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The Seven States of Mourning Full Album Lyrics

Photophobia - The Seven States of Mourning cover art

The Seven States of Mourning

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
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Submitted by level 12 멜레릭 (2015-10-18)
1. I Buried Myself at the Edge of the Sky (6:22)
I've been isolated like a contagious patient
by those who live never understandin' life
and dyin' without tryin'to know death...
like if it shouldn't touch'em

Only who knows suffering could rise
above the weak and the naive
so anyone that has known pain
will be like a cancerous cell...
always prepared to activate...

A human expect only to die
let the blade penetrates the flesh
let the blood warms the skin
while everything dissolve

times goes deadly
you grow up prematurely
life become a slow death
unnecessary ditress
only death could heal
i want to lose all my earthly marks
and disappear between the clouds
buried forever at the edge of the sky
2. My Spirit Left from Me to the Stars (7:27)
my spirit left from me to the stars

I desire to fly
in the nocturnal breeze
look at everything from above
and don't care at all:

Only breaking the chains of human monotony
i could judge without bein' judged
and finally i'll show myself like truly i am

I've always hesitate, feared...
now it's no more
pressure grows stronger
it's like runnin'towards an abyss knowin' you don't want to stop

I desire to fly
in the nocturnal breeze
look at everything from above
and don't care at all:

Like a poison that pierce the skin
my soul tries to free from this prison of flesh and blood

stars are aligned...the last chain is broken

my spirit left me reachin' the stars
3. Lullabies of Thorns (6:26)
Gently i bleed
wrapped into thorns
which i've been always surrounded to
gently i agitate myself while they deeply penetrate
life is like a hand that lift you up
then let you fall down

since i took my very first cry
i knew i wasn't in the right place (to be)
i grew outwardly
but in my heart that primordial pain

now i close my eyes
and i sink myself between the coils of quiescence
like a baby
that in the cradle
cries..from suffering

look to my eyes that sleeps eternally
who hasn't consciousness now?
4. In Oblivionem Ire (9:02)
L' oblio divora sardonico le mie idee lasciando solo urla in questa notte cosi buia... nessuna luce formerà la mia ombra.. vedo il disincanto del mio mondo che si sgretola nessuna vespro per me solo aghi che feriranno il cuore dei miei cari ogni speranza cade il dolore diventerà serenità quando per tutti non saro altro che un ricordo vago potro redimere la mia anima e fuggire là dove il ricordo diventa oblio
5. Gazin' Up at the Moon (7:28)
I whisper you name cursing the moon, in this place where stars dies... like an insane that tells dead ancient memories...i whisper your name cursing the moon

Cities decay
Man fails
Love dies
6. Drowning in the Memory of a Cold Embrace (4:39)
Life is a weapon
that inevitably strike us
i laugh planning the end...

who'll stand in defense of the hope?
when the abyss'll have swallowed all the light

who'll observe the decay
when the ruins of the world'll have hidden everything...

who could see the future
when all the children'll be blind...

man is the parasite
man is the cancer

creator and destroyer
flesh hungry
emotions greedy

until our weak envelope isn't saturated
and slowly devour us..
devour myself

voce narrante

another suicide
shakes the world
i'd never thought it could be so painful...

i read back that letters... at first meaningless
now i swear myself...

grey shadows drive my journey
and i become a shadow
rememberin' my last embrace
7. Orietur Tenebris Lux Tua (8:36)
I Morti... non temono l'oscurità...
incanalata nelle vene ,ormai vuote
come fonte di salvezza...

Mi ritrovo in un sogno, dentro ad un altro sogno...
intorno a me il buio assoluto
Niente respira...nulla si muove.

E nuovamente sogno di volare verso il sole...
sensazione di vertigine...odore di carne bruciata

Le mie ali si sciolgono...
E ripiombo nell'antro oscuro della non-vita
Avvolto da un'oscurità..materna.
8. En Ring Til Å Herske (Burzum cover) * (7:24)
I en moerk skog med kalde tjern
Et sted hvor Herren av verdens
ild ikke rekker
I det moerkeste i den store
av natten - av tid
Og de samlet seg
og blev doedens hus
Barn av tidens krefter
Barn av den mektiges soenner

Vi staar i en sirkel av svart

English Translation:

In a dark wood with cold lakes
A place where master of the world's
Fire doesn't get
In the darkest great
Night of the time
And they gathered
And became the house of the dead
Sons of time's power
Sons of the powerful sons
We stand in the black circle
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