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Head Cage Full Album Lyrics

Pig Destroyer - Head Cage cover art

Head Cage

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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-09-21)
1. Tunnel Under the Tracks (1:21)
We will not be held responsible for any hearing impairments
Or damaged caused to you for excessive exposure to this sound

Now they'll know why they are afraid of the dark
Now they will learn why they fear the night
They shall all drown in lakes of blood
2. Dark Train (1:11)
I've seen oceans part
Worlds collide
None of it
Leaves me satisfied
What do I hope to find?
If I were immortal
And impervious to pain
I'd still find a reason to complain
I see the wonders
I'm not blind
I've just got a one track mind
That serves a dark train
3. Army of Cops (3:18)
They want you to fade
Into the background
Don't stand out
All the valleys are being filled
The hills are being chopped down
Get on your knees
You know you want to
We've become the nation of victimization
Why can't we admit we're hypocrites?
Nobody likes our direction
Yet we don't turn around
Could it be, that secretly
We like being kept down?
Tell me, where does it stop?
This tower of law, this army of cops
Why would god create something so weak
Unless he wanted it to suffer?
4. Circle River (2:45)
Let me tell you about the cowardice
Of no convictions
Let me show you some cold
The clever ways i've devised
For dodging confrontation
How I play devil's advocate
If I want a second opinion
It's not that I don't care
I'm just tired of going nowhere
On the circle river
When will we realize
It's all been capsized
5. The Torture Fields (2:55)
I ride a cockroach
Down your streets of trash
Baptized in shadow
Born in a car crash
I'm headed down to the place
Where they beg for the blade
Where the ground weeps blood
Where the sky cries in pain
In the distance
I swear I can hear
The thumbscrews turn
In the torture fields
The thrill of violence
Is what I seek
The sweet
Tension and release
When I close my eyes
It's like I can feel
The countess
Crack the whip
In the torture fields
Hail the wrong
Praise the obscene
Death upon
It's skeletal steed
Into the fields I step
Lit by mounds of burning flesh
6. Terminal Itch (1:13)
They claimed it was the key
To everlasting beauty
The masses flocked
They couldn't keep it in stock
After a year
The side effects appeared
A tingling of the face
Became an itch that none could take
Now the girls decompose
With their pretty skulls exposed
7. Concrete Beast (3:21)
This shouldn't exist
And yet, here it stands
The lives it's cost
The energy it demands
The concrete beast
Has devoured the land
Vandalize the rubble
Crooked catwalk
Slopes hard to the right
There's no windows
In the unknown
Architect's design
If you could only see
The view from the balcony
Like a flood of bricks and steel
Buildings fused together
Impossible architecture
8. The Adventures of Jason and JR (2:12)
Jason and I were on
Our way to see Iron Lung when some
Bug-eyed stranger handed us
The Constitution
We thought he was either
Insane or high
Till a sniper on a rooftop
Killed the poor guy
Before we knew it
We were under attack
By Dick Cheney
In his Halliburton jet pack
We ran for our lives
Straight into the clutches
Of the FBI
But we were rescued
By the actor Michael Ironside
He explained the whole
Cloak and dagger scheme
He called in the Swedish
Lesbian commando team
After the final battle
In the Illuminati secret base
We had cow tongue tacos
From a food truck in Chevy Chase
9. Mt. Skull (1:37)
When I was a kid
The mountain was so big
Family seemed so secure
Like it would always endure
Now the purple heather's red
Everyone on Mt. Skull is dead
The black house
My uncle built still stands
But now I'm just a stranger
From suburban wastelands
Now the Shenandoah's red
Everyone on Mt. Skull is dead
Everyone i love
10. Trap Door Man (1:15)
If you make me pick a side
You might not like what I decide
Apparently, if we disagree
We become sworn enemies
You never know what goes on
Behind closed minds
Anything you say could be a landmine
Let you in the front door
Lead you to the trap door
They can't see the sentence
For the words
11. The Last Song (2:40)
This is the last song
I'll ever write
About your pale skin
In white light
How your eyes
Are two deep mines
Full of diamonds
I know what was
Cannot be again
Even the mighty sun
Must stagger to it's end
I thought I'd get over you
They said time heals all wounds
I guess they were wrong
It broke my heart
To sing the last song
In order to hold
You must be willing to lose
I admire who you've become
I only want the best for you
12. House of Snakes (7:07)
The name's Detective Chase
I'm working a cold case
The clues have led me
To this empty house near White's Ferry
I can't tell you what's wrong
All I know is something ain't right
Six murders spanning sixty years
All converging here
The front door
Opens of it's own accord
I feel threatened
I draw my weapon
They're coiled on the chairs
Crawling down the stairs
Squirming everywhere
The snakes are black
Red diamonds on their backs
A single serpent
Fills the basement
It speaks to me
It knows my name
Detective Chase
Intruder in the House of Snakes
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