I can give you
I can only take your body
I don't want thee in my life
I just care about your blood

Please, don't leave me here alone
I gave you all I had
You're my master
Only reason I'm still alive

Than die!

In the darkness I can see your face
You are master of my nights
I though I am the chosen one
Mistress of your dreams

You're just temptress dressed in black
I don't accept your love
Now it's your fate to be my slave

You existed for my pleasure
And for my pleasure you'll die
Sweet sacrifice
Last act for your master
I want to see
Your filthy, bloody inside
Upon my feet
That's my will

There's nothing I can give you
I can only take your life
I don't want thee anymore
I just care about your blood

Please, don't send me there alone
I gave you all I had
You're my master
Only reason I'll die
2. A Dream of Scarlet Moon [rearranged] (5:43)
Crimson luna from the sky
Mesmerising jewel with jade eyes
Eclipse sun forever
By veil of night

I awaitng between the graves
With cruel heart
Pain of others
Is my fate

I feel their fear
They will die for my pleasure
Screams turned to weep
Are buried in me so deep

Scarlet moon drip form blood
Ruby in the crown of night
Hasting my nocturnal pulse
Appoint time for (bloody) sacrafice
3. Csejthe (4:48)
Through deep woods
Under stormy clouds
Enlighted by thunders
Black carriage was drawn

Countness on hunting
With rage in her eyes
In dugeons of Csejthe
She was ending their lives

Elizabeth overflowed by cruelty
Mistress of torments thirsted of virgin's blood
Symphony of screams pierced the depths of Csejthe
Their veins embraced the secret of immortality

Crimson sacrafice devoted with carnal sin
Spill fresh blood upon my skin
Amongst their lament and pain
I'm coming to life again

Fulfilled in sadism
Entwine with dead pleasure
Mirror's witnesses
Fed her madness

In chamber of tortures
Drowned in flood of tears
Cold walls has known
What the fear means
4. Tenth Thousand Funeral Dance (7:34)
From the darkness the wind is carrying
Forbidden, perverce melody
Into the cold glare of the moon

Danse fog enveloped furious waters
Leaded by beauty, queen of the night
Which tempted man craving for woman
By delightful vioce and seductive body

They're following me to the death

I'll steal your heart
I'll steal your soul
Come to me
I'll give you everything
You've dreamed

Naive man was going for pleasures of his life
Insatiable siren teased with him
Until he was on the verge of despair

Come, come, throw me on rocks
Hit, take, it's your last night
Satisfy me, give us extasy
I belong to you for this one night

Touch me so deep, that I can feel
Your fingers touching my heart

The time has stopped just for them
She gave herself to a man
In a tenth thousand funeral dance

Kiss me, choke me, make it bloody
Rape me harder, take my body

With first blood the stranger perished
For her meat tasted the best
In the moment of exstasy
He was dying happy, satisfied
In accompaniment of siren's song
His final lullaby

Silvery glow subsided from moon
On a beautiful siren
In the light transformation has began
From delightful woman into a monster
Cold and monumental
The horrifying creature rushed
Into the dark depths of the ocean
To retun again as a beauty, after the sunset
And to satisfy one's sick desires
5. Sadistic Urge (1:16) (Instrumental)
6. Rise of the Horned Goddess (7:36)
Released from chains
Her beauty shine again
In last rays
Of the reddening sunset

Her divine attraction won
They sought her gaze

She comes like a snake
In veil of mystery
Her whispering voice
Notoriously tempting

Descendig gown
Reveal altar of thirsts
She spread her treasures
Giving promised delight

Devilish succubus
Daughter of Lilith
Erotic queen
Horned goddess

Enslaved by her beauty
Trapped in this torture
Dreams are turning into nightmare
In final moment of rapture

Stronger by pain
Her power kills again
Worshipped by slaves
Beneath the bleeding moon
7. Unsacred Eden (5:50)
The voice from darkness
Guide us there
To congregate
In this devilish night

Seduced by sinful whispers
Overfill by passion
Our bodies are burning
Thirsted of ultimate pleasure

Striped form virtues
Naked blackhearted witches
Mortal goddess Diana
Bound them in usacred Eden

She rule in the reign of temptation
The gates of hell are open again
The dance of wicked woman has started
Bring down illness, plagues and despair

Eternal ecstasy
Forbidden prayers
Life of a sinner
Without fear of God

Torturing innocents
By power of the dark
In secret magic we drown

Witchcraft... Lust...
Blood... Pleasure...
Pain... Death...
8. Satanic Tyranny (4:43)
Sodomized, immobilized
Raped, humiliated
They are begging for mercy
Mutilated by our savage

Gathered under midnight sky
We shall burn in flames of madness
Naked, raped and bleeding virgins
Our sacrafice for satan

Crucifice their bodies
It's time for violence
Enjoy their agony
The sacrafice is made
9. Delight (2:12) (Instrumental)
10. Suffering (5:05)
Dressed in fetish disguise
Bound in chains under my domination
Show me your precious treasures
I will give you my atrocius perversion

Feel the whip naughty bitch
It's time for punishment
Kneel before me
You are my slave

Spread your legs
Open your mouth
Suffer for me
Feel my wrath

And I can see
Your juices are flowing...

I will crown my pillar with thy flesh
And feed you with misty drops of life
When razor cuts your pale skin
I taste your blood

And spill hot wax...

I love the way you writhe in pain
When I'm chocking you and drag your hair
I want to hear thy forlorn begging scream
During ripping your bleeding holes apart

Harm me and taste my lust
I'm prey of thy sexual art
Violate my flesh
Feed obsession of pain

I am master of thy flesh
Enjoying your tears
You are dust under my feet
I'm your pleasure and your suffering
11. Dying Queen of Ice (9:13)
Somewhere in temple
Of tears and lies
Mercillies mistress
Queen of the ice

Dying in agony
In mournful rain
Renounce the dust
Which she came into existance

Buried in sorrow
Recall the past
Marked by perverce
And carnivorous lust

Lacial heart's melting
In blaze of grief
Shadow of victorious past
And spilled blood of innocents

She didn't wanted
To share her life
All she desired
Was masochistic
Delights of flesh

More, more
Smell of blood
Makes me wet
Makes me come
Let me taste
Your putrescent flesh

In the world of beauty and love
She crushed so many lifes

The world is coming
To the end
Loving embraces
Are falling away

In the shadows
Hidden urn with ashes
Of my distant approaches
Split, digested by deadly lust
Of mine
Of dying queen of ice
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