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The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair | Full Album Lyrics

Ptahil - The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair cover art

The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Black Metal
LabelsWraith Productions
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > P > Ptahil Lyrics (16) > The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level ― (2013-05-08)
1. Satanicus Sabbathicus (4:02)
I light the black candle and I ring the bell.
I summon the forces of evil and open the gates of Hell.
I awaken the ancient dragon, Lotan hear my call.
Awaken from your sleep. Rise and destroy all.
May the first beast rise from the sea.
May the second rise from the earth.
I mark my commitment in blood and complete the oath.
Desecrating the temple of flesh, celebrating the symbol of death.
May the third terror strike from the sky.
May the fourth burn with the fires of Hell.
Ritually calling for the end of days.
Imploring the Almighty for salvation.
Chanting an invocation to the completion.
A resting of wanting...
Rise with seven crowns that ride on seven brows.
Forgiving nothing of man's quest for power.
2. Possessed by Death (7:20)
Mal'ak Ha-Mavet - Destroyer of all life.
Lord of the locusts, Devil of death.
Plague Angel, Seizer of the weak.
Breaker of the mortal coil.
Possessed by the longing for sight and knowledge.
Cursing the chains of life...
Possessed by death.
In praise of misfortunes that open my eyes to the chains.
Bait my hunger and desire to step into the other side.
Where the overflow is waiting to ab-solve the essence
of the lower realms.
Free from skit of life.
I seek out the end. I seek out completion.
I seek the Specter, lurking in the shadows.
Hunter of the souls of man. Sharpen your scythe.
Waister of worlds. Hear my call tonight.
Raise Hell and a final knell. Hear my call tonight.
Life is the ruiner of freedom.
And this can fucking end.
And We can fucking end.
And You can Fucking Die!
We were born to die!
3. Semen, Blood and Shit (4:23)
With the powers of Hell and the summoning of storms.
Ready to strike, the snake rises prone.
The prey encircled within the symbol of an inner eye's creation.
Five points spread across the borders of this undecagram.
Let us summon Raziel tonight.
Scream louder so that your calls may be heard.
A victim to the victor. My snake does bite.
A pinch to make you bleed, may your spirit be set free.
Open thy wound and call unto his name.
Speak envenomed words into the ground.
Spit and curse all life's creation.
Into thy wound I come.
4. Mors Aut Lībertās (4:32)
Burning up the herb and incense.
Living this shit life and working everyday.
Trapped as well by existence.
Mastered by this corrupted low way.
Yet it IS freedom one should seek
when one looks in void places of the soul.
Finding outrage and hope
to wish to break the chains of servitude.
Stoke the flame and agitate the pyre.
Do not let it pass away and smother.
Only to be forgotten by time
and future generations locked in chains.
I am a blasphemer to what is perceived as "the way".
Bare not down upon me the burden of any systems.
For it is not mankind that is in poverty,
yet mankind IS this poverty.
Winter comes hard for a flock led astray
by shepherds blinded that have lost their way.
Following the Siren songs of acceptance.
Into the wolf's den and into the pot you go.
And you will burn for those you have led astray.
And what magic was you trying to summon,
stirring up mens hearts to action?
Revolution and change?
This is paid in blood.
Not by obliging the chains to bind you.
Nor by giving up your spark.
Raise your fire for All the Gods to see.
For your soul to be free.
5. Pact with the Devil (7:01)
Watch the liars gather to manipulate life.
Egos and agendas come together
for self indulgent masterbation.
As if their sight is the only sight,
as if they will save all of mankind.
All they will save is themselves
and not give of themselves
unto the sacrifice of blood.
Can you hear the forces wail?
Harbinger of death's lustful gale!
Arms open to the cold night sky.
A blood sacrifice has been made tonight.
Speak to the heavens a curse of death.
Hail to the powers of change and renewal.
Praise the forces of chaos and upheaval.
Seal in blood the pact with the Devil.
6. The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair (12:55)
I awake from the state of silence and dreams. To manipulate upon this earth.
One life's apocalypse is anothers refection. As it will always be to the end of time.
I see that the world is evil, to it's carcass we are chained.
Life seeking reprieval, but only found enslavement.
To abhor the flesh, as a useless lump of clay.
A de-immaculate essence in such a state of embarrassment
never prevailing beyond any foreseen outcome.
Limited by the physical illusion that is a direct symptom of a degradated universe.
What love can survive and flourish in this realm?
For it is only lust that points the way towards copulation.
An ultimatum of instant privation,
A sword held erect, sworn to uphold the persistence of lust.
And what grace is preserved with the bleating and baying
like wild dogs slaughtering the lamb?
*"Into your womb I come to accomplish the rite
The rhythmic return to the prenatal country
The animal symbol of ages-old rapture
Into your womb I come to lay my offering
Of balm and venom
Blind and annihilated
in the grottoes of being..."
Is there not a love of man from God without any degree of torture?
For GOD honors those highest who die in his name
who suffer the slings and arrows.
We are blessed... We are blessed
We are blessed of all God's creatures
as we bare enough sense to invoke our own tribulations upon ourselves
a continuous soiling of the spirit by constant canonizing of the flesh.
So, is it not holy ritual as well, when the spear does pierce the wound
& infects its host with this bacteria man?
If such deeds are not led with the intent of copulation,
then surely to some level of propagating ideology.
For any challenge to the vision must be destroyed.
And one would have to consider that if this envisionment
of an ideal Utopian Ascension is of any desirable consequence,
why bother with entrapment of the flesh at all?
But the spear will point and the wound will want for more,
like an ALL consuming, collapsing universe.
*Sacre ET massacre DE L'Amour
Roger-Gilbert Le Comte
7. Hell Spells and Satanic Rituals (2:24)
Hear our call into the boundless chaos.
Hear our call. Hear us now.
Rise from the wellspring within.
Converse with the forbidden force.
Hear our call across the abyss.
Hear our call that shakes the crown.
Rise from the wellspring within.
Converse with the forbidden force.
In pain, the sense awakens.
Supra majical expression.
And unto the false kings of this world,
your castles will crumble
under a weight of conviction.
And I will wield this hammer
that smashes upon you, the anvil.
Pounding death thrashing.
Chords of chaos strumming.
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