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City Built with Skulls Full Album Lyrics

Possessor - City Built with Skulls cover art

City Built with Skulls

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2015-02-16)
1. Intro (0:59)
2. Fire from Hell (3:00)
Smoke shooting out from holes in the ground
Earth breaking open with a horrible sound
Running for cover you know god is dead
You're prayers unanswered
Pulling the hair from your head

Covered in ash your eyes start to bleed
Disciples of Satan arrive on their steeds

Fire from Hell

The undead are crawling from their graves
Spreading infection forever the Reaper's slave
Draggin' you to the abyss god is dead
Your prayers unanswered
Pulling the hair from your head

Burning your flesh fulfilling his need
Hellhounds are coming to feed

Burning in brimstone death breathe your final breath
Your defenses fell under wicked spell

Fire from Hell
Possessed to kill
3. Taste the Blade (3:05)
Hell is where we come from swords by our sides
Tonight's the night you die taking your head back to the grave
Shredding your soul none shall be saved fire and pain is all you'll know
Bang your head the blood will flow

Leather and chains is all that remains
Swords covered in blood and brains

Taste the blade
Pull from the sheath in blind rage
Taste the blade
Hellions are coming your way
Taste the blade
As it cuts through your face
Taste the blade
Death will be your fate

Streets filled with bodies no life to be found
Cannot escape the metal sound slicing and bashing adrenaline rush
Cut off your head watch the blood gush armageddon released from the cage
Bang your head against the stage

Taste the blade
4. Heavy Metal Underground (2:37)
Smashing through the boundaries smashing through the walls
Soldiers of metal hear the call
Lots of action at the show feel the power give me more
Turn the amps up to ten pure fucking adrenaline

Now there's no time to waste
Metal hits you in the face
You can't hold us down
Heavy metal underground

Speed aggression murder that is all we know
An onslaught of metal thrashing through your soul
Bullets flying everywhere across the battlefield I stare
Nuclear waste splashed in your eyes hear the metal cries

Now we must attack there's now turning back
Motorcycles flying by bombs go off in the sky
Skin melting off your bones pools of blood left in the road
Radiation all around skulls lying on the ground
Can't escape the nuclear blast atomic tidal wave coming fast

Heavy metal underground
5. City Built with Skulls (2:56)
Clouds of dust still linger in the air
Bones turned to powder Satan sits and stares
All the skies have turned to black
Light up your torches prepare for the attack
Crashing through a window machete to the head
Their screeching laughter overpowers what you said
Brute force takes your breath away
Lord of the wasteland from Hell here to stay

Everything is wasted the people have been smashed
A leader rises up from the nuclear blast
Glowing like a god the mutants all bow down

City built
City built
City built with skulls

With a crash of lightning you see it in their eyes
Burning like embers covered in flies

They have built a fortress in the fallout
Don't venture out alone watch out
6. Hammer and Nails (3:49)
Rage ans speed is what we need make sure you all know
May the survivors rot in Hell may your death be slow
Steel and leather spikes and chains smash your head and rattle your brain
Bring it back to where it began give your soul to Satan

Feel it flowing through your veins the power of death prevails
Piercing through your eyes

Hammer and nails crucify

From dusk til dawn we roam the streets spikes and mirrors shine
Looking for the stragglers those who are left behind
Praying from the darkness just beyond your sight
Invasion of evil for Metal we fight

The holy ones are gone taken to the skies bow down to us or die
They look down in sorrow I look up and laugh product of Satan's craft
Heathens and banshees scream out in the light creatures of the night

Crawling from the caverns gathering for the feast
Christ was nailed up before the beast
His body was devoured his soul will not return
But if that fucker makes it back we'll make sure he burns
Earth is Hell evils stays let it blaze
7. Hellhound Drifters (5:10)
Pale riders from Hell they drink and they fight
They show up in towns on the blackest of nights
They live for the blood whiskey and lead you have two choices be quick or be dead

Born in Hell raised in flames they ride hellhounds on patrol
Hellbound drifters after your death consumes your soul

A fistfull of dollars and you'll hit the floor
They'll kill the whole town for a few dollars more
The good the bad the ugly alike are going to bed with revolvers tonight
Run hide any way you can you're going to die by the drifter's hands

Eyes sewn shut by the blistering sun nothing to trust but the steel of their guns
See the vultures as the bodies rot your brains hits the dirt before you hear the shot

The sun is setting on the high plains the blood has been spilled the people been slain
The buildings burn as the fire spreads smoke, fire, smell of hot lead
They're gone for now but they'll be back again
To drag you to Hell to burn for your sin
8. Champions of Chaos (5:51)
Light floods under heavy doors swinging of a morning star
Life is bleeding from my pores waiting in the darkness
I have no heart do as I'm told
The only survivors are the loud and the bold

Open wide swings the door sword tight in my hand
Cracking of a shield blood sprays on the sand
Fight til the final breath you must die today
Narrowly escape your death the crowd gasps in dismay

Rushing out into the blinding light swing my sword with all my might
Blood and sand smeared on my face a skull is crushed beneath my mace

The roar of the crowd chariots rushing by killing for pleasure never asking why

Champions of chaos

Wild starving beasts released from the cage mauling and maiming gore on display
You don't know what to do your back to the wall the glory of battle the mighty will fall
9. Who's There? (Slicer Intro) (1:04)
10. Slicer (4:42)
The gleam of the blade shining for miles
Carve all your guts spill all your bile
He'll slice up your flesh with the flick of the blade
Your limbs will be cut and your body filleted
He chops through the bone with the greatest of ease
Cutting to thrill maiming to please

Here he comes no time to run

Constant chaos since the day he was born
Tormented screams from the ripped and the torn
Running swiftly after his prey
Living and dying for today
Preparing himself for Satan's command
Stronger than steel he makes his final stand

Here he comes no time to run

He is The Slicer death the only sound
He is The Slicer and he will slice you down
11. Reaper of Death (4:59)
Walking through the battlefield the bones lay and rot
Sword still clenched in severed hands souls forever lost
Only few come out alive of the war infested plains
Condemned for all eternity pleasure amongst bloodstains

The reaper comes to claim the dead for some it won't be long
Until they see the depths of Hell your beliefs have been wrong
Only Hell awaits you never be saved
You will be a slave of Satan soul is bound in chains

For he is the Reaper of Death
Reaper of Death

I can see the light overhead his only wish is to see you all dead
He will take you away from the world bring you down and you too will burn

Now you see the fire and know your soul will burn
The corrupted king you followed being gutted without concern
Evil desire blood soaks through your skin
Hope for angels to take you away
12. Metal Meltdown (2:33)
Satan calls as blood runs red from the death of man
Metal screams far and wide killing all you can
Black flags fly dark as night chilling to the bone
Knowing your life is running short you never are alone
Grab the stage and bang your head thrashing death tonight
Metal gods are coming down grab your swords and fight

Pulses pounding fists in the air
Faces melting everywhere

Metal Meltdown

Calling for your name filling all your graves
Candles burning black there's no coming back

Metal Meltdown

Knowing your life is running short death rises underground
50,000 lost in spite no one to be found
Pentagrams are burning bright the only light in town
Prepare for the holocaust

Metal Meltdown
13. Outro (1:00)
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