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Nuclear Mahasamadhi Full Album Lyrics

Rage of Kali - Nuclear Mahasamadhi cover art

Nuclear Mahasamadhi

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Lyrics > R > Rage of Kali Lyrics (7) > Nuclear Mahasamadhi Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-12-07)
1. Venerable Cadaver Cult (3:10)
Humiliated, tormented and left to rot
In the company of thieves

Willingly anguished
Shamefully banished
But carved his name on the granite of ages

Obsessed by the sickly sweet stench
Kneel before the symbol of decay

His preachments rush out like fetid breath
Into the ears of mentally deaf

Or be marked as an outcast
Devour his musty bread
Hungry for the flesh of god
Thirsty for the divine blood

Doomed beforehand to suffer in flames
At the very bottom of hell
For the sins of your perishable cell

Being left to rot alive
Just like your beloved savior
Join the cult of the holy cadaver
To save the last you have – your soul
2. Merged in Gluttony (3:08)
Fascinated with the bizarre kind
Of drugged inflamed imagination
In our perverted sophistication
We reign over the world genetically modified

Cynorexia of masses grows stronger
Age by age, day by fucking day
We came to torment and slay
To burn our own dwellings away

Merged in gluttony
Entwined in filth
Condemned in agony
Forced to kill
Deeds of no glory
Life without point
We’ve legalized murder to enjoy

Driven by the hunger unleashed
By the everlasting dissatisfaction
We wonder blind, zombified
As victims of our senseless strife

We shall absorb every tear you drop
Unto the Genesis hopelessly ruined…

Swarming like worms we cognize
The flavor of our rotten fruit
We hunt each other being mesmerized
By the gluttony we’re consumed
3. Where Clusters Stand Divided (4:55)
The world extends so far broken to pieces
Screwed up with inoculated laws
For those who inseminate pain and disease
Confessing “truth” with sharpen claws

Disintegrated with a prophets’ gilded word
Which settled out like venom in a heart
Not by ruthless fire, not by hammered sword
Stand till the last drop or fall down torn apart

Forgiven by the Elder ones you ablaze with hate
Burn down the bridges being high on faith
Decline the things you considered heretic
To be the first knocking on the heaven’s gate

Looking at your reflection…unrecognized
You salivate gnawing ancient bones
You wanna set us on the paths of correction
While standing divided among the melted stones

Try to caress your pale and frigid arrogance
In spite of its’ entire insensibility
You’re possessed, dissolved in cognitive dysfunction
Turned just a lame mad dog with foam at the mouth

Spreads among the lonely miserable clusters
Of this reality is on conscience of the mythical masters

Try to spill no blood appealing to doubtable reasons
Sadistic kind of virtue has taken its’ roots within
You hide so cowardly behind the grandeur of sanctity
Forced to create new saviors for staying alive

Spreads among the lonely miserable clusters
Of this reality is on conscience of the mythical masters

Prepared for biting throats of each other
Leaden by the only instinct of domination
You’ve got the hell you deserved instead of salvation
On a charge of raping your defenseless mother

Ever bears fruits so close to extinction
The rest
Of your time is near as the great affliction
4. Deconstruct the Gestalt (3:33)
Cracked are the heavenly patterns
Postulates of origin have shattered
I have to tear off this disgusting mask
Of a submissive slave… at last

I’m gonna puke out the common sense
To avoid of floating in nothingness

Those who’re after the image
And likeness of a despot
Will wither in the course of their pointless pilgrimage

I stand outside this cloister room
Where my efforts and ambitions
Have been nipped in the bloom

Lashes of the emperor
Only spread fear and terror
Within the minds so backward and narrow
Spiritually impoverished
Wandering congregation
Stumble searching for inner crutches to get salvation

I doubt the stable veracity
Of the vital statement
Take the first step to start
Deconstructing the false creator’s gestalt
I’ve got a lungful of air disengaged
From my meaningless pledge
As the human race traitor
I deny the gestalt of the false creator

I’m stripping off my threadbare skin
To unleash all the beasts from within
5. Karma Is a Bitch (5:09)
Head-on, face to face
No escape, no bypass ways
Submit or melt erased
By the entropy of cosmic chaos
Don't make war against
The common sense
Hate and violence
Punch a hole in your defence

Don't make war against
The common sense
Hate and violence
Punch a hole in your defence

Get harvest, that you have seeded, get what you just deserved
There are lots of gods to kneel before, worship and serve
Keep going into the dark to overcome your irrational fear
Anyway everything’s gonna die...but nothing's gonna disappear

Mental fortifications will fall ruined by destiny's punishing hand
Souls uttering inner suppuration one day will wither, drained to death
Forget all the mystic driving your spirit so deeply superstitious
The space needs no idols, eternal and wise, indifferent but not malicious…
Transparent matter absorbs without remainder all the good and evil you bear
Try to avoid your redemption ridiculing laws of being… try to resist if you dare

Payback leaves stitch by stitch
Make them heal before you die
Karma is such a ruthless bitch
Which makes you happy
To make you further cry

Head-on, face to face
No escape, no bypass ways
Submit or melt erased
By the entropy of cosmic chaos
Don't make war against
The common sense
Hate and violence
Punch a hole in your defence
6. Once to See Nibiru Rising (7:01)
One day it will come
As force, we have no will and power to fight
To equal all to none
To declare the apocalypse worldwide

One day we'll stop as one
Like broken machines at our current places
Mesmerized by the second sun
Its mythological beauty and tremendous grace
One day the ancient goddess
Will wreak the havoc among the mortals
Set us free merged with chaos
And the eternity will open its secret portals

One day the monotonic song
Of hierophants will spread the mourn among
The living, jealous of the dead...
Sky will fall to pieces broken by the Devil's gong
One day paper and flesh
Will unite under the sign of dust and ashes
Both of them will shatter, burnt away
Both of them will dissolve in the embrace of flame

Once to see Nibiru rising
Once to see Nibiru rising

Perdition creeps unseen beyond the clouds
With its distorted mouth
Pronounces us to die

One day all the choirs of Earth
Will sing their fame to the idol of the hopeless
And the blackest howling dirge
Will fill all the cities and homes over the edge

And the dictators will run
Like rats, leaving the ship which had suddenly wrecked
The blossom of the second sun
Will appear at its finest to wither as the Earth goes cracked

One day we will cancel out the differences between the strong and pathetic
Where orbits cross in a sacred point we rush outside our control, so magnetic
7. Nuclear Mahasamadhi (5:24)
The day of a thousand blackened winds...
There will be none able to survive
To write in blood the last mankind’s lore
Of worthless being and the final strife
The day of a thousand blinding suns…
They only rose for a pompous moment
Of farewell which pale lips whisper muted
Getting blistered, turning so abhorrent

This world is pregnant
With a cancer tumor
Drowned in decadence
In false obedience
Let it purify
Through such sterile flame
No questions will arise
No one to blame

Watch the rage of the fourhanded goddess
Erasing each and all, turning light to darkness
Rage of Kali

And chapped lies the martyr earth
And burnt without hope for new birth
Floating empty
Among the similar dead spheres
Covered with nuclear dust
Where the sunlight won’t appear
For long…

Hear the ringing silence embraced
The former home of the extinct race
8. Katatonia (Suffocation cover) (4:19)
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