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Solitary Men Full Album Lyrics

Refuge - Solitary Men cover art

Solitary Men

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > R > Refuge Lyrics (11) > Solitary Men Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-06-30)
1. Summer's Winter (4:28)
Once, a day to come, not far away
The apocalypse may come
It has been here for a couple of times
Aeons ago in the past
It's not the question if yes, only when
And who will endure to last

Summer's winter, blackened sun
The end of all has just begun
Summer's winter, endless night
The acid rain swallows the light
And summer's a memory in mind...

See, the asteroid's been sent
On its orbit long ago
Long before mankind was born
It was clear
That we’ll be extinct one day
And when the time comes
No one cries a tear
It’s probably better this way
2. The Man in the Ivory Tower (4:57)
I can't live like this
My world is all alone
I never spoke to anybody here

Yes, it feels to me
Like I was never born
And no one here would ever speak to me

I am lost, this can't go on, no
From my prison cell I reach my hand to anybody

Lonely is the world behind my mask
I'm the man in the ivory tower
Lonely when you're living in the past
I'm the man in the ivory tower
I'm the man in the ivory tower

All these chains I feel
Invisible to me
I've built them when I burnt my bridges down

I am choking from
Imaginary hands
The poison in my heart kills without sound

At this point I can't go on, no
From my prison cell I reach my hand to anybody

Lonely is the world behind my mask
I'm the man in the ivory tower
Lonely when you're living in the past
I'm the man in the ivory tower

I can't live like anybody

Lonely is the world behind my mask
I'm the man in the ivory tower
Lonely when you're living in the past
I'm the man in the ivory tower
I'm the man in the ivory tower
3. Bleeding from Inside (4:49)
Careless, devastating power
Greedy, rotten to the core
Threatened from the day without it
Anxious to be left behind

Is this my life, am I alive?
Let me think about it, 'cause it feels
Not right
Is this my life, dead or alive?
Something's deep inside that tells me
It’s not right

The days are passing and I think there
Must be something more
Yes I believe that there's
A different way
The quality of every moment
All I’ve missed before
The people that would share my days
The things I do to leave a trace
It feels like I am bleeding from inside
Bleeding from inside
Bleed inside

Mindless, treading on each other
Stupid, undeveloped heart
Killing every tiny feeling
Friendship till death do us part
4. From the Ashes (4:45)
Look, there is a way
Where we all have to go
Home, all energy we are will flow
Back into the cycle of the universe
Not a single quarks is lost, you know

Trust in that, be reborn
Here for evermore
Life is all and nothing
Ever dies, no way

From the ashes, back to light
Airborne for eternal skies
From the ashes back, the search goes
On and on (and on and on)

Yes, your resurrection
Has a different shape
All of your believe is just a dream
But reincarnation
Comes for everything
Life is like an endless
Changing stream
5. Living on the Edge of Time (4:50)
Evil identity, he's the child of man
Split personality, doing all he can
To destroy it all, like a joy to fall
Running 'gainst his own device
With a bunch of lies

Evil society that creates our world
The devil's property
Where the fate has turned
Now they take revenge
Die by children's hands
With their righteous sting in mind
They're completely blind

Bloodbath religion is
Waiting to bring us to fall
Satan is calling
Will you be there
To bring justice for all
Spread the disease in the
Hearts of the youngest of all
Satan is laughing
Will you be waiting
'Till they blow us up

See the warning signs
We're heading for an end
'cause we're living
On the edge of time
No more chances if we can't
Stop our demands
We're all living on the edge of time
6. We Owe a Life to Death (4:36)
Every me and every you
Our boosted egos
All our truth, all we believe
Just a spark within the fire
An idea in the flow
So unreal, so quick to leave

All the struggle, all the pain
In the end will be in vain

I know that we owe a life to death
But I always have regrets
You know there's an end
For all we have
'Cause we owe a life to death
Yes, we owe a life to death

There's no reason for it all
There's no higher meaning
Still it's everything we have
I'll be grateful just to be
Blessed to have this moment
All so many never will

All the struggle, all the pain
Does not mean we will remain

I know that we owe a life to death...
7. Mind over Matter (4:14)
Give me the strength
Give me power to survive
The endurance to live and last
This is a challenge
I never faced before
A threat that's unknown in my past

Mind over matter, mind over matter
Concentrated energy
Spirits flowing free
Go beyond the limits
And then find a way to be

It's taking over
It brings me to my knees
I'm reduced to a hollow shell
Face in the mirror
I don't remember you
Let me out, I won't go to hell

Mind over matter, mind over matter
Give me back the life I knew,
I have to find a way
I'm reduced to half a man
And that's not really me
8. Let Me Go (4:49)
In the desert of my soul
I am creeping on all fours
Dried out is my aching heart
Cut to pieces, torn apart
I long for water in my mouth
But there's nothing, not one cloud
Let me stand and walk again
Give me back my life and then

I could start anew and find
Some reason, find some joy
All just can't go on like this
And baby, I am not your toy

Go, won't you let me go
Won't you let me go
Won't you let me go, go, go
Just let me go

Like a chain around my neck
One step forwards, two steps back
You're the spider, I’m the fly
Tied inside your web I die
Paralysed, a blinded man
I am waiting for the end
There's no hope, I’m down and out
Left is only fear and doubts
9. Hell Freeze Over (4:34)
Come whatever, come what may
We're going to keep the faith
We have seen all ups and downs
So many hopeless days

We were riders on the storm
We were puppets on the strings
Climbing up that hill to fly
We were spreading our wings

Hell freeze over
If we will surrender now!
Let hell freeze over
If we give it up, oh no!

Through the valleys of the dark
We seeked for our path
Like an expedition through
The underworld it was

Lonely believers in our mission
The preachers of our truth
Only understood by those
Who would walk in our shoes
10. Waterfalls (Rage cover) (7:50)
Waterfalls from the
Rivers of our souls
They lead us to the
Source of our origins
Passion calls, we are
Driven by our goals
We need to find a way
To our waterfalls

One of us took a heart to step outside
To find a better way
And to make a change
What he found at the fountain
Was a light
A light in everything
That appeared so strange

And he would realise
The fear lives through the lies

Drowning under waterfalls
Let me go though I can't swim at all
I am drowning in my fears
Like they are waterfalls

Now, as I realise
I followed all those
I fed those lies...
They were waterfalls
They were waterfalls
Only there to drown my life...

Only there to drown my soul
Only there to roll the bones
It would take me by surprise
It uncovers all the lies
Will I ever see the day
When I take it all away
Look behind that liquid wall, waterfalls...
11. Another Kind of Madness (Rage cover) (5:49)
Again they buried an old miner
The poisoned stocks of stone in sight
The wind was sick from dust, they all knew
That it would settle over night

And they all went to work into the mines the next day
Like they'd done more than forty years now
They had destroyed their land for the atomic curse
'Cause they hoped it would help them somehow

Those who worked for a better life
Don't know now how to survive

Another kind of madness

Uranium waste is everywhere now
Radioactive gas escapes
Contaminated land and water
Denied responsibility

When they're leaving you nothing
Than a big load of death
And you know that a cancer's your end
What the industry's after, they don't ask where it's from
Don't you think that is a crying shame?

Those who worked for a better life
Don't know now how to survive
Another kind of madness
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