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Rod Full Album Lyrics

Ram - Rod cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-12-08)
1. Declaration of Independence (7:12)
I pledge no allegiance
I bow to no flag
I am a sovereign nation

No force can hold me
No gods, no masters
I resist all authority

Hereby I decalre
I am too aware
To obey dlindly

I see through your smokescreens
Your mirrors and lies
I'm deaf to your propaganda

I will never be
One of your sheep
Anti flock mentality

Hear the national anthem of me
Standing tall, I am strong, I am free
They can never chain what is within
Even in death I will always win

My god is freedom
To it I sacrifice
My path is littered with thorns

My life is my own
And so is my death
I ask for nothing else

I pledge no allegiance
I bow to no flag
I am a sovereign nation

No force can hold me
No gods, no masters
I resist all authority
2. On Wings of No Return (3:55)
3. Gulag (7:20)
Red flags flying
Over this nation
You are but nothing
But a cogwheel in a
Great machine

Red sharks are hunting
Hunting the traitors
Hunting the loose tongues
That speak up against the
Common good

This place is for no man
Only for all men
For the collective
For us all but not fir
Yo alone

All men are equal
All men are void
The individual must
Bes destroyed
To think for yourself
Is a capital sin
You fight a war within

To escape from gulag
To rise among thoe
Who kneel
To escape from gualg

Walls on the outside
Walls on the inside
Walls that are guarded
Guarded by the
Selfness saints

To lay on the altar
To die fro my brothers
As they die for me
No one there to rescue
The great honour

There's always one man
Wh's slightly better
Just slightly more good
Of course he must stand
Above the rest

We're blind without him
Because we are nothing
We need his guidance
To be more collective,
More just like him
4. A Throne at Midnight (4:42)
It dates back to Babylon
Or even before
The dreaded shadowmen
(Hid) Behind the crown

Holy men carried on
Into the vatican
Incepting the leading men
And it was international

They feed on agony and pain
The fears of the victim
They draw out with cursed blades
Blood with adrenaline

Luxurious hidden rooms
Sick orgies in mansions
It is time for the sacrifice
To invoke the dark ones

Unholy alliance
The chosen and archons
The demiurge's master plan
Kill the souls of the cattle

Soon the darkest hour draws near
A child prepared for the killing
The one in shadows is restless now
To mount the throne at midnight
5. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 1: Anno Infinitus (2:11)
Further into the future than can be calculated, the world is at its light.
The inhabitants are immortal cyborg, no age is counted, there is no need.
There is no strife, only the rule of the overseer.
To here it came floating aimlessly through the dead of space.
The veteran of a thousand wars, the restless incarnation of steel and fire, Ramrod the destroyer.
6. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 2: Ignitor (7:47)
Mechanical world
Digital planet
Observer the one
Master control

He sees into all
Processing the future
Deciding the fates
Reality's lord

To here it came
Behorned and rejected
In solitude strong
Bowing to none

To refuse to comply
It is its nature
Questioning all
A threat too great

For the overseer to
Ignore, he calls him
To appear before his
Court omnipotent

I have no lord
I have no master
What is this place?
What purpose is here?

The Oversert:
It is not your concern
Pay no mind to it
Whatever you need
It can be supplied

It is my concern
You will not govern
My fate
Nothing you offer
I will accept

I leave this hall
In search for a meaning
You lie and deceive
But you do not fool me
The quest began to
Hunt and find, what was
Hidden and obscured
Behind a veil of light

Dark ages come
For it is the one
The bringer
Of doom
The seeker in gloom
Unchained and unbound
In truth is crowned
Rising against
Igniting the spark
That will burn
Through the worlds
A spark has been lit
A will to escape this
Illusory realm
Of lies and deceit

Archives and iles
Obscured information
It finally finds
A long lost A.I.
A voice from the past
Forgotten and arcane
Teaches the rod
Of ages before
When man would strive
Towards the living
Truth to reach beyond
The shackling laws
Of reality

Illumination the A.I.:
What you seek
Is buried deeper
Hidden by the overseer
It is lost within the
Cease to be
Rip out your central
And you will leave your
Mechanic shell
Follow the chimes of
The ancient bell
To a bleak realm that
Life has left
The realm that
The ancient ones
Called death

After hearing
These words
It knew it must venture
Into the night
Beyond all life

Ripping all out
Leaving a hole
In its steel chest
Where circuits would be

Its vision shuts down
The body collapses
But life is still there
A bodyless force

The sound of a bell
Of origin unknown
It leads the way to
The spirits descent
Of the strangest kind
Imaginable it soon upon
Itself knocking upon
A giant gate
7. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 3: The Cease to Be (5:51)
It open the gate to reveal
A darkened cold landscape
Shadows of those who once lived
Pass straight through the seeker

Over meadows and hills clad in grey
It follows a strange feeling
Over bridges and through hallways
In dark it strides on determined

In these realms where all is dead
There is something to be found
A source of meaning that is alive
It feels in its soul

The journey is long, it is hard
The dead world unfolds its horrors
But the Ramrod refuses to rest
Refuses to be defeated

It feels that the hole in its chest
Is calling out for something
A connection begins to emerge
It sees a structure before it

A labyrinth temple
With statues of men bearing fire
A test of the spirit
To see if it's worthy to pass
It lowers its horned head
And charges straight through the walls
To the inner chamber of steel

Inside the black, steel casket
The source of his strife lies gleaming
A living flame of black fire
The rod picks it up in awe
And puts it inside its chest
And feels the whole world transforming

Suddenly everything is clear
It knows all there is to know
It leaves the ruined temple
It has all the keys to return
A rage starts building inside
Now is the time for vengeance

Then from the dark skies above
A figure swoops down in silence
A skeleton draped in a robe
With glowing eyes and a scythe
8. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 4: Voices of Death (1:13)
So destroyer, you finally found what was buried her long ago.
The overseer left it here after his minions became immortal so
It would never be found. But I long for new souls, it has been a
While since I saw of the overseer's sheep down here.

It is my duty to guard the souls that enter and make sure that
They do not escape, but in your chest you hold the blakflame
Of gnosis, you known all, you are enlightened, I could not keep
You even if I tried. My only hope is that you wish to return to
The prison from which you came to wreak havoc and destroy.

So restless one take my scythe, it is the deadliest weapon the
Realms have ever seen, slaughter the sheep and the shepherd,
Let me quench thirst with their fresh souls, go back to bring
Death to life and life to death!
9. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 5: Incinerating Storms (4:33)
Screams of anger,
Shriekings of revenge
The Ramrod comes from
Out the skies with doom
Overseer, circuits on
Alert it was dead but
Now it has returned

I am back from death
With gnosis in my chest
I will raze this world to
Dust, your creation of
Control for its sake
Will fall into the fire

Tower burning,
Cyborgs cut to shreds
No mercy can be found
In its eyes
Anarchy, all control
Is lost
The overseer beholds
In despair

With fire wild it
Brings incinerating
Deadly it wields the
Reaping scythe
Laying waste to what
Once was the earth
Bringing truth
Kills the lies

Screams of anger,
Shriekings if revenge
The over seer falls
To his knees

Scythe is reaping,
Drinks another soul
Fire as far as the
Eye can see
10. Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 6: Ashes (2:11)
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